Here are the Top 10 programs for the week of December 6 – December 12 according to BBM

1) The Amazing Race (CTV)

2) C.S.I. (CTV)

3) Big Bang Theory (CTV)

4) The Mentalist (CTV)

5) Glee (Global)

6) Criminal Minds (CTV)

7) Survivor: Nicaragua (Global)

8 ) Jersey Ceremony (CBC)

9) Shit My Dad Says (CTV)

10) Desperate Housewives (CTV)

Again, CTV dominates the week with 7/10 top shows. The closest Canadian produced show to crack the top 30 was CTV National News which came in at number 15.

Come on Canadian viewers! Let’s support our home grown productions and kick the American shows out of the top spot.

9:00pm – Thursday, December 9 on CTV

The CSI’s set out to track down a pedophile suspected of murdering an FBI agent’s wife and kidnapping his children.

7:00pm – Thursday, November 18 on CTV

A man’s fatal fall from a hotel balcony launches the CSIs into an investigation to determine if his death was suicide or the result of foul play.

7:00pm – Thursday, November 11 on CTV

The CSI team investigates the murders of two men about to accuse a large company of poisoning the water in a farming town.

90210 actor Trevor Donovan is heading to the CSI franchise for a guest appearance.

Zap2it is reporting that the actor, who plays Teddy Montgomery on 90210, will take on the role of what’s described as a “handsome beefcake” in the crime procedural.

In the episode entitled Man Up, Donovan will be playing a Spartan in a casino event who crosses paths with Nick (George Eads) when they investigate what they believe to be a fake picture of a dead prostitute.

Source: Digital Spy

7:00pm – Thursday, November 4 on CTV

The CSI team finds the shredded remains of a man, uncovering evidence that point to multiple suspects.

7:00pm – Thursday, October 28 on CTV

Langston (Laurence Fishburne) investigates the untimely death of a college student at a theatrical arena performance of “Walking with Dinosaurs.”

7:00pm – Thursday, October 21 on CTV

A “hoarder” becomes a murder suspect when the CSI team finds a dead body buried under piles of trash inside her house.

7:00pm – Thursday, October 14 on CTV

A mysterious serial killer who spends weeks shadowing his victims is on the attack in Sin City.

7:00pm – Thursday, October 7 on CTV

The CSI team investigates a murder at a vampire and werewolf convention in Las Vegas.