10:00pm – Wednesday, January 25 on CTV

Catherine Willows (Marg Helgenberger) makes a life-changing decision to leave the CSI team. This marks Helgenberger’s last episode with the series.

10:00pm – Wednesday, January 18 on CTV

When Willows (Marg Helgenberger) works with the FBI after a professional hit takes place at a law firm she recommended to her friend, the CSI team identifies shocking similarities at the crime scene.

10:00pm – Wednesday, December 14 on CTV

Synopsis currently not available.

10:00pm – Wednesday, December 7 on CTV

The CSI team investigates the murder of a seemingly innocent rancher who turns out to be a ballistics expert.

10:00pm – Wednesday, November 16 on CTV

When the CSI team investigates three seemingly unrelated murders, they discover someone is getting revenge for cold case murders that were never solved.

10:00pm – Wednesday, October 19 on CTV

The CSI team searches for a hijacked medevac helicopter with CSI Brody (Elisabeth Harnois) aboard.

10:00pm – Wednesday, October 12 on CTV

Synopsis currently unavailable.

10:00pm – Wednesday, October 5 on CTV

While on a date, Stokes (George Eads) realizes a piece of art at an exhibit has decomposing body parts in it, which leads to a full-blown investigation. Also, D.B. Russell (Ted Danson) makes a decision to ground one of the staff from the case.

10:00pm – Wednesday, September 28 on CTV

Three suspects come forward with three different reasons why they killed an entire family and the CSI team has to determine who is telling the truth.

Laurence Fishburne has announced he will be departing CSI for good.

The actor has confirmed that he will not be returning as Dr Raymond Langston with the crime procedural in the fall.

 Fishburne’s contract expired at the conclusion of season 11 in May, along with several of his co-stars, some of whom are expected to return.

The actor has been with the series for more than two years after joining as a replacement for William Petersen. 

Source: Entertainment Weekly