8:00pm – Friday, September 28 on CTV

The CSIs investigate when a fire chief who is a friend of Mac’s (Gary Sinise), is killed in a blaze that used the same technique as a recently paroled arsonist.

8:00pm – Friday, March 30 on CTV

When a lab tech is murdered in a case that has eerie similarities to a 1950’s cold case, the CSIs get a glimpse into what goes on in the shadows of the lab. Lee Majors (THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN) guest stars as Paul Burton, the retired detective who investigated the original murder case.

8:00pm – Friday, February 10 on CTV

When the CSIs investigate two seemingly unrelated deaths, the separate trails of evidence lead to a surprising connection.

8:00pm – Friday, February 3 on CTV

The CSIs investigate when a role-playing game turns lethal. While one player becomes the victim of a bona fide killer, another is kidnapped and held for ransom.

8:00pm – Friday, January 13 on CTV

A home invasion investigation becomes more complicated when the victim’s family turns out to be less perfect than they originally seem.

8:00pm – Friday, January 6 on CTV

A charred body turns into a hot mess for the CSIs when it appears a cage fighter has been murdered by his stalker. David Gallagher (7TH HEAVEN) guest stars as Marty Bosch, a possible suspect.

9:00pm – Friday, December 2 on CTV

When an important witness turns up dead, Jo (Sela Ward) is caught up in the dangerous investigation of the suspected rapist (guest star Jason Wiles, THIRD WATCH) who was freed on her watch in D.C.

8:00pm – Friday, November 18 on CTV

As the CSIs investigate the assassination of a judge, Jo (Sela Ward) comes face-to-face with a criminal from her past.

9:00pm – Friday, October 28 on CTV

The CSIs investigate when a fraternity prank goes awry on Halloween and a pledge master is left for dead in an open grave.

9:00pm – Friday, October 21 on CTV

The CSIs investigate when the recently paroled brother of a young basketball prodigy is implicated in a murder.