CSI: New York

Beginning in January, even more of CTV’s killer primetime lineup will be up and available for streaming.

For the first time in Canada, new episodes of CSI, CSI: MIAMI and CSI: NEW YORK will be available on demand online following the television debut.

It all starts with CSI: MIAMI on Monday, January 3.  The hugely successful franchise is a proven fan-favourite with the Season 9 premiere of CSI: MIAMI attracting 2.62 million viewers on CTV, and combined averaging 2.044 million viewers on TV through the first half of this broadcast season.


Highlights from CTV.ca’s mid-season schedule:


– Comedy favourites TWO AND A HALF MEN and MIKE & MOLLY are available Tuesday, Jan. 4.

– CTV’s award-winning original series FLASHPOINT makes its mid-season premiere with riveting new episodes, on demand Wednesday, Jan. 5.

– Canada’s #1 series THE BIG BANG THEORY and #1 new series $#*! MY DAD SAYS  are back with new episodes on Friday, Jan. 7.

– The highly anticipated series debut of daytime talk show THE MARILYN DENIS SHOW joins CTV.ca’s online roster on the same day of the television premiere, Monday, Jan. 10.

– Comedy hit HOT IN CLEVELAND is back online with the Season 2 premiere Tuesday, Jan. 25.

– THE LISTENER is available on demand beginning Saturday, Jan. 30. Listener.CTV.ca will also feature great extras including an intuitive problem-solving game.

– All-new comedy series MR. SUNSHINE, starring Matthew Perry and Allison Janney, joins the CTV.ca lineup on Tuesday, Feb. 8.

– LAW & ORDER: LOS ANGELES returns to CTV.ca with new episodes on Thursday, Feb. 10.

– With last season earning 66% more on demand views than the previous season online, THE AMAZING RACE is back Monday, Feb. 21.

With the Fall Television Season now complete, data from BBM Canada confirms that CTV has built upon its #1 position with one of its strongest Fall Seasons in years.

With five of the Top 5 most-watched programs, CTV can lay claim to the #1 series, #1 drama, #1 comedy and #1 reality series.

Meanwhile, $#*! MY DAY SAYS has become an instant hit as Canada’s #1 new series. With an average audience of 2.09 million viewers, $#*! MY DAD SAYS is also the most-watched new Fall program on Canadian television since CSI: NEW YORK premiered in 2004. Landing at #9 on the list of the Top 10 highest-rated programs on Canadian television this Fall for A25-54, the series led CTV to claim six of the Top 7 new programs of the season.

A ratings report card of the past 12 weeks shows that CTV ends the Fall Season firmly at the top of the charts and leading in all genres, including Canada’s #1 series and #1 comedy, THE BIG BANG THEORY, the only program to average more than 3 million viewers. CTV also has the #1 reality series, THE AMAZING RACE, which had its most successful Fall season ever, landing at #2 on the Top 20 list with an average audience of 2.72 million viewers. GREY’S ANATOMY (#3) reclaims its crown as Canada’s #1 drama with 2.71 million viewers. Meanwhile, DANCING WITH THE STARS (#8) had its most successful season of all time, while CASTLE (#17) became firmly entrenched in the Top 20 and BLUE BLOODS (#19) became CTV’s second new series to crack the Top 20.

Averaging 1.78 million viewers in primetime, CTV’s strong Fall lineup saw the network increase its lead significantly over Global, and now leads its nearest rival by 83%, compared to a 58% difference last Fall. Indeed, CTV saw its overall primetime audience increase slightly by 2% versus Fall 2009, while Global dropped 12%.

CTV also had great success this Fall with the world’s first THE BIG BANG THEORY strip. The strip averaged 1.34 million viewers airing four nights a week at 7:30 p.m. on CTV, consistently winning its timeslot and increasing the timeslot average by 210% for total viewers and by an incredible 331% for A18-34.

9:00pm – Friday, December 3 on CTV

Mac (Gary Sinise) and the team search for the killer of a department store manager who was found dead in a holiday display window, on the 150th episode of CSI: NEW YORK.

With the 2009/2010 television season now complete, CTV has once again won the season in total viewers and the key advertising demos A25-54, A18-49 and A18-34, it was revealed today.

Based on data from BBM Canada through Sunday, May 30, CTV is also Canada’s most-watched network in total viewers and A25-54 for the ninth straight year.

Demonstrating CTV’s strength across the schedule and throughout the week, the network finishes the season with more timeslot wins than all other Canadian networks combined, winning 17 out of 21 timeslots in core primetime (8-11 p.m.) in total viewers and 16 out of 21 for A25-54 and A18-49. As a result, CTV wins six out of seven nights of the week in 2+ and the two key selling demos, delivering 1.6 million viewers on average in prime, a lead of 65% compared to Global (971,000).

With a new audience measurement system making year-over-year growth comparisons misleading, the context of Canada’s Top 20 programs provides a more accurate accounting of the past year in Canadian broadcasting. Statistically tied for #1 on the Top 20 list of Canada’s most-watched programs are GREY’S ANATOMY and SURVIVOR, separated by a margin of just 1% or 30,000 viewers. A closer look at Canada’s Top 20 reveals CTV depth in all genres, including:

Four of the Top 5 dramas: GREY’S ANATOMY (#2), CRIMINAL MINDS (#3), CSI: NEW YORK (#8), and THE MENTALIST (#9)

Four of the Top 5 reality series: AMERICAN IDOL (#4 & #5), THE AMAZING RACE (#6), and DANCING WITH THE STARS (#11)

The Top 2 comedies: THE BIG BANG THEORY (#12) and TWO AND A HALF MEN (#16).


Top-Ranked Regularly Scheduled Programs in Canada, 09/10 Broadcast Year (2+)

1.         SURVIVOR: SAMOA & HEROES VS. VILLAINS (Global) – 2,929,000

2.         GREY’S ANATOMY (CTV) – 2,899,000

3.         CRIMINAL MINDS (CTV) – 2,807,000

4.         AMERICAN IDOL – PERFORMANCE (CTV) – 2,789,000

5.         AMERICAN IDOL – RESULTS (CTV) – 2,686,000

6.         THE AMAZING RACE 15 & 16 (CTV) – 2,529,000

7.         HOUSE (Global) – 2,493,000

8.         CSI: NEW YORK (CTV) – 2,349,000

9.         THE MENTALIST (CTV) – 2,279,000

10.       NCIS (Global) – 2,201,000


12.       THE BIG BANG THEORY (CTV) – 2,169,000

13.       CSI: MIAMI (CTV) – 2,125,000

14.       DANCING WITH THE STARS RESULTS (CTV) – 2,092,000

15.       CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION (CTV) – 2,084,000

16.       TWO AND A HALF MEN (CTV) – 2,032,000

17.       DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES (CTV) – 1,933,000

18.       LIE TO ME (Global) – 1,811,000

19.       HOCKEY NIGHT IN CANADA (CBC) – 1,798,000

20.       NCIS: LOS ANGELES (Global) – 1,768,000

Meanwhile, CTV’s leadership in Canadian programming remains unparalleled, ending the season with:

·        the most-watched Canadian drama, FLASHPOINT (1.5 million viewers);

·        the #1 new Canadian drama, THE BRIDGE (1 million viewers);

·        the #1 new comedy programs (Canadian or American) of the year, HICCUPS (972,000) and          DAN FOR MAYOR (913,000);

·        the #1 Canadian entertainment program, ETALK (467,000 viewers, leading ET CANADA by            15%);

·        the #1 local newscast, CTV EVENING NEWS (1.6 million viewers);

·        and the #1 national newscast, CTV NATIONAL NEWS WITH LLOYD ROBERTSON (1.23 million          viewers, leading GLOBAL NATIONAL by 20%).


For the first time in CSI franchise history, one character will appear in all three CSI incarnations, beginning Monday, November 9 on CTV (visit CTV.ca to confirm local listings). In the special crossover trilogy, Dr. Ray Langston (Laurence Fishburne) travels from CSI: MIAMI (Monday, November 9 at 10 p.m. ET) to work with Horatio Cane (David Caruso), to CSI: NEW YORK (Wednesday, November 11 at 10 p.m. ET) to work with Mac Taylor (Gary Sinise), and back to his resident CSI lab in Las Vegas (Thursday, November 12 at 8 p.m. ET), as evidence in a new case leads him across the country.

In the CSI: MIAMI episode “Bone Voyage” (Nov. 9), Horatio Caine (Caruso) calls Las Vegas CSI Dr. Ray Langston (Fishburne) to come to Miami when a severed leg found in the Everglades is discovered to belong to a girl who went missing in Las Vegas a week earlier.

In the CSI: NEW YORK episode “Hammer Down” (Nov. 11), a big rig accident results in the discovery of an interstate trucking ring that specializes in human cargo and black market organ harvesting and sets off a race against time to save a hostage.

In the CSI episode “The Lost Girls” (Nov. 12), the CSI team helps Langston investigate a prostitution ring that may have harboured a hostage Langston has been looking for in Miami and New York.

Wednesday, May 20 10 p.m.

When transferring Robert Dunbrook’s (Craig T. Nelson) son from prison to court, the NYPD is ambushed by a group of professional kidnappers who kill a member of the team and one of the CSI’s lives hangs in the balance.

Wednesday, May 6 10 p.m.

Mac (Gary Sinise) informs an ex-con (Emmy Award and Golden Globe-winning guest star Charles S. Dutton, THRESHOLD) that he served time for a crime he didn’t commit. Meanwhile, Anna (Lindsay Monroe) tells Danny (Carmine Giovinazzo) “it’s time” for the first CSI baby to be born. Emmy Award-winner Mare Winningham (GREY’S ANATOMY) guest-stars as Katherine Donovan, a grieving mother who wants revenge.

Wednesday, April 29 10 p.m.

After a man falls 52 stories to his death, his body goes missing after it hits the ground forcing the CSIs to treat this strange development as a missing persons case. Mykelti Williamson (Forest Gump) guest-stars as Chief Brigham Sinclair, Emmy Award-winner Craig T. Nelson (COACH) guest-stars as publishing tycoon and Mac’s Nemesis Robert Dunbrook, and Thad Luckinbill (THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS) guest-stars as Robert’s son Connor.

Wednesday, April 8 10 p.m.

While investigating the shooting of a man in an empty theatre, Stella (Melina Kanakaredes) realizes that the crime scene is oddly familiar and staged. Former AMERICAN IDOL runner-up Katherine McPhee guest-stars.

Wednesday, March 11 10 p.m.

A lethal pipe-bomb blows a Manhattan townhouse and valuable evidence to pieces, forcing the CSIs to get creative in reconstructing the damaged clues that ultimately lead to the bomber.