Conviction Kitchen

Sunday, December 12 at 9pm ET/PT (8pm CT,10pm MT)***Season Finale*** on Citytv

It’s the last week of the project, and Biana and Marc are planning a celebrity-studded graduation party. Then a major argument erupts when Cassandra orders the Front of House staff to clean up, Danielle discovers she is pregnant and will be forced to choose between methadone and her baby and Biana performs an emergency mini-makeover on Etarre. Also, there are tears all around as Biana and Marc finally say goodbye to the trainees and Justin heads off to rehab.

Sunday, December 5 at 9pm ET/PT (8pm CT,10pm MT) on Citytv

With just a few days to go until the end of the project, Marc and Biana plan a special dinner service for the trainees’ friends and family. Then, Justin returns with renewed determination to beat his addiction, but disappears again and Biana enters Conviction in the gay pride parade.

Sunday, October 25 at 10:00pm ET/PT/CT/MT on Citytv

It’s week seven, and Biana and Marc are feeling the pressure when Jason J. gets into trouble, Roti sends a message, Jen faces a dilemma, and disaster-magnet Jamie pushes his bosses to the limit. A helicopter ride lifts the trainees’ spirits and Biana’s gospel brunch for family and friends reveals some big surprises.

Sunday, October 18 at 10:00pm ET/PT/CT/MT on Citytv

It’s week six, and although things should be running smoothly by now… Nathalie has a run-in with the law, Cyril goes berserk, Jamie’s stint as a decorator ends in disaster and Brad’s disobedience raises Biana’s ire. Marc concocts a challenge to boost his trainees’ lackluster performance and four servers walk out. And, after Roti ties the knot, Biana and Marc host his reception at the restaurant.

Conviction Kitchen is a new series airing for the first time tonight. It’s reality TV at its finest, and if you’ve thought Hell’s Kitchen was scary (thanks to one Chef Ramsey), you’re probably in for a big shock. On Conviction Kitchen Chef Mark Thuet will take 24 ex-convicts, most released from prison for minor crimes, but there are a few bank robbers and thieves in the mix as well, and they’ll be given the chance to re-enter society as a functioning member. Unlike other cooking reality shows, there will be no winner. Each of the convicts will participate and work towards a common goal of bringing in a profit to the restaurant within a 3 month period, otherwise the project will be shut down.

You might not have seen the show yet, but from a concept perspective, does Conviction Kitchen do it for you? Will you be tuning into the show? Or do you think this is an example of reality TV gone too far?