Consumed_logoConsumed will return to HGTV Canada at the beginning of June with its brand new second season.

This season, Pollack pushes families overwhelmed by stuff further than ever before by taking them on an intense physical and emotional journey where each family must survive for a gruelling two weeks with only the bare essentials.

While Jill deals with the underlying emotional clutter, resident handyman Darren Doyle takes on the challenge of making their physical space more functional. Produced by Paperny Entertainment, Consumed (9 x 60’) season two premieres Sat., June, 1 at 5 p.m. ET/2 p.m. PT on HGTV Canada. Continue reading »

The brand new original series Consumed is an extreme home experiment that challenges Canada’s most overwhelmed pack-rat families to survive for 30 days with only the bare essentials.

Series host Jill Pollack is a de-cluttering expert whose clients include Desperate Housewives actresses Marcia Cross and Felicity Huffman.

Jill guides families through a unique process that allows them to cut through their physical and emotional clutter and rebuild their lives from scratch. Produced by Vancouver-based Paperny Films, Consumed premieres Tuesday August 30 at 10pm ET/PT on HGTV Canada.

“This is a completely new kind of series for HGTV Canada, showcasing the struggle and transformation of families trying to live with less” says Barb Williams, Senior Vice President of Content, Shaw Media. “Jill’s shock-therapy and no-nonsense approach to helping these families is sure to resonate with viewers.”

“This has been a tremendous opportunity for Paperny Films,” says Cal Shumiatcher, Executive Producer, Paperny Films. “The talents of Jill Pollack and the support of HGTV have allowed us to create what we hope will be a truly cutting edge series.”

Jill Pollack has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Columbia University, and spent thirteen years as a television producer for prominent programs in the US. Now, she helps people live their best life by getting rid of clutter in their homes. In each episode of Consumed, Jill encourages families to emotionally confront their relationships and the effect of clutter on their lives. She helps each family decide which of their possessions will become the ten essential items that they live with for a full month, while everything else is taken out of their homes and kept in a storage facility. At the end of that time, families must decide what they’ll toss, donate or keep.

Darren Doyle, resident handyman, transforms each family’s home into useful spaces with storage and organization solutions. The goal is for each family to see their material possessions, homes and each other in a completely different light. But can families who have been consumed by our consumer society actually change?