donald-gloverDonald Glover will feature only part-time in the fifth season of Community.

The actor has down-sized his commitment to the comedy series and will appear in only five of the show’s 13-episode fifth season.

Glover is set to spend more time on his musical career with Childish Gambino.

Creator Dan Harmon has been confirmed to be returning to the series alongside executive producer Chris McKenna.

BombGirls20132American series have largely dominated the nominations for the 2013 Banff Rockie Awards unveiled this week.

The best continuing series category will be contested between The Big C, The Following, House of Cards and Canadian entry Bomb Girls (check out this awesome Save Bomb Girls campaign).

In the sitcom category, Canadian series Seed will be up against Commuity, Peep Show from the UK and Quiz Me Quick from Belgium. Continue reading »

A brand new promo for the upcoming fourth season of Community has been released.

The 30-secnd spot teases the Hunger Games-inspired premiere episode “History 101” as well as the Inspector Spacetime convention episode “Conventions of Space and Time”.

Seinfeld’s Jason Alexander has nabbed himself a role in the fourth season of Community.

The actor has been confirmed to be making a guest appearance on the comedy series next year but the details of his role are a closely guarded secret.

Alexander took to Twitter to announce the news, saying: “Filming a crazy episode of COMMUNITY this week. Can’t say much about it but it’s a fun one.”

Others pencilled in for fourth season guest roles include Tricia Helfer ,Matt Lucas, Malcolm McDowell, Brie Larson and James Brolin. Continue reading »

Following a rather embarrassing Citytv website error, it has now been confirmed officially that Community will return to Canadian screens on February 7, 2013.

This week the Citytv website claimed that the fourth season of the cult comedy would begin screening on November 9 of this year. This, however, was not true.

The news took off and was reported on a number of media websites before the Rogers-owned channel could remove the post and chalk it up as an error. Continue reading »

9:30 p.m.- Wednesday, October 31 on Comedy Network

Dean Pelton nabs Jeff for listing a fake class on his schedule, but then a mysterious professor (Kevin Corrigan, The Departed) emerges to back up Jeff’s claim. Curious about the man, Jeff and Annie investigate. Elsewhere, Abed and Troy build a blanket fort of great proportions.

9:30 p.m.- Tuesday, October 30 on Comedy Network

Everyone’s a suspect when Annie’s favourite pen goes missing, so the group lock themselves in until the thief is found. Jeff leads the investigation, but Abed and Troy aren’t as invested in the mystery because they want to go to a nearby puppy parade.

9:30 p.m.- Monday, October 29 on Comedy Network

Abed becomes a “mean girl” to the delight of Britta, Shirley, and Annie, whose encounter with a cruel classmate (Hilary Duff, GOSSIP GIRL) leaves them reeling. Elsewhere, Jeff and Troy find a hidden trampoline, which provides the duo spiritual enlightenment. The change in their personalities doesn’t go unnoticed, and Pierce becomes determined to get to the bottom of things.

9:30 p.m.- Thursday, October 25 on Comedy Network

A campus Halloween party takes an unusual turn after Pierce and some students ingest a hazardous substance which produces zombie-like symptoms. Dean Pelton responds to the situation by quarantining the area with the study group inside, forcing them to fend for themselves.

9:30 p.m.- Wednesday, October 24 on Comedy Network

Shirley consults Abed when she decides to make a religious film, but the two end up clashing after Abed reveals his plans to make one as well. Elsewhere, Pierce considers joining a study group with students his own age after he realizes he’s the oldest member in his current one.