Pamela Anderson can’t seem to catch a break in the UK.

After getting unceremoniously booted from reality series Dancing on Ice on the very first night earlier this year, the Canadian actress has now had her new ad banned from British screens after it was deemed “offensive”.

Anderson appeared in a racy new ad for Dreamscape Networks’ Crazy Domains where she danced about in a bikini alongside another similarly-attired woman as part of a male co-worker’s fantasy. Continue reading »

anti-homophobia-campaignNine complaints have already been received regarding the controversial new anti-homophobia advertising campaign in Quebec.

Two new TV commercials began screening earlier this month as part of the $7 million five-year campaign that aims to eliminate discrimination towards homosexuals.

The ads feature two couples going about their day before it is revealed at the end of the commercial that both couples are gay, when they share a kiss. A question is then posed: “Does this change the way you thought 20 seconds ago?” Continue reading »

Guy Ritchie directing David Beckham?

Seems unlikely but it has actually happened and this is the result.

The footballer features in the 90-second ad for his H&M bodywear range where he chases a car through the streets of Los Angeles after getting locked out of his house. Continue reading »