Cold Case

10:00pm – Sunday, October 18 on CTV

The team delves into the 1970 murder of a musician who tried to keep his involvement with the Philadelphia Soul scene a secret from his strict preacher father for whom he was an organist. Meanwhile, Lilly (Kathryn Morris) meets her teenaged stepbrother, Finn (Brett Davern, The Pool Boys).

10:00pm – Sunday, October 11 on CTV

The team reopens the 2004 case of a teen who was wrongly sent to a juvenile detention centre, then killed, before Valens (Danny Pino) could make good on his promise to get him out. Meanwhile, Lilly (Kathryn Morris) reconnects with her former love, Saccardo (Bobby Cannavale).

10:00pm – Sunday, October 4 on CTV

The team investigates the 1995 murder of a 17-year-old boy who left his dysfunctional home for the streets, where he started to make his mark as a skateboarding prodigy.

10:00pm – Sunday, September 27 on CTV

The team looks into the 1966 shipboard murder of a young woman who, for decades, was believed to have rashly jumped overboard. Meanwhile, the trial against the military academy official who tried to harm Rush (Kathryn Morris) in last season’s two-part finale begins.</p>

10:00pm – Sunday, August 30 on CTV

In Part 1 of this two-part episode, the team investigates a 2005 murder of the first female cadet of a local military school, suspects abound as they discover how brutally she was treated from Day One by an array of resentful male cadets and school officials. Part 2 of this episode airs Sunday, Sept. 6 at 10 p.m. ET.

9:00pm – Sunday, August 16 on CTV

The team members try to curtail their emotions as they search for the person who shot Jeffries (Thorn Barry) and the elderly long-time owner of the corner convenience store Jeffries had entered on his way home from work with Vera (Jeremy Ratchford).

8:00pm – Sunday, August 9 on CTV

Rush (Kathryn Morris) and the team investigate the 1964 murder case of a young white woman who, under the guise of selling Tupperware, secretly traveled in a mixed group to help with the Freedom schools.

9:00pm – Sunday, July 26 on CTV

Rush (Kathryn Morris) and team reopen the 1967 murder case of a brush salesman when his remains are found at the bottom of a duck pond. They learn that he had a hidden past and that some people in his territory were afraid he would reveal secrets he knew about them.

9:00pm – Sunday, July 19 on CTV

Rush (Kathryn Morris) and the team reopen the 1988 murder case of a young reporter when previously unseen footage of the woman is found. The footage indicates that she had an inside source at a plastics company who revealed that its employees were being exposed to asbestos.

Sunday, July 12 9 p.m.

Rush (Kathryn Morris) and the team investigate the 2007 case of an auto mechanic who was murdered after he won eight million dollars in the state lottery.