Chef at Home

Canada’s nationally renowned Chef and Food Network host Michael Smith (Chef at Home) is undertaking the challenge of a lifetime in support of building a school cookhouse in rural Kenya.

This documentary-style special takes viewers behind-the-scenes of the fourth annual Village Feast, a dinner party for 1,000 paying guests that takes two days to mount.

From preparation to execution, Village Feast chronicles the story of how, with enough determination and passion, one community can accomplish anything.  Village Feast premieres Saturday March 31st at 7pm ET/4pm PT on Food Network Canada.

Join Chef Michael Smith and a team of 300 volunteers for an epic Maritime meal like no other as they host a charity steak dinner in the traditional farming and fishing community of Souris, PEI, where Michael calls home.  

All proceeds from the event go towards Farmers Helping Farmers, a long-standing and well respected charity in PEI that raises money to build cookhouses for rural Kenyan schools.  

Chef Michael is backed by a passionate community including a brigade of 10 acclaimed chefs from across the country, oyster shuckers, local farmers, a Kenyan cook and an army convoy carrying a mobile kitchen.

Despite a few hurdles thrown their way, the team forges on to raise enough money to build a fourth school cookhouse north of Nairobi that will feed 400 children a day. 

“As someone who participates in great culinary events across the globe every year, it means the world to me that I can come home and host such a meaningful event right here in my own backyard,” says Michael Smith.  “Village Feast is an incredible story of what happens when a community rallies together around a common cause with food as the glue that holds it all together.”

Featuring 500 pounds each of mussels and potatoes, 200 pounds of rhubarb, and 100 pounds of bacon the Village Feast menu is 100 per cent locally sourced and fit for the entire community.  Diners will be treated to an old-fashioned seafood chowder, flame-grilled strip loin steak with brown butter mashed potatoes and horseradish gravy, wood oven baked bread, a Kenyan vegetarian specialty called Githeri, and a strawberry rhubarb shortcake.