Canadian TV

According to recent research, around 16 per cent of Canadian adults have ditched conventional TV in favour of online streaming.

The research from Google found that 16 per cent have completely “cut the cord” while 45 per cent say they watch a combination of both TV and online content.

Younger viewers were more likely to have moved on to watching online video content, with about one in four Canadians aged 18 to 24 saying they relied on online video only.

The rise in “cord-cutters” has grown in the past few years, with a 60 per cent rise among 18- to 24-year olds since 2010.

cbcCBC is adapting the acclaimed Lawrence Hill novel The Book of Negroes for TV.

The project – which will begin production this fall – will take the form of a mini-series that will air on CBC and American network BET.

The 2007 novel tells the story of an African woman who is kidnapped and sold into slavery in the southern US, before making her way to Halifax and later England.

Toronto-based filmmakers Clement Virgo and Damon D’Oliveira will produce the project through their Conquering Lion production company. Continue reading »

CanadaflagFive Hollywood-based Canadian TV screenwriters have been signed by the CAA agency.

The quintet’s new Los Angeles-based company Maple Gravy will focus on making comedy in a variety of formats for North American broadcasters.

The five scribes are Robert Cohen (The Ben Stiller Show, The Big Bang Theory), The Simpsons writers Joel Cohen and Tim Long, Chuck Tatham (How I Met Your Mother, Arrested Development) and Dan Signer, creator of Disney Channel’s A.N.T. Farm.

The writers will either executive produce or showrun Canadian-originated projects, or have their own comedy projects attached to Canada in order to receive government grants for local cotent.

YouTubeGoogle executive chairman Eric Schmidt believes internet video has already overtaken TV in terms of relevance.

Schmidt spoke at a gathering of digital advertisers in New York this week and when asked when internet video would displace TV, he answered: “That’s already happened.”

“It’s not a replacement for something that we know,” he added. “It’s a new thing that we have to think about, to program, to curate and build new platforms.”

YouTube has vowed to “reinvent television” by adding a wide range of new channels from well-known media brands and celebrities. Continue reading »

PVR use is on the rise in Canada with more Canadians saying they prefer to use the devices to catch up on TV shows during the week.

A new study from the Convergence Consulting Group found that Canadians have watched more TV shows on their personal video recorders in 2012 than on free, legal online services such as on-demand websites.

The CCG said that competitive pricing and free PVR offers have helped drive up the figures.

The study findings showed that 4.7 million Canadian households had personal video recorders in 2012 as opposed to 3.5 million in 2011.

An immigration raid in Vancouver that was reportedly filmed for a reality TV show has been condemned by a immigration activists.

A construction site in East Vancouver was raided by immigration officials on Thursday looking for undocumented workers. A number of TV cameras were seen filming the arrests.

The immigration advocacy group No One Is Illegal said those arrested were asked to sign release forms so they could be identified for the reality TV show.

“The fact that watching people being detained and arrested and humiliated and interrogated becomes something that we consume as part of our nightly entertainment – there is something deeply troubling about this and very dehumanizing,” said group member Harsha Walia. Continue reading »

Kiefer-SutherlandKiefer Sutherland has thrown his support behind a push for the Canadian TV industry to retain its stars.

The 24 and Touch actor and his mother, actress Shirley Douglas, said that the country needs to support its top talent more.

Sutherland said: “For the first five years of my career I was working back and forth between the United States and Canada. The Bay Boy was the first film I got to do, I would come back and do plays, do theatre here.

“I’ve loved coming back here to work over the course of my career.” Continue reading »

A recent study has found that 40% of young Canadians now mainly watch TV online.

“Television viewership is not yet dying in Canada. What is changing is how people use their TVs, with PVR usage continuing to grow and a strong move towards online TV,” says Joe Thacker, Chief Strategist of Toronto-based Fusion Retail Analytics, who conducted the study.

“Both of these trends come up frequently in conversations with our clients. The key is to keep monitoring media usage trends, understand the exact role and ROI of each media, and adjust your media mix each year accordingly. TV still has a huge role to play in the media mix, the key is to understand its role and to budget appropriately.” Continue reading »

dhx_media_logoCanadian indie producer DHX Media has unveiled a big new video-on-demand deal with US digital platform Hoopla.

The three-year deal will see Hoopla air 1300 episodes of DHX Media’s content, including the likes of Inspector Gadget, Busyworld of Richard Scarry, Caillou and Madeline.

“We are firmly committed to seeking opportunities with new platforms, and this is a significant deal for us as Hoopla has a key audience across North America,” Josh Scherba, senior vp of distribution at DHX Media, said.

Conrad BlackFallen Canadian media mogul Conrad Black is making a comeback by hosting a new Canadian TV show.

Black, who was released from prison in May 2012 after serving time for fraud and obstruction of justice charges, will front a talkshow produced by Moses Znaimer’s ZoomerMedia.

The series will be entitled The Zoomer and its first run will consist of 26 episodes.

Black told The Globe and Mail: “I give an editorial opinion and interview somebody and there are going to be a couple of panels… I will have a lot of people that I know in this and other countries who are fairly prominent who will be happy to be interviewed. We should make it moderately interesting.”

On the show he will debate various topics, including the U.S. judicial system, prison reform and gun control, with co-host Denise Conlon presenting a round-table discussion segment. Continue reading »