Canada’s Next Top Model

The final photoshoot for the girls is at Club Runway and is a shoot for Covergirl. The winner of Canada’s Next Top Model will have the ads that they shoot today appear in a national magazine.

Tara, Sinead, Tia and Rebecca work the campaign hard with Nolé giving them direction while photographer Jim Deyonker clicks away.

The girls fool around the night before the next elimination.

Paul Alexander, Yasmine Warsame, Jeanne Beker and Jim Deyonker are critiquing the girls best photos.

Tia is the first to be sent home. Sinead gets a photograph. Rebecca gets her photo and joins Sinead in doing the final runway shot while Tara leaves the show.

The Dominion Club plays host to Lucian Matis’ parisian styled fashion show and the last runway challenge for Rebecca and Sinead.

Nolé Marin, Jeanne Beker, Paul Alexander, Yasmine Warsame and Jay critique the final challenge.

Winning the grand prize of a modelling contract with Sutherland Models, An editorial spread in Fashion Magazine and a $100,000 contract with P&G Beauty (Pantene and CoverGirl) is Rebecca.

The girls meet ex-supermodel Yanka who was one of Canada’s first top models. Yanka is going to help the girls use their eyes to smile and build their confidence.

The girls then head to the French Connection store where they meet Janine Furtado who tells them that today’s challenge is to be window mannequins. They have to change their poses every five minutes. Cori and Tara were a little boring while Tia, Rebecca and Sinead were fantastic. The winner of the task is Rebecca and has 30 minutes to spend $2000 at French Connection.

The girls head to Carlu where they meet Susie Sheffman from Fashion Magazine and photographer Miguel Jacob who will be shooting their first cover try.

When the girls get back to the house there is a card waiting for Rebecca telling her the second part of her prize is in the living area. Her boyfriend is waiting for her. The rest of the girls are finding it awkward with Rebecca’s boyfriend in the house and are tempted to ask Rebecca about the hockey guy she kissed.

The go out for dinner and it appears Rebecca’s boyfriend is a bit of a hick. She becomes less and less impressed with his behaviour throughout the night. Rebecca gives him the boot in the morning.

The judges, Paul Alexander, Yasmine Warsame, Jeanne Beker and guest judge Stacey McKenzie review the cover try shoots for fashion magazine.

Getting photos are Sinead, Tia and Rebecca. Cori and Tara are both left looking upset that one of them is about to leave. As Tara nailed it on her first shot she gets to stay while a crying Cori is sent home.

The girls all roll up at Sutherland Models where they meet Agency Director Carole Reynolds. They all draw straws to pick who will be working with. Cori and Tara, Tia and Sinead work together while Rebecca has to work by herself.

Rebecca heads to R.U. Studios where designer Rosemarie Umetsu loves how she presents herself.

Tia and Sinead head to Doll Factory by Damzels where they meet designers Kelly Freeman and Rory Lindo. They like Tia’s curves and personality.

Tara and Cori arrive at the Anne Hung Boutique where they meet Anne Hung. Anne thought Cori was a B model.

Kelly and Rory from Doll Factory by Damzels really liked Rebecca when she turned up.

Mamone & Partners have Tia and Sinead arrive and Asha Hodura talks about Tia but they’re not sure.

Tara teaches Cori how to hail a cab. The talk to one of the directors at Fashion Magazine and photographer Miguel Jacob really likes Tara.

Anne hung thought Rebecca was the best. Kelly and Rory didn’t really like Tara.

Rebecca arrives back six minutes early.

Tia and Sinead get back 16 minutes early while Tara and Cori arrive back 2 minutes early. Rebecca missed two go sees while Tia and Sinead missed one.

The worst score went to Rebecca only because she missed the two appointments because she scored high on the other two. Tia came fourth. Tara came third. Sinead came second while Cori wins the task and comes away with a $5000 diamond ring.

Tara is annoyed that she helped Cori win.

Jay mail tells them that they need to be ready at 6:00am for the next task before all the girls have a bitch session about Cori.

The girls meet Nolé where they are going to do a shoot for a new LG phone. Nigel Barker is the photographer for the day where they will all be dressed in lingerie and looking sexy with a couple of great danes.

After the shoot, the girls get an invitation to have dinner with Nigel.

Nigel Barker joins Paul Alexander, Yasmin Warsame and Jeanne Beker on the judging panel.

Nigel says that he would lead with Rebecca’s photo.

Getting a photo this week is Rebecca, Sinead and Cori. Tara and Tia are in the bottom two. As a surprise shock, both of them have a photo so no one is being eliminated from the show this week.

Half of the girls are evicted from their room and are forced into one room where they will have to share the same space as all the other models. The Jay mail suggests to the girls that they are going to be doing something to do with exercise.

The six remaining girls head to the gym where they meet model coach Stacey McKenzie who introduces them to Chris Csak who is a spinning instructor who is going to whip them into shape. After the task, Cori throws up.

Jay then spends some one on one time with each of the models to get to know them better before they all head to flirty girl fitness where they meet Krista Knee who is a pole dance instructor and is going to teach each of the models how to pole dance.

The challenge for the girls is to learn a pole dance and express the most sexuality and physicality. The model who does will win the challenge. Cori looks so wooden. Tara’s dance ability really shows.

Cori wins because she was the most improved. She get’s to pick two other girls to enjoy her reward and she picks Tia and Rebecca. They are all taken to a spa for some pampering.

Tara is bitter about being beaten and makes some comments about Cori about how she thinks she is a bit of white trash.

Nolé Marin meets the girls at a gynasium for a photoshoot involving a trampoline. As part of winning the task, Cori gets half as many frames and picks Tia who also gets the extra frames but Cori will get the chance to analyze her frames halfway through to help her see what she’s doing right and what she’s doing wrong.

Photographer John van der Schilden found photograhing Tia painful and Nolé thought she looked scared.

Paul Alexander, Yasmine Warsame, Jeanne Beker and John van der Schilden are the judges this week.

Getting photographs this week are: Cori, Rebecca, Tia and Sinead. Mo and Tara are in the bottom two. The last girl to get a photo is Tara while Mo is packing her bags.

Jeanne Beker is going to provide some tutoring this week about how to deal with the media. Her first lesson is about “the impatient interviewer”.

The second lesson is about “the distracted interviewer”. The third is about “the technically concerned interviewer”. The fourth is about “the ill-prepared interviewer”. The fifth is about “the pushy interviewer”.

Tia drives Jeanne nuts by not paying attention during the lessons. Jeanne says that it’s because she is ADD.

The girls then head over to the set of Star! Daily where they are greeted by Dina Pugliese. Their task is for them to be the interviewer. There is a mystery celebrity guest which they will have 10 questions to ask them.

The guest is Adamo Ruggiero from Degrassi: The Next Generation. Adamo puts on an act and really piles on the pressure to the girls.

Is Tia using her dyslexia as a crutch?

Sinead wins the challenge and gets the chance to be a real interviewer on Fashion TV. She also wins a 37″ LCD television. At the fashion show, Sinead interviews designers Joyce Gunhouse and Judy Cornish who both thought she did a good job.

Nolé Marin meets the girls at an airport and introduces them to Mike Rosenthal, their photographer from LA for this shoot.

After a bit of a fight between Tia and Mo, the boys from the hockey team turn up for a bit of a party. Rebecca kisses one of the boys despite the fact that she has a boyfriend outside of the show.

On the judging panel this week are Paul Alexander, Yasmin Warsame, Jeanne Beker and Dina Pugliese. After looking at their glamour shots, Mo is by far the best of the day.

Getting a photo from Jay are: Mo, Rebecca, Tara, Sinead and Tia. Cori is in the bottom two along with Gina who has found herself there for the last few weeks. Getting the last photo is Cori as Gina’s luck finally runs out on Canada’s Next Top Model.

The girls each get an 8 mega pixel digital camera in a goodie bag from Kodak.

The girls head to a hockey rink where they are lead out onto a red carpet. Skating out to meet them is runway trainer J. Alexander. The girls have to put on skates to show how graceful they are both and on and off the ice. Mo has never skated before and falls over and falls hard on her ass.

J gets the girls to walk for him before calling out model coach Stacey McKenzie.

The girls head to the set of Much on Demand where they will walk in front of a live audience only wearing a pink catsuit and a veil.

Sinead carries an apple and gets a small cheer. Mo, with a tennis racket gets a slightly bigger cheer. As does Steff with her toilet brush. Tia and her sweeper get a small cheer. Cori and her flowers get a bit more. Tara and her wisk get a big cheer. Rebecca and her frying pan get a smaller cheer. Gina gets a huge cheer for her pom poms.

The winner of today will win a diamond watch and that winner is Tara.

Steff, Mo, Tia and Cori complain about Tara and Gina and how rude they were in the elevator down to the car after she won the task. Steff says if she talks to her like that again, she will snap. Tara arrogantly parades the fact that she won in front of everyone.

Nolé Marin tells the girls that they will be doing a television commercial for Venus Breeze Razors.

To judge the girls this week is Paul Alexander, Yasmin Warsame, Jeanne Beker, Miss J. Alexander and Jay, of course. Miss J gets everyone to do the walk in a pencil skirt. They view the commercial which looks much better than the shoot suggested it would.

This week the girls learnt how to walk and talk but who didn’t match up across the board?

Jay tells everyone that this week was a pretty bad week overall so getting through doesn’t really say much.

Getting a photo from Jay are Tara, Cori, Sinead, Rebecca, Mo and Tia. It comes down to Steff and Gina. The judges think that Gina is more of an actress than a model but Steff is the one going home and Gina is still in the running to become Canada’s Next Top Model.

The Girls are reflecting on Mika’s departure last week. Tia is very happy about it.

Outside they discover there is a jacuzi warming up for them.

This week they’re going to style the girls and give them completely different hair styles.

Stylist Gisela Castillo will be working with the girls to come up with their new look.

Covergirl have provided a goodie pack for all the girls.

John van der schilden is photographing the girls in their new looks. First up is Sinead who has had her long hair cut off so that she looks more like Natalie Portman.

Tia loved her makeover and thought she felt like a Bond girl.

Jacqueline’s hair color is gorgeous and has a lot more body to it.

Tara’s transformation is phenomenal with the tight curls being replaced by long flowing locks.

Rebecca isn’t happy with her hair color and feels that all the other girls got great hair.

Gina’s gone from blonde to brown and it looks great.

Cori looks incredible with her new look.

Mo’s look is similar to what she has but she just looks a million times better.

I didn’t really like the outfit they gave Steff to wear but her hair was nicer without the roots showing.

Sinead is chosen as the standout of the day and she wins a $5000 shopping spree courtesy of Visa. She’s incredibly happy as you can imagine.

There is Jaymail which asks them if they’re going to stand out in the crowd.

While the girls head to the jacuzi, Gina isn’t interested. Tara is getting a reputation as the scary girl but she says she’s here to win.

Today the girls are doing their beauty shots. Dan Lim is going to be the photographer and Nolé shows the girls what props they’re going to use. Real sea creatures.

Sinead is first up and has an octopus on her head.

Rebecca is still not comfortable with her makeover.

Jacqueline isn’t taking direction very well.

Steff just isn’t photogenic.

Tara served up an amazing shot with the crab on her head.

Gina with the calamari fringe looks gorgeous.

Mo has seaweed around her neck and fish in her hair but they’re not confident she’s a beauty girl.

Tia was fantastic with the shrimp and gave the best shot of the day.

Cori can take an amazing photo but it’s more about luck.

When Sinead arrives back from her shopping spree and has a gift for everyone. Tara is incredibly jealous though.

Back at the house there is a dress for each of them which they need to wear to judging tomorrow.

In the judging room, the girls are given a table of accessories which they are then given 30 seconds to add to their little black dress.

Sinead is up first and they take a look at her photo and they love it.

Mo’s photo makes her look blank.

Gina’s expressions were too hard for the makeup she had applied.

Tia really looks like she’s working the camera and looks so good.

Cori’s photo is just beautiful. The judges love the innocence.

Tara needs a little more intensity in her eyes but she’s so dynamic.

Rebecca isn’t so confident but her photo is haunting.

Jacqueline has an absolutely stunning face in her photo.

Steff is getting her grilling about her phobia during the shoot and how that would cost $20,000 an hour and in the real world that would come out of her pay. Sinead then faints in the middle of it. She’s ok but a little dehydrated. The girls get a lecture about looking after themselves before Steff sees her photo. She looks masculine again which isn’t going to work in her favour.

The judges deliberate before bringing the girls back in.

Getting a copy of their photo and still being in the running to be Canada’s Next Top Model:
Sinead, Rebecca, Tara, Cori, Tia, Mo, Gina and Steff.

Going home this week is Jacqueline.

Thousands of girls from all across the country have a dream but only one can be Canada’s Next Top Model.

Ten girls stand in a room thinking they’ve made it to the top 10 but little do they realise that another 10 girls are about to walk in, making it a top 20. However, Jay Manuel tells them that they need to cut it down to 10. He brings in their coaches, model coach Stacey McKenzie and creative director Nolé Marin.

Elle, 20 from Abbotsford, BC is first to face the judges. She says she is Canada’s Next Top Model. She gives them a strong runway walk and shows off some cleavage at the end which causes Nolé to exclaim “Where did that come from?!”

Cori, 18 from Val Caron, ON has had some emotional stuff happen to her in the last couple of years. Her boyfriend died in a car accident. Then her grandmother. Then her dog.

Janine, 19 from Woodbridge, ON says she’s not only gorgeous but she’s mentally stable.

Sonia, 18 from Pit Meadows, BC wants to prove that a 5″8 girl with a bump on her nose can do it.

Jacqueline, 20 from Vancouver, BC is beautiful once she pulls the hair off her face.

Rebecca, 21 from Mannheim, ON is a raw meat processing girl who wants to get into fashion.

Leanne, 18 from Calgary, AB has been pursuing modelling for a very long time.

Regine, 24 from Montreal, QC, Sinead, 18 from Chatham, ON, Stephanie, 25 from Calgary, AB get flashed at us.

Steff, 18 from Cornwall, ON has been volunteer modelling since she was 8 years old at the mall.

Lacey, 24 from Kelowna, BC si really beautiful.

Gillian, 18 from Victoria, BC has no experience but wants to learn.

Tara, 18 from Calgary, AB is a dancer.

Gina, 23 from Calgary, AB, Michelle (Mika), 25 from Toronto, ON, Meghan, 20 from Moncton, NB, amd Kara, 20 from Brantford, ON also get splashed onto our screens.

Tia, 19 from Montreal, QC loves fashion and photography.

Mo, 20 from Toronto, ON thinks she was born to model.

Nolé, Stacey and Jay go through all the girls to narrow down the list from 20 to 10. The decision is made and Jay now heads down to tell them which of them are into the Top 10.

The first girl into the Top 10 is Tara followed by Steff then Jaqueline, Mo, Cori. 5 Left from 15. It’s the dimpled Gina followed by Rebecca and Tia. Sinead goes through. The last girl to make it through is Michelle (Mika).

Jay reassures the girls that are going home that they still beat out thousands of other girls to get as far as they did and that it’s not the end for them.

The top 10 get taken to the house they’ll be living in during the competitions. There are images of Jay all over the house. They’re all pretty excited with all the goodie bags they each get. They celebrate a little with some wine.

The first J mail arrives and tells the girls that competition has started and theat they need to bring their best game tomorrow and nothing else.

Nolé meets the 10 girls at a club in downtown Toronto. Paul Alexander is the photographer for the day and there are two male models who will be posing with the girls in their first shoot, which just so happens to be nude.

It’s a tough shoot for many of these girls. Some of whom are worried about what their boyfriends would be thinking if they say what their first shoot was.

Jay mail comes in and Jay informs them that they’ll all be standing in front of the judges today and one of them will be going home.

Celebrity and Fashion Photographer Paul Alexander, International and supermodel at the top of her game Yasmin Warsame and Fashion editor Jeanne Beker are the judges who will pick who is staying and who is going.

First up is the individual assessments. First up is Tia who found it tricky with the line between sensuality and sexuality. Jeanne asks if she’s ever done anything like that before and then clarifies it by saying “in front of the cameras”.

Cori says she felt a bit of chemistry with the male model.

Tara looks completely different and full of confidence in her shot.

Jacqueline looks like a completely seductive.

Mika has an edge in her photo which they like but think it might be a little pornographic.

They think Mo’s photos are completely different and think it was beautiful but not what they asked.

Sinead is next and says she was incredibly uncomfortable and her legs were shaking but they think there is something beautiful and serene about her face.

Gina is kinda overpowered by the male model in the shot.

Rebecca’s face looks like an illustration but she looks awkward.

Steff’s shot leaves them with stunned silence. They think it looks like a man in drag and they don’t like it at all.

The judges have their time to deliberate and decide who is going to be sent home.

Jay holds the nine photographs of the girls who will be proceeding to the next round.

Cori is the first one to receive her photo. The next is Tara. Rebecca. Jacqueline. Tia. Sinead. Mo. Gina. It’s down to Steff and Mika. The last girl to receive their photo is Steff. Mika has to head back to the house and pack her bags and head home where she will have to face her father who didn’t want her to pursue this.

There are tears as Jay tells Steff not to let them see another photograph like that.

Mika isn’t absolutely surprised as she didn’t really feel like she belonged.