Canada worst driver

“Someone otta throw that guy in the slammer!” Competitors Are Incarcerated When Canada’s Worst Driver, Returns to Discovery Channel Monday, October 27

Featuring eight of the most terrifying motorists from across the nation, Canada’s Worst Driver slams back into the line up on Discovery Channel with the highly anticipated fourth season on Monday, October 27 at 10 p.m. ET/PT. With their licenses confiscated and challenging new courses designed to test and improve the skill set of the dangerous eight, how will they fare at this year’s Driver Rehabilitation Centre at the abandoned Ontario Correctional Centre in Guelph, Ontario? Promising exciting new challenges and a handful of old favourites, Season 4 kicks it into high gear as the team of experts determine which competitor is Canada’s Worst Driver.

Joining returning host Andrew Younghusband are the merciless team of experts, including Cam Woolley, former Sergeant with the OPP Ontario Highway Safety Division, and now Traffic and Safety Specialist with CP24. No stranger to working in front of the TV camera, Woolley has become a fixture on local newscasts across the GTA with his colourful reports from the OPP Highway Safety Division. Other experts include Philippe Létourneau, professional high performance driving instructor, and Dr. Louisa Gembora, psychologist and race car driver. New to the panel this season is head driving expert Dan Bagyan, an instructor with the Signature Driving School.


Lindsay, 23, from Kelowna, BC, admits to being involved in some sort of accident every couple of weeks. She is aggressive and distracted. So distracted, that she seems to specialize in hitting stationary objects…one of which was the gas meter at the side of her fiancé’s home.

Ken, 59, from Mission, BC, is a salesman. He drives thousands of kilometers a year. He tailgates, doesn’t yield and speeds. He is unapologetic about this behaviour and vocalizes his feeling towards other drivers. Ken feels his only problem is parking.

Curt, 51, from New Westminster, BC, is a distracted driver. He has been in 46 accidents and rear-ended at least 15 vehicles in his driving career. Curt spends most of his time in the driver’s seat with his head turned away from the road.

Teagan, 18, from Edmonton AB, is a young overly nervous teenager with very little skill. He overcompensates by jerking the wheel back and forth. He is easily spooked by other cars and his bad driving is causing him difficulty meeting girls.

Emily, 33, from Calgary, AB, is a horrible diver. She struggles with parking, road signs, reversing, merging, and even driving forward. New to driving, her lack of experience is clearly evident.

Ashley, 21, from Medicine Hat, AB, is distracted, aggressive and unskilled. She has cost her husband over $15K in out of pocket vehicle repairs. She is a driving time bomb – especially in new driving situations.

Amy, 30, from Bethune, SK, is an extremely nervous driver – complete with shortness of breath, body sweats and tears. Her lack of confidence causes her to have anxiety attacks behind the wheel, which can only make bad driving worse.

Donna, 63, from Sault Ste. Marie, ON, is a menace on the road. She refuses to stop at stop signs/red lights and gets a thrill out of going fast. She is abysmal when it comes to parking, reversing and simple vehicle maneuvering. Donna is full of surprises.