Business News Network

Business News Network’s (BNN) presents The Future of Research in Motion, a special half-hour segment that takes viewers inside the Blackberry device developer’s annual general meeting.

The special airs Tuesday, July 12 at 8 p.m. ET on BNN. Hosted by Kim Parlee, the special offers insight and analysis into the RIM story and the company’s position in the marketplace today. The special features expert guests including analysts who will be at the AGM.

“BNN is proud to bring viewers to the front lines of RIM’s annual general meeting,” said Jack Fleischmann, General Manager, BNN. “Our viewers look to BNN as a first responder in the marketplace, and a reliable source of breaking news and analysis of the most important business news of the day, such as the latest developments in the RIM story.”

Once the darling of the handheld device industry and a driver behind the tech boom in the Waterloo area and Canadian stock market, RIM has seen $70-billion in market value evaporate over the past three years. Once thought impossible, the company is now cited as a possible takeover target. BNN’s The Future of Research in Motion examines competition in the market, the value for shareholders, the importance of RIM to the community, and the organizational structure of the business that has investors worried about the future.