Border Security: Canada’s Front Line

bordersecurityorder sThe Canadian border security reality TV saga is continuing with a number of actors, directors and artists calling for its cancellation.

National Geographic’s Border Security has come under fire in recent months after the filming of an immigration raid at a building site in BC.

Last week, over 174 Canadian artists including Nicola Cavendish, Margo Kidder, Sandy Wilson, Patrick Corbett, Min Sook Lee and Aisha Alfa objected to the reality series in a public letter. Continue reading »

Kourtney & Kim Take Miami - Season: 1A top immigration lawyer has said she hopes Canada doesn’t end up like a Kardashian sister.

Toronto-based Jennifer Nees was talking in regards to the reality TV crews filming immigration raids for the purpose of screening on Border Security: Canada’s Front Line.

She believes that the show feeds “that xenophobic, anti-immigrant attitude you read in the comments section of any online news article about immigration.

“The raid that occurred, and was caught on video, affected real people who have real lives in Canada. Yes, some of them were illegal and in catching those individuals who are admittedly breaking the law, I suppose some type of justice is being served. But to televise it and possibly expose the identity and location of refugee applicants seems a step too far.” Continue reading »

bordersecurityPublic Safety Minister Vic Toews has defended the use of reality TV cameras during immigration raids in Canada.

Toews told Parliament that it is the illegal immigrants who are taking advantage of Canadian taxpayers and not the other way around as some critics are suggesting.

“It is important to remember that illegal immigrants cost law-abiding Canadian taxpayers tens of millions of dollars per year and it costs our constituents thousands of jobs,” said Toews.

The issue has been raised after a reality TV crew was on-hand to film a raid on a construction site in B.C. this month. Continue reading »