Thursday, December 9 – 8pm ET/PT on Global

Brennan gets a glimpse into her own life when the body of a brilliant and career-driven surgeon is found dead in a rough neighbourhood. Meanwhile, evidence found at the crime scene brings the team closer to solving the case, but it’s Brennan’s unique perspective that propels her to retrace the final events of the victim’s life. With the reassurance of a new friend and Jeffersonian security guard, Micah Leggat (guest star Enrico Colantoni), Brennan makes a discovery about herself and learns a lesson about taking chances.

Thursday, December 2 – 8pm ET/PT on Global

Booth and Brennan investigate a crime scene where a human carcass has melted into the dashboard of a charred truck. They soon discover a gunshot wound in the victim, but learn that neither the fire nor the bullet was the cause of the victim’s death. Meanwhile, Sweets tries to keep his feelings for Daisy from interfering while helping her pass a government psychological evaluation; and Hannah (guest star Katheryn Winnick) attempts to break the ice and warm up to Booth’s son Parker.

Thursday, November 18 – 8pm ET/PT on Global

When human remains are discovered in the world’s largest chocolate bar, the team soon discovers that the victim was a mysterious character whose past was full of secrets, lies and love affairs. Meanwhile, Cam struggles with her daughter’s decision to attend a university that fails to meet her high standards, and Hodgins asks Angela to arrange a party to announce her not-so-secret pregnancy.

Thursday, November 11 – 8pm ET/PT on Global

The past and present collide when human remains from a 150-year-old slave ship, the Amelia Rose, surface. The team is tasked to give the deceased a proper burial but make an unforeseen discovery linked to a recent murder. Meanwhile, Sweets struggles to maintain a casual relationship with Daisy, and Cam discovers a surprising connection to the Amelia Rose.

Thursday, October 14 – 8pm ET/PT on Global

Brennan makes a deal with a celebrity professor (guest star David Alan Grier) to be his special guest after he inquires about hosting his children’s science show from the Jeffersonian. Meanwhile, a dismembered corpse is identified as a bounty hunter, and the team finds they are not the only ones looking for a fugitive who is wanted for murder.

Thursday, October 7 – 8pm ET/PT on Global

** Antonio Sabato Jr. (General Hospital) and Canadian Katheryn Winnick (Killers) Guest-Star**

When Booth and Brennan are called to investigate decomposed remains found at the Jersey Shore, the team IDs the victim as Richie “The V” Genaro, a 23-year-old who partied at a popular nightclub the night before his death. Booth and Brennan question Genaro’s peers and the club bouncer (guest star Antonio Sabato Jr.), and Brennan watches what she believes to be a documentary on the inhabitants of the Jersey Shore, but in actuality turns out to be a reality show set there. Meanwhile, at the lab, the team grows fond of Booth’s girlfriend, Hannah (guest star Katheryn Winnick), and Angela tries to keep her pregnancy a secret.

Thursday, September 30 – 8pm ET/PT on Global

When the remains of a couple are discovered in a cave at National Park, the team must piece together their identity and solve the crime. Meanwhile, Booth’s girlfriend, Hannah Burley, makes a surprise visit. After meeting Burley and sensing the couple’s genuine happiness, Brennan re-evaluates her own relationship with Booth, and he tries to teach her that love is not always logical.

Thursday, September 23 – 8pm ET/PT *Season Premiere* on Global

With Cam’s reputation and career on the line, the team travels overseas to help her solve the case of an unidentified young boy. The Forensics Anthropology Unit lost much of its vigour after disbanding to pursue personal ventures, and it will take the collaborative energy and knowledge of the newly reunited team to unravel the evidence in this case. After unearthing new clues in the lab and making unexpected personal discoveries, the team realizes they belong back in Washington, D.C.

Thursday, May 20 � 8pm ET/PT *Season Finale* on Global

*Billy F. Gibbons (The Bucket List) Guest Stars*

�The Beginning in the End�

The team works to uncover clues buried under a life�s worth of possessions saved by a hoarder in order to solve the mystery of his death. Meanwhile, Angela�s father (guest star Billy F. Gibbons) has a specific purpose for his most recent visit, and Brennan and Booth are confronted with unique opportunities.

Wednesday, May 12 – 8pm ET/PT *Pre-release* on Global

The trial of the gravedigger hits close to home for members of the team and everyone at the Jeffersonian must work overtime to uncover the forensic evidence that will elicit a conviction.