Bomb Girls

BombGirls20132Despite a highly-organised and spirited fight from its fans, it looks like Bomb Girls will end for good this winter.

Shaw have copped a lot of flak from fans of the series after announcing it would end after a two-hour finale “event” but it looks like they are sticking to their guns.

Senior vice-president of content Barb Williams said at the Shaw Upfront presentation that there are no plans to bring it back and that the previously-announced finale would go ahead.

“Bomb Girls was a wonderful, wonderful project for us,” Williams said. “They told a story that had never been told before, they captured a time in Canada’s history that needed to be told, and I think that those 18 episodes told it brilliantly. We absolutely will make sure it finishes up with a bomb.” Continue reading »

BombGirls20132American series have largely dominated the nominations for the 2013 Banff Rockie Awards unveiled this week.

The best continuing series category will be contested between The Big C, The Following, House of Cards and Canadian entry Bomb Girls (check out this awesome Save Bomb Girls campaign).

In the sitcom category, Canadian series Seed will be up against Commuity, Peep Show from the UK and Quiz Me Quick from Belgium. Continue reading »


Update: The Save Bomb Girls campaign has now reached their $4,000 goal.

Fans of the recently cancelled Bomb Girls are showing Shaw Media how to support Canadian-made drama with a highly-organised campaign.

The Save Bomb Girls campaign was launched following Global’s announcement on April 22 that they would not be renewing the series for a third season.

Along with a wonderfully designed website, the campaign also has active Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr pages dedicated to showing the powers that be that fans want more from the Bomb Girls team.

Currently in motion is a ‘Victory Bandanas Campaign’, which aims to raise enough money to fund a shipment of fan-designed blue bandanas to be delivered to the Global offices. Continue reading »

BombGirls20132The newly cancelled drama series Bomb Girls has gained some international recognition by being nominated for a prestigious international TV prize.

The Global series is one of the 12 nominees for the Drama TV Series award at the Festival de Television de Monte-Carlo.

It is in good company as well, with other nominees in the drama category including Breaking Bad, Downton Abbey, Homeland and Doctor Who.

Meg Tilly has also been nominated in the best actress category. Continue reading »

Bomb_Girls_TillyThe cast and producers of the now cancelled Bomb Girls have expressed their disappointment at the news.

The executive producers and producers of the show released an email statement saying they are saddened to hear that the show will not be returning for a third season.

Their statement read:

The Executive Producers and Producers of Bomb Girls are saddened to learn that Bomb Girls is not being renewed as a series for a third season. We are very proud of the remarkable work done on this series by our writers, cast and crew. Together we told stories that were proudly Canadian, that illuminated fascinating aspects of our history and celebrated the astonishing women and men who fought so hard for our freedom. Continue reading »

BombGirls20132Bomb Girls will not return for a third season.

The Global drama series has been cancelled by Shaw Media after two seasons on the air.

The series will end with a two-hour Bomb Girls TV movie that will “conclude the rich storylines and the amazing journeys of these beloved characters which have strongly resonated with the show’s loyal fans.”

The homegrown drama featured Meg Tilly, Jodi Balfour, Ali Liebert and Charlotte Hegele, with Rosie O’Donnell guest starring this season. Continue reading »


Bomb_Girls_TillyBomb Girls’ first season marked the return to the screen for Canadian-American actress Meg Tilly.

The actress had been out of the game for 17 years and chose the Global series as the perfect comeback vehicle.

“I’m so happy they offered it to me,” Tilly said. “We were living in Oak Bay on Vancouver Island, just a very peaceful life.”

“I didn’t realize how much I missed acting. I would never want my children to feel that I gave anything up for them, (but) I gained so much with the privilege of being able to raise them. But I didn’t realize how much acting was a part of me and how much fun it is to create with other people. Continue reading »


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Lorna’s dinner party for her son Gene turns into a nightmare when Sheila brings an unexpected guest. Meanwhile, Gladys distracts herself with a game of cards to keep her from thinking about James, and Betty struggles with coming to terms with her cellared past.