Big Brother

It’s a house like no other. Where 51 cameras follow your every move and 74 microphones capture your every word. This is the Big Brother house. Tonight, 14 men and women will enter this house with one goal in mind – to be the last one standing. They will live in total confinement. Cut off from the outside world. Each week, the houseguests compete for food, luxuries and most importantly, power. Each week they will vote to evict one of their own until only one house guest remains to claim the half million dollar prize.

And tonight, six people have no idea what is about to happen to them. They will each come face to face with the last person they would ever want to see. An estranged father and daughter who have not spoken in two years. Bitter ex-boyfriends – one sought vengeance by turning all their friends against the other. And former highschool best friends forever but one tore them apart.

Julie Chen introduces us to the house guests who were excited to discover they had received a key to the big brother house. Jessica, a student and a cheerleader, will only be cheering for herself. Nick, Former Pro Football Player, says he’s going to use his body for bait. Eric, a Talent Management Assistant, thinks no one has ever played this game like him before.

Daniele, a waitress, is about to see her estranged father for the first time in two years and doesn’t want anyone to underestimate this Californian girl. Her father, Dick, is a Bar Manager and doesn’t think the house is going to know what’s hit them.

Jen, a Nanny, says her body is not her only asset. Mike, a Painting Contractor, reckons he’s going to paint the rest of the house guests out of the picture.

Kail, a Business Owner, thinks she’s going to run the Big Brother house. Joe, a Receptionist, is going to blow away the competition. Carol, also a Student and an ex BFF of Jessica’s, says that she’s one senator’s daughter who knows a thing or two about politics.

Amber, a Cocktail Waitress, is a single mom from Vegas who is about to show us how the game is supposed to be played. Zach, a Graphic Designer, says he’s going to out think the competition.

Dustin, a Shoe Salesman and ex boyfriend of Joe, says he’s going to walk all over the competition. Jameka, a School Counselor, is a very sweet person but you don’t want to get on the bad side of.

The housemates have an hour to pack upon learning that they’ve received a key to the Big Brother house.

Julie brings 11 of the housemates in to meet each other. None of them are allowed to talk to each other until they’re inside the house.

The first thing the housemates have to do on entering the house is choose a bed. They have 1 minute to do so. The catch is that they might be sharing a bed if they don’t choose carefully. Julie says they will enter in three groups. The first group is Carol, Joe, Mike and Amber. Daniele and Jameka are next. Kail, Jen, Eric and Zach are then let in.

The houseguests guess that the theme of the house is Alice in Wonderland and then do their introductions.

There are three people already in the house but where are they? There are three people upstairs. Dick, Jessica and Dustin. Julie tells them that they are about to find out that they are going to be spending the summer with someone they don’t really want to be in there with. They each see who they know in the house and then talk amongst themselves about their stories.

Julie tells the 11 that there is another group in the house and that they have been watching them.

The first Head of Household competition is about to begin. The winner will receive their own room and the power to put two other house guests up for eviction. The housemates have to pair up and stand in front a mushroom. Nick doesn’t have a partner and so he has sit the game out.

After answering a series of questions and surviving their mushroom spining around, Kail and Eric beat the other 9 and the 3 house guests upstairs get to decide who will be the Head of Household. Eric didn’t want to win and begs them to give the position to Kail. They choose Kail. The Three upstairs are safe from eviction this week.

Bringing the two groups together is going to set off some fireworks. How they use their experience is up to them.

Joe guesses who he thinks it is going to be. He says Dustin gave him gonorrhea and that he ruined all his relationships with his friends. Daniele is pretty sure that it’s her dad. Joe says that whatever happens, they need to make sure that they all get rid of them in the next couple of weeks. The houseguests come down and a somber mood befalls the house. Carol and Daniele head to the bathroom and Jameka joins them to comfort Daniele who is clearly upset.

It’s time to meet America’s player. Eric will be completely controlled by the public. For every 5 tasks Eric accomplishes, he will earn $10,000. Sunday at 8/7c is the first chance to control America’s Player and how the enemies twist affects the nominations.

Will enemies bury the hatchett or fight to the finish?

On Tuesday at 9/8c, Will the golden power of veto save one of the nominees from the chopping block. Thursday at 8/7c will be the first eviction.