Big Brother: After Dark

Ever wondered what really goes on inside the Big Brother house after the cameras have stopped rolling?

Only Global Reality Channel has the answer.

Seven days a week, beginning July 8 at midnight, Big Brother After Dark takes viewers behind the scenes with an unedited, uncut, live feed from the Big Brother house.

Seasons past have revealed salacious cast behaviour, diabolical plotting, and juicy hookups. What surprises will this season hold?

Find out when the lights turn off and the after dark cameras stay on during Big Brother After Dark.

Catch Big Brother After Dark seven days a week beginning July 8 at midnight exclusively on Global Reality Channel.

The perennial summertime favourite Big Brother is coming back to Global this July for it’s 13th season.

The show takes a group of strangers, throws them in a house and cuts them off from the outside world for 3 months. Each week they vote to evict each other until one person is left standing. Camera’s and microphones record their every move which is also broadcast on a 24/7 internet stream and on Big Brother: After Dark exclusive to Global’s reality network Global Reality Channel.

The show will be hosted again by Julie Chen and will air Wednesdays at 8pm, Thursdays at 9pm and Sundays at 8pm.

No announcement on potential houseguests or twists have been made.