Big Bang Theory

Here are the top 10 shows for the week of December 13 – December 19 as provided by BBM.

1) Big Bang Theory (CTV)

2) Criminal Minds (CTV)

3) Two and a Half Men (CTV)

4) Survivor: Nicaragua (GLOBAL)

5) Shit My Dad Says (CTV)

6) Mike & Molly (CTV)

7) Survivor: Nicaragua Reunion Special (GLOBAL)

8 ) NCIS: Los Angeles (CTV)

9) CTV Evening News (CTV)

10) CSI (CTV)

Here are the Top 10 programs for the week of December 6 – December 12 according to BBM

1) The Amazing Race (CTV)

2) C.S.I. (CTV)

3) Big Bang Theory (CTV)

4) The Mentalist (CTV)

5) Glee (Global)

6) Criminal Minds (CTV)

7) Survivor: Nicaragua (Global)

8 ) Jersey Ceremony (CBC)

9) Shit My Dad Says (CTV)

10) Desperate Housewives (CTV)

Again, CTV dominates the week with 7/10 top shows. The closest Canadian produced show to crack the top 30 was CTV National News which came in at number 15.

Come on Canadian viewers! Let’s support our home grown productions and kick the American shows out of the top spot.