8:30pm – Tuesday, July 17 on CTV

While on a romantic getaway to Napa Valley with her boyfriend Ben (Matt Letscher), Alex (Amanda Peet) experiences a romantic dream involving Pete (David Walton) that causes her to question her true feelings. Meanwhile, Alex’s new neighbour Dan (Kyle Bornheimer, You Again), fed up with the crew’s antics and destructive behaviour, threatens legal action.

8:30pm – Tuesday, July 10 on CTV

When Pete’s mom Vanessa (Academy Award-winner Marcia Gay Harden, DAMAGES) returns to town, Walt (Jeffrey Tambor) is determined to win back his ex-wife at any cost. Meanwhile, after Pete (David Walton) is a no-show at work, Alex (Amanda Peet) worries he may have succumbed to old habits.

8:30pm – Tuesday, July 3 on CTV

When Alex (Amanda Peet) is invited to a wedding at her boss Bob’s (Larry Miller, New Year’s Eve) home, she invites Ben (Matt Letscher, The Mask of Zorro), hoping he can help her impress the partners’ wives. When a last-minute emergency arises and Ben is forced to leave, Pete (David Walton) comes in to try and save the day.

Bent: HD

8:30pm – Tuesday, June 26 on CTV

When Pete (David Walton) and the crew spot Ben (Matt Letscher) in a precarious situation with another woman, Pete is determined to expose Ben’s transgression to Alex (Amanda Peet). Meanwhile, Walt (Jeffrey Tambor) and Screwsie (Margo Harshman) help Charlie (Joey King) get back at a school bully.

8:30pm – Tuesday, June 19 on CTV

Fed up with her lack of a love life, Alex (Amanda Peet) devises a way to take her relationship with her boyfriend Ben (Matt Letscher, ENTOURAGE) to the next level. Meanwhile, in spite of his feelings for Alex, Pete (David Walton) rekindles his romance with ex-girlfriend Natalie (Diora Baird, Wedding Crashers).