Being Human

being-human2013640June will bring the new reality series Exit and the final season of Being Human to Space.

Space gets real this June with four spectacularly suspenseful premieres, including the all-new six episode series EXIT, based on the hit Japanese game show DERO!.

Premiering Wednesday, June 12 at 9 p.m. ET, and hosted by Curt Doussett (AMERICA’S LOST TREASURES), EXIT challengesteams of two contestants to escape a series of mind-bendingly diabolical rooms, each more challenging than the last. Continue reading »

9 p.m. – Monday, January 28 on Space

Nora and Josh meet a teenage runaway and debate how to handle the situation, Sally tries to make things right with Trent and makes a new mortician friend, Aidan and Henry (Kyle Schcmid, ARROW) search for clean blood in post-plague Boston.

9 p.m. – Monday, January 21 on Space

Sally flirts with Trent (John Bregar, MURDOCH MYSTERIES), an old acquaintance; Aidan searches for blood and reunites with someone from his past; and Josh considers taking his relationship with Nora further, while Nora meets a foe intent on revenge.

9 p.m. – Monday, January 14 on Space

Season 3 picks up 15 months after the events of last season’s riveting finale which ended with Aidan (Sam Witwer, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA) being buried alive as punishment from vampire leader Mother (Deena Azziz, The Moth Diaries), Sally (Meaghan Rath, 18 TO LIFE) lost in a state of limbo, and Josh’s (Sam Huntington, Not Another Teen Movie) plot to kill Ray (Andreas Apergis, 18 TO LIFE), his werewolf “maker” — which instead endangered Nora (Kristen Hager, Wanted).

This January there will be epic adventures, mystery, and makeup magic as fresh new episodes of returning fan favourites join Space’s schedule.

On January 22 at 10 p.m. ET, the dino-mighty Space Original Series Primeval: New World gives viewers something to roar about, as the mid-season premiere tears into the schedule in its new Tuesday night timeslot.

Leading into new episodes of Primeval: New World is Season 4 of the competitive make-up effects reality series Face Off. The popular series returns Tuesday, Jan. 15 at 9 p.m. ET with a special 90-minute premiere.

Fresh off the palette of its Season 3 success, Face Off continues to attract new viewers, with its Season 3 audiences up by almost 50% compared to Season 2 among total viewers. Continue reading »

9 p.m. ET – Thursday, June 21 on Space

Sally’s mother resurfaces, Josh opts to kill Ray and Aidan chooses to kill Mother in the Season 2 finale.

10 p.m. ET – Thursday, June 14 on Space

Sally counsels Zoe about her gift, Josh considers divulging his condition to Julia and Aidan tries to establish a life for himself and Suren.

9 p.m. ET – Thursday, June 14 on Space

Sally tries to fix a life that she ruined; Suren and Aidan look forward to their future together; Josh must choose between Nora and Julia.

10 p.m. ET – Thursday, June 7 on Space

After her murderous rampage, Sally is trapped in a coma, so the boys turn to the ghost whisperer to save her. But when Sally’s reaper returns, they’re the ones who will need saving.

9 p.m. ET – Thursday, June 7 on Space

Josh’s best friend returns from the dead and Aidan breaks the rules by bringing ailing Vampire Henry to the house to recuperate. Meanwhile, Sally’s confrontation with the Reaper rocks her to her core.