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Temple Street Productions and CBC Television announced today that production is underway on the fourth season of the one-hour drama series Being Erica. Production runs until September 20, 2011 in Toronto.

This season, we will see many familiar faces as Erica (Erin Karpluk) embarks on doctor training under the guidance of Dr. Tom (Michael Riley) who assigns her friends and family as her trial patients.

With the patients unaware that she is treating them, Erica travels back in time with them or in her own life to learn how to sort through the issues at hand. Erica’s relationship with Adam (Adam Fergus) blossoms until Kai (Sebastian Pigott) returns and Erica finds herself torn.

Erica balances this training with growing pains at 50/50 with business partner Julianne (Reagan Pasternak) and life with her family–reconciled parents Gary (John Boylan) and Barb (Kathleen Laskey) and sister Sam (Joanna Douglas) who is embarking on a new relationship of her own with Lenin (Brandon Jay McLaren).

Also returning in Season Four are former colleague Brent (Morgan Kelly); Dave (Billy Turnbull) and Ivan (Michael P. Northey), partners and owners of Goblins café; Josh (Adam MacDonald), Samantha’s soon-to-be ex-husband; and Jenny (Paula Brancati), Erica’s former friend from high school and Ethan (Tyron Leitso), Erica’s ex-boyfriend.

Being Erica is produced by Temple Street Productions. The show’s creative team includes creator and executive producer Jana Sinyor (Dark Oracle), executive producer Aaron Martin (Degrassi: The Next Generation, The Best Years), and executive producers David Fortier and Ivan Schneeberg of Temple Street Productions (Billable Hours, Wingin’ It, Canada’s Next Top Model).

Since it premiered on CBC Television in 2009, the critically acclaimed show has been hugely successful worldwide. International distributor BBC Worldwide has sold Being Erica to almost 160 countries including SOAPnet (U.S), E4 (U.K.), ABC2 (Australia), Paramount Comedy (Spain) and SBS/Net5 in Holland.

Being Erica has been nominated for numerous Gemini Awards, with Erin Karpluk winning for ‘Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role.’ The show also won ‘Best Scripted Format’ at the C21/FRAPA Format Awards at MIPCOM. Being Erica has become more than just a TV show expanding into the world of digital content, DVDs, format sales and even board games.

Kirstine Stewart, general manager of CBC Television, is pleased to announce that the critically-acclaimed series BEING ERICA is back for a third season this fall.

The new season will feature thirteen one-hour episodes. The popular relationship drama with a time travel twist stars Gemini Award-winner Erin Karpluk as Erica Strange, a young woman on a one-of-a-kind quest through past and present to come to terms with life and relationships.

Winning the hearts of CBC viewers since its series debut in 2009, BEING ERICA is also capturing audiences south of the border. Simultaneously announced today is the third season pick up by SOAPnet, the Disney/ABC Television Group’s 24-hour soap opera channel with over 75 million household subscribers. BEING ERICA is one of SOAPnet’s most popular series. To date, BEING ERICA has aired in 38 countries worldwide.

Season two left Erica with no boyfriend, no job and a personal life in shambles. In season three, we find a newly single, more confident Erica on the path to forging a new identity for herself as she becomes the person she’s always wanted to be. Popular returning characters include Dr. Tom (Michael Riley), Erica’s ex-boss and new business partner Julianne (Reagan Pasternak), mother Barbara (Kathleen Laskey), father Gary (John Boylan) and sister Samantha (Joanne Douglas).

The multiple Gemini Award-nominated series is back with star Erin Karpluk as the engaging Erica Strange, on her quest to come to terms with life and relationships – in the past and in the present. It’s a season full of surprises and secrets revealed as Erica continues her very special brand of therapy and learns more about the mysterious Dr. Tom (Michael Riley).

BEING ERICA debuts its sophomore season on Tuesday, Sept. 22 at 8 p.m. on CBC Television, with a dramatic first episode that picks up exactly where the season one cliffhanger left off – with Erica wondering what has happened to Dr. Tom after she has deeply betrayed his trust.

Having re-lived some of her lightest and darkest moments, Erica is starting to make the most of her life. Her publishing career is taking off, she is connecting her disjointed family and building stronger relationships with her friends. Finally united with longtime love Ethan (Tyron Leitso, Wonderfalls), it all seems to be coming together for Erica. But an encounter with someone who shares a secret with her (Sebastian Pigott, Canadian Idol) could change it all. He’s slick, he’s captivating and he’s caught Erica’s eye.

“One of television’s most popular female characters is back for 12 new episodes, and she’s a lot smarter and wiser this time round,” said Kirstine Stewart, general manager, CBC Television. “BEING ERICA is a colourful, meaningful look at what it would be like to go back to life-defining moments, and this season promises more of the Erica that viewers have come to love.”

BEING ERICA also stars Reagan Pasternak as Erica’s boss Julianne Giacomelli, Kathleen Laskey as mother Barbara Strange, John Boylan as father Gary Strange, Joanna Douglas as Erica’s sister Samantha, and Vinessa Antoine as BFF Judith.

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For years the television audience has been enthralled with shows about going back in time. In the 1960’s The Time Tunnel was a weekly favorite depicting a couple of guys who are supposed to a particular time and come home. They don’t. They just keep flipping around in different eras.

The Michael J. Fox (also a Canadian) movie Back to the Future revived this and Quantuum Leap brought it back to television. Both the movie series and television program had an underlying theme of trying to make things right.

In today’s television programming The Journeyman, an ill-fated show cut short by the writers’ strike and never revived, was a Quantuum Leap within San Francisco while Life on Mars puts the protagonist in a New York police precinct in 1973. In other words we like our time travel and we like to see how things could be fixed even though Einstein believed that even tiny, good changes in the past could directly affect future incidences in a not-so-nice manner.

CBC’s Being Erica is different from others in one major area: This time it’s a girl. Aptly-named Erica Strange (played by Erin Karpluk) is a underachieving, thirty-something, single-white-female who believes her so-so life is due to bad decisions she has made in her life. She goes to a therapist, Dr. Tom (played by Michael Riley) and during her sessions comes up with key moments in her life where, if a better decision had been made at each time, her life would be a bed of roses. However, Dr. Tom has the ability to transport her back to each of these moments so Erica can make hindsight fixes.

The moral is that Dr. Tom wants Erica to realize that it’s not what happened in the past it’s how she feels now about the decisions she has made. He even sends her back to a “perfect moment,” a sort of holiday from all the fixer-er-uppers she deals with week after week. The good news is that all this is put in a light-hearted atmosphere that can appeal to a wide spectrum of viewers.

Being Erica was first put up against heavy-hitters on the Monday night slot, shows like 24, Heroes and Two-and-a-Half Men. In February the sown was moved to Wednesday nights with the hokey, but wildly-popular, The Week the Women Went a lead-in show. Although still not a string performer we’ll have to see how the new spot helps the show.

This is not CBC’s first foray into the supernatural. From 1981-1987 the network had a hit with Seeing Things featuring veteran Canadian actor, Louis Ciccone. Although only 43 episodes were filmed it is still watched in many countries in syndication.