Battle Castle

Premiering on History Television on Thursday, February 23 at 9 PM ET, Battle Castle takes viewers on a fascinating journey deep into the secret world of medieval warfare and strategy.

This stimulating six-episode series, hosted by leading historian Dan Snow, brings to life mighty medieval fortifications and the sieges they resisted: clashes that defied the limits of military technology, turned empires to dust and transformed mortals into legends.

Through dynamic location footage and immersive visual effects, Battle Castle reveals the castles’ bloody histories and the weapons designed to defeat them.

Every episode climaxes in the ultimate test of each castle’s strength – an epic battle that will change the course of history.



Dan Snow is an award-winning historian, author and television host who has made it his mission to experience history first hand. During the course of his work Dan has trained as a medieval knight, learned to joust, flown a World War Two aircraft, been gassed, shoveled muck in a London sewer and trained as a sniper. In Battle Castle he explores the killing zones created around the walls of each castle and tries everything from shooting a cross-bow to hurling boulders from catapults.  

Dan’s passion for history was ignited by childhood visits to castles, battlefields, medieval reenactments and historic country houses. He later pursued this passion at Oxford University and in his professional career.  Dan holds both Canadian and British citizenship, and has explored the history of both countries in his work. In addition to his personal interest in the subject, history runs in Dan’s family: through his mother he is the nephew of Canadian historian Margaret MacMillan and a great-great-grandson of British Prime Minister David Lloyd George. 


Battle Castle airs every Thursday at 9PM ET beginning February 23, 2012.

Episode 1: Crac Des Chevaliers (Syria). The crown jewel of Crusader castles must resist a massive army to keep the Crusader vision alive.

Episode 2: Chateau Gaillard (France). Richard the Lionheart’s magnificent castle must outlast a ruthless French army on a campaign of conquest.  

Episode 3: Dover Castle (England). The key to England must defy a French prince intent on seizing the English throne.

Episode 4: Conwy Castle (Wales). King Edward’s Iron Ring of castles must deny a powerful group of rebels determined to end English rule in Wales.           

Episode 5: Malbork Castle (Poland). The Teutonic Knights’ greatest castle must withstand an epic attack in the struggle to dominate the Baltic.             

Episode 6: Malaga Gibralfaro Castle (Spain). A Muslim castle must defend a key port city against the forces of the King Ferdinand of Spain.


To explore the Battle Castle universe visit for exclusive video blogs with host Dan Snow, 3D CGI renderings of the castles featured in each episode and an interactive storybook allowing viewers to experience the siege of Constantinople in 1453. The website also features the Battle Castle game, which gives participants a chance to assemble their own army and engage in siege warfare.