Bachelor Pad


Appeared on: The Bachelor, starring Jake Pavelka
From: Fairfax, Va.
The teacher wore a very flirty flight attendant costume during the first cocktail party for pilot Jake.

Bachelor and Bachelorette star Jake Pavelka is said to be making an appearance on the new spin-off series Bachelor Pad.

The show, which features 19 former contestants from the various seasons of the reality dating shows, will have Jake on board in some way according to host Chris Harrison.

Harrison said: “Now that the news is out about Jake and Vienna I can also announce that Jake will be coming on and be a part of Bachelor Pad.

“I can’t explain everything. It just kind of happened, but Jake will definitely play his part now in Bachelor Pad.”

Jake was a contestant in Jillian Harris’s season of The Bachelorette before he went on to feature as the bachelor in the latest season of the series where he proposed to Vienna Girardi. The pair have now split.

Source: Digital Spy