Auction Kings

When bidding starts, the gloves comes off and it’s every buyer for himself! From 19th century vampire hunting kits and softball-sized meteorites, to a genuine Nazi handbook, Discovery Channel’s all-new series AUCTION KINGS captures the emotional journey of discovering one-of-a-kind riches – or disappointing rags – with two back-to-back episodes beginning Wednesday, November 10 at 8 p.m. ET/10 p.m. PT.

The bidders and sellers come from all walks of life, looking to make money, buy a unique piece or simply enjoy the excitement of winning a hidden gem. Showcasing one of the most storied auction houses, Gallery 63 and its owner Paul Brown, each episode of this 12-part series follows four or five feathered items, from intake to the auction block.

AUCTION KINGS is a roller coaster ride filled with thrills and distress – you never know if it’s the buyer or the seller who will get the deal!

Providing insight into the long-standing tradition of auctioning, this series reveals a rare look at timeless items while taking viewers back to historical moments. Meet the consignors – the real stars of AUCTION KINGS – who bring in their treasures and the truly eclectic mix of people who show up on auction day to bid. Auctions are like people – no two are alike – so strategy and egos come into play when two or more bidders hunker down and compete for the same prize.

In the first episode, a seller comes into Gallery 63 with a softball-sized meteorite from outer space. While he hopes to win enough money to take a second honeymoon to Paris, office manager Cindy hopes it isn’t radioactive. Then a weapons collector brings in a vampire hunting kit from the 19th century that could go for big bucks – if it’s legit. And Jon, the newest employee, is tasked with sifting through a house jam-packed with junk to find “auction gold.” He locates a signed copy of Gone with the Wind and a genuine Nazi handbook from World War II. Are they the real deal?

Gallery 63 owner Paul Brown grew up in Atlanta and worked for 20 years at Red Baron’s –his dad’s antique store and auction house – learning the art of selling and how to tell trash from treasure. Today, Gallery 63 is known for bizarre, high-end items and Brown has made a name for himself as the go-to guy for bidders looking for those one-of-a-kind pieces that can only be found inside his doors.