Around The World in 80 Plates

What happens when you send 12 chefs on a 40-day, ten-country, ambitious culinary competition of a lifetime?  

Find out in Around The World in 80 Plates, the brand new larger-than-life, globe-trotting food competition series premiering June 11th at 10pm ET/PT on Food Network Canada.  

The new series, hosted by celebrity chef and cookbook author Curtis Stone (@Curtis_Stone) (Top Chef Masters) and the first and only female Iron Chef,Cat Cora(@catcora), pits 12 chefs against each other in an intense and high-stakes gastronomic race around the world.

The global food fight touches down in Argentina, China, England, France, Italy, Morocco, Spain, Thailand, Uruguay and the United States where the chefs must learn the local customs, cultures and cuisines as they battle it out in cooking challenges that test their skills and determination.  

Each episode throws two challenges their way. In ‘The Course,’ the chefs race around each city in a high pressure scavenger hunt for the ‘exceptional ingredient,’ which they can use in the elimination round.  

Teams then face off in ‘The Takeover,’ where they not only recreate, but reinvent the menus for world-renowned restaurants and their demanding owners.  The team that loses ‘The Takeover’ must ultimately self-eliminate its weakest link and send them home.

Helping the contestants along in each episode as local ‘Food Ambassadors’ are Wolfgang Puck, José Andrés, Nigella Lawson, Narda Lepes and Hong Kong’s self-proclaimed “Demon Chef,” Toronto-raised Alvin Leung.  These renowned chefs and food personalities give the chefs insight into the local food culture at each destination and help local diners judge which restaurant best upheld the integrity of regional flavours.


The competing chefs come from some of the most impressive culinary backgrounds in the United States:


Avery Pursell, 32 (@AllDicedUp): Executive Chef/Owner at All Diced Up Catering, Sherman Oaks, CA

Chaz Brown, 29 (@dacheezyjuan): Chef de Cuisine at Fatty Crab, New York City; Top Chef Season 9 competitor

Clara Moore, 30 (@claramoore314): Chef/General Manager at Local Harvest Cafe and Catering, St. Louis, MO

Gary Walker, 40 (@chefgary): Private Chef in Chicago

Jenna Johansen, 36 (@jennajohansen): Chef and restaurateur, cooking instructor, and bloggerin Denver, CO

John Vermigilo, 27 (@johnvermig): Executive Sous Chef, Table Fifty-Two in Chicago

Keven Lee, 34 (@chefkevenlee): Executive Chef/CEO, My World on a Plate Catering & Events, Sherman Oaks, CA

Liz Garrett, 33 (@lizontheline): Chef de Cuisine, Hotel Wilshire, Los Angeles

Nick Lacasse, 33 (@ChefevilNick): Executive Chef of The Drawing Room, Chicago

Nicole Lou, 33 (@Lou_Nicole): Chef at Bushi-Tei in San Francisco

Sai Pituk, 31 (@Chef_Sai): Chef/Owner of Tara Thai in El Paso, TX

Steve “Nookie” Postal, 36 (@chefnookie): Executive Chef, Fenway Park, Boston