Army Wives

The wife of the vice President of the United States is to appear in an episode of Army Wives.

Jill Biden, wife of Obama’s running mate Joe Biden, will appear as herself in the drama series.

The series is calling on real life Army wives to feature with Jill Biden also appearing in a Public Service Announcement that will run during the show which aims to muster support for military families.

Lifetime Networks’ president Nancy Dubuc said: “We’re honoured to have Dr. Biden make a special appearance on Army Wives. Dr. Biden’s inspiring commitment to military families should be commended.”

Source: Digital Spy

Lifetime has plans in motion to produce a new spin-off of popular series Army Wives.

The production company is currently in the early stages of the new production, which will focus on one character of the original.

Pamela Moran, played by Brigid Brannagh, has been selected as the most viable character for the series and will take the headline role in the unnamed project.

The series will focus on Pamela minus her Delta Force husband Chase and re-teaming with her old Charleston, S.C police force.

Lifetime ran a thread on their online message boards last year calling for nominations for which character would be suitable for their own series and Pamela topped the poll alongside bartender Roxy.

Army Wives is currently in its fourth season.

Source: TV Squad