American Dad

Sunday, January 13 – 9:30pm ET/PT on Global

Francine tries to teach Roger the value of hard work after his character “Twill Ongenbone” fakes a degree in archaeology. Meanwhile, Steve is shocked when Stan talks about his past for Steve’s school project.

The American TV industry was forced to take action in the wake of the school shooting in Connecticut to avoid screening any violent material that could cause offence.

I the days that followed, TV channels across the country made changes to their schedules and issued special warnings prior to violent shows.

HBO delayed the screening of the 2012 crime thriller Contraband over the weekend, replacing it with repeated screenings of Crazy, Stupid. Love and Arthur.

The TLC Network postponed a special entitled Best Funeral Ever, which centred on a Dallas funeral home.

NBC pulled a holiday special featuring The Voice coach Blake Shelton and replaced it with a Michael Buble one instead. The Shelton special had featured an animated scene about a reindeer killing. Continue reading »

Sunday, December 9 – 9:30pm ET/PT on Global

When the Smith family’s regular babysitter, Lindsay (Alison Brie) is injured, Stan and Francine are forced to leave Steve with Hayley. When Hayley teases Steve about being a goody-two-shoes, Steve is determined to prove her wrong and sneaks out of the house to go to a party.

Sunday, December 2 – 9:30pm ET/PT on Global

Disapproving of Steve’s friendship with the “uncool” Snot, Stan stages a crime that sends Snot into the CIA Witness Protection Program. Meanwhile, Roger hires Jeff to clean his attic for extra cash, but keeps robbing him every time he goes back downstairs.

Sunday, November 18 – 9:30pm ET/PT on Global

When Roger and Stan’s mom fall in love and get married, Stan is forced to deal with Roger as his new stepdad. Meanwhile, Steve and his friends discover a mysterious plane crash while on a bike ride and come across a long-lost script of a Fast and Furious movie, they are determined to get made.

Sunday, October 7 – 9:30pm ET/PT *A Halloween Special Episode* on Global

The Smith family’s tropical vacation turns out to be anything but relaxing when Stan is assigned a mission to kill the activities director at their resort. Meanwhile, Hayley and Jeff try to rekindle their fading romance, and Roger, as his latest persona, Abigail Lemonparty falls for an older gentleman.

Sunday, September 30 – 9:30pm ET/PT *Season Premiere* on Global

Roger opens a crooner’s bar in the Smith family’s attic and recruits Hayley as his main entertainer. Meanwhile, Stan tries to prove his manhood by negotiating a good deal on a new car.

Sunday, May 20 – 10pm ET/PT *Season Finale* on Global

Stan decides to take Steve down to Mexico to help him become a man when he catches Steve playing imaginary games with his toys. The trip takes a turn for the worse when Stan and Steve are kidnapped by a drug cartel, and it’s up to Steve to break himself and Stan out of captivity.

Sunday, May 6 – 9:30pm ET/PT on Global

Roger rediscovers his alter-ego “Ricky Spanish,” an infamous character who remains the most despised man in town. Meanwhile, Stan and Francine are in for a surprise when their sponsored child from Africa shows up on their doorstep.

Sunday, April 1 – 9:30pm ET/PT on Global

Stan travels back in time to find out who Hayley’s mystery dad might be after discovering that Francine was unfaithful the night before she and Stan married.