Amazing Adventures of a Nobody: U.K.

Sunday, April 26 8 p.m.

The remaining teams battle in a race around the world for the $1 million prize.

Tues., Aug. 12 at 10 p.m. ET

Could you travel across the UK on five pounds a day? Leon Logothetis – the travelling “nobody” – does just that in the internationally-acclaimed series, Amazing Adventures of a Nobody. Follow Logothetis across the pond as he travels from London to Exeter in the original version of the series. Each of the seven episodes chronicles his odyssey as he eats, sleeps and travels on the goodwill of the British people. But this journey comes with a few rules along the way: he cannot take money from people directly, he cannot beg and he cannot stay in any place for longer than one night. And if that’s not enough, while Logothetis survives on pocket change, his crew enjoys luxurious accommodations and fine dining, tormenting him with their treats kilometre after kilometre. Will he make it?