A New Season of Shows on The Pet Network

Digital television channel The Pet Network announces a new fall programming schedule that punctuates the universal appeal and popularity of wholesome television entertainment, starring pets and animals.


Head of Programming Rosemary Fusca believes that The Pet Network possesses a unique commonality, “Pets are universal, and they cross every demographic gender and age line.  Whether you bring puppies into a kindergarten class or a nursing home, you’ll see faces light up across the room.  In fact, the majority of Canadian households own pets; according to BBM, 68% of 25-54 year olds have one.  That doesn’t even take into account the number of people that don’t own pets, but are still fascinated by animals.” 


Documentaries, movies, reality shows, Canadian and foreign dramas and cartoons fill The Pet Network’s schedule, an eclectic offering that is unique within itself.  The channel’s flagship show Pet Central returns with host Candice Batista traversing the landscape of animal – human coexistence in search of quirky characters, extraordinary stories, useful gadgets and pertinent lifestyle information.  Canine expert Dr. Stanley Coren also contributes a segment, explaining dog behaviour and ways to tweak it.  


Natural Companions teaches viewers about treating their animal companions on a physical level, with holistic and naturopathic preventative care and treatment. Australia’s most famous veterinarian, Dr. Harry Cooper, continues his charming trek across the Land Down Under on Harry’s Practice.  The BBC’s smash hit reality series Vets in Practice takes a more intense approach to treating animals, combining medical crisis with the emotional toll it takes upon the doctors. 


New shows include Mickey – Everyone’s Best Friend featuring Mickey the collie, his human friend Megan, and a talking ferret and goat.  Childlike Mickey learns lessons like “why leaves change colour”; it’s captivating educational fun for the pre-school set.  In fact, Mickey headlines an entire block of programming under the Family Fun Lineup moniker.  Other “all ages appeal” offerings include two unique and exclusive new series from award winning producer/director Tom McPhee: Rock & Roll Dogs takes a comedic “up close and personal look” at specific homeless shelter dogs along with their peculiar personality traits, and Jane Garrison’s Rescue Diaries documents dramatic animal rescues, while profiling the selfless, courageous people who perform them.


Pet Connection is a lifestyle series with acclaimed Ottawa veterinarian Bernie Pukay answering questions like “Why does my puppy bite?”  Its East Coast counterpart is Island Vets; cameras follow the inner workings of a PEI clinic, where cases shown are generally life and death.  Bondi Vet features a completely different take on treating animals.  Dr. Chris Brown is a hunky surfer-type, whose affluent clientele come to him for pet facelifts and Prozac for their parrots.


The Horse is a documentary series that showcases horses from 4000 BC farms to modern day racetracks.  Another season of Pet Docs also premieres with a new selection of compelling and informative exposés from award-winning documentarians around the world.


The new season begins Monday, September 21st.  The Pet Network is available by subscription through television providers.  The channel is owned and operated by Stornoway Communications.



For further information contact:  Rosemary Fusca, Head of Programming,  (416) 756-5523, rfusca@stornoway.com