3rd Rock from the Sun

Monday, October 10 – 10am ET/PT until 6am ET/PT

It’s the day before Thanksgiving, and Sally, encountering a store full of crazed grocery shoppers, rushes home to tell the other aliens that the apocalypse has arrived.

On Thanksgiving morning Dick rushes to the university to find out what’s going on and finds it deserted. A janitor informs him it’s a holiday. Back home, Dick wants them to experience the ideal, authentic Thanksgiving.

Mrs. Dubcek arrives with her daughter Vicki and they’re persuaded to stay for dinner along with Dr. Albright.

The aliens pretend they’ve celebrated Thanksgiving for years, but when Dick urges Tommy to put on a pilgrim costume, he stalks out and heads to the neighborhood pool hall where he sees that everyone isn’t home with their family on Thanksgiving.