Sunday, April 5 – 6:30pm ET/PT

Imagine going under for surgery, thinking that when you wake up, you’ll feel better than ever.  Then imagine that during the surgery a fire erupts while you’re on the operating table.  It happens more often than you think.  It can have disastrous results with little or no warning to medical staff.  16×9 brings you an inside look at the phenomenon known as “Surgical Fire”.

Sunday, March 1 – 6:30pm ET/PT

16:9 brings you an exclusive story about a little boy in Kingston, Ontario that has stunned doctors across North America. What happened to him is nothing less than a miracle. Doctors hope the child’s medical breakthrough could hold the cure for millions of autistic children around the world.

Sunday, February 22 – 6:30pm ET/PT

Where do you think you could find the world’s largest garbage landfill? The answer to that question is shocking, and 16×9 will expose a disgusting toxic site sitting in a place you would never dream.

Sunday, February 1 – 6:30pm ET/PT

When this story first aired on 16:9 you responded in record numbers. Now 16×9 brings you a special encore presentation that looks into these controversial CFL’s (Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs) and EMF ( Electro Magnetic Frequencies). They call it dirty electricity or poor power quality but what is it and can it make you sick? 16:9 has the full investigation from the homeowners who claim these frequencies can make them sick to tracking down our Federal Health Minister for long awaited answers.

Sunday, January 18 – 6:30pm ET, 7pm PT

Last week’s story about dirty energy shocked a lot of people who wanted more information. From coast-to-coast, seniors, day care workers, engineers, even people concerned about their pets – all reacted – demanding answers. Our Alison Vushnick exposes even more disturbing information about the bad bulbs and dirty energy making some people sick.

Sunday, January 4 – 6:30pm ET, 7pm PT

We’re told every bulb we switch will help save energy and the planet, but could the new compact fluorescent lightbulbs be damaging our skin? The issue is ultraviolet radiation, and officials at Health Canada tell 16×9 that, “there may be skin sensitivity issues, especially in people with certain skin diseases,” but they wouldn’t provide us with their findings. So how much UV radiation are they giving off? 16×9 goes to London, England to find out.

Sunday, December 21 – 6:30pm ET

Is Jesus alive? Meet a man who thinks he is the son of God and you’re not going to believe where he lives. While Christians all over the world prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ – some believe he is alive right now – deep in the wilderness of Northern Russia. Meet Jesus of Siberia.

Sunday, December 14 – 6:30pm ET

Robert Deluce, president and CEO of Porter Airlines, doesn’t back down from a fight. 16X9 flies with Robert as Porter announces their new U.S. leg at Chicago’s Midway airport.