When Grey’s Anatomy returns from its holiday break, the show will feature a series of crossovers with Private Practice. It might even bring two characters with a long history back together!

According to EW, here’s what’s in store for the upcoming events!

Q: Stop beating around the bush about Mark and Addison. What exactly goes on between them during the Grey’s Anatomy-Private Practice crossover next month?

A: Ever heard of the phrase, “Knocking boots ’til the cows come home?”

Q: Can we get some Mark and Lexie scoop? Seriously, we’ve heard everything about what’s coming up next year for everyone on Grey’s Anatomy except them.

A: Ever heard of the phrase, “Deep doo-doo?” That’s pretty much where their relationship is headed. Let’s just say Mark may not be the only one doing a little two-timing.

Cristina has been pretty free of personal drama since that who Burke catastrophe, but recently, her plotlines are revolving around relationships and there’s much more to come in the near future for her and a certain former army doctor! However, it looks like they just might brave the storm

According to E! Online’s most recent Q&A there’s more in store for these two when the series finally returns in the new year.

Q: Please tell me there is hope for Owen and Cristina on Grey’s Anatomy! I love them, and all this stuff with Teddy (Kim Raver) is giving me a coronary.

A: You are so not alone! But the good news is that I’m assured by a source that we have not seen the last of Cristina and Owen happy and together.

Word is there are many big fans among the Grey’s Anatomy writers of these two, and Shonda Rhimes herself just tweeted: “I love Owen and Cristina too. A ton of Owen and Cristina stuff is coming up. In January. When we air again.”

Is it January yet?

The next episode of Grey’s Anatomy won’t air until the new year, but E! Online has managed to get their hands on some information about a dramatic scenario set to take place in an upcoming episode of the show.According to E! the situation outlined below, is meant to create a parallel between a patient’s experience and that of one of the show’s main characters.

Q: Anything on Grey’s Anatomy?

A: You know how there are often parallels between the storylines for Grey’s Anatomy doctors and what their patients are going through?

Well, we’re a little worried about an upcoming episode where it seems producers are taking a page from an old Nip/Tuck episode: The anesthesia doesn’t work on a patient and she wakes up during her surgery and is conscious through terrible agonies of pain.

Tonight’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy will be the last until January, and here’s some of the drama that we can expect to play out, now and after the show regroups after the holidays. The following was said this week on an interview with e!

“I want the best for him. I want him to be happy. I want him to be in love. I want him to be all these things and more, and so does Sandra [for her character Cristina].”

Of Sandra, Kevin said “I love her to bits. I think we both come from the same place as far as wanting the work to feel rooted and real and true. She’s very protective over her character, understandably. As am I. One of the problems and the downsides of working on a long-term character is that you, the actor, become very protective over the character.”

“We both know that for a TV show to work, and the characters can’t be happy all the time. That’s the whole point, so there’s this weird thing going on, which is I think Sandra and I both right now are finding it hard because we’re so kind of in love with the characters, and so kind of invested in Owen and Christina being together. Suddenly there’s this potential for danger.”

“I [think we are] quite anxious ourselves for our characters’ happiness. I think again, that adds to the chemistry of it all.”

This week’s TV Guide Q&A has brought a few interesting things to light, and it looks as though the show’s really going to be heating up!

Q: How long before Teddy destroys Cristina and Owen’s relationship on Grey’s Anatomy?

A: Kevin McKidd says that Thursday’s episode will have a major development in that love triangle: “Something happens between the three of them that’s pretty explosive,” he says.

“Up until now you’ve not really seen anyone draw lines in the sand, but you start to see that this week.” Translation: “Desert Storm Barbie” is not welcome in Yang’s Dream House.

Q: Any scoop on Private Practice?

A: Addison’s mom and dad (JoBeth Williams and Stephen Collins) are coming to visit Private Practice on December 3, and they’re bringing a third … the other woman!

E! Online reveals some great new things to come on Grey’s Anatomy!

Q: I hate the new Mercy Westers. Please tell me they leave Grey’s Anatomy soon.

A: We can confirm that Nora Zehetner is still on the show as we speak, and we’re pretty sure the rest of the gang will be hanging around for a while as well. Sorry.

Q: Please don’t tell me Kim Raver is sticking around long on Grey’s Anatomy!

A: She’s not going anywhere for the time being, and according to Kevin McKidd (Owen), that is a very good thing! “When we heard the pitch of this idea for the storyline this year,” Kevin says, “I think Sandra and I were kind of initially like, ‘This is bad.'”

“I think we felt this is a good thing with these two and there could have been more story lines to tell. But you know, I met Kim and we started to work and what seemed to be coming clear very quickly is that we three actors have great respect for each other.

“At the end of the day, that adds a really interesting dynamic to the triangle as it is played out on the screen because all three of us actors have great respect for each other.”

Q: What’s going to happen with Owen, Cristina and Teddy on Grey’s Anatomy?

A: More from Mr. McKidd on that topic: “It’s not going to be some petty, juvenile, immature thing. Things are going to be interesting and intense. It’s going to get much hotter and complicated between the three of them because it is such an adult problem that they have.”

“People are hopefully going to be very, very torn when it comes down to it, and very involved and kind of sucked in. I think it’s a very interesting story we’re telling.”

Shonda Rhimes recently spoke with EW and revealed that post-it note marriage or not, Derek and Meredith are in for a rocky road. Though, despite rumors the executive producer assures us that they’re in it for the long haul!

“They will face relationship challenges, many of them work-oriented, in the second half of the season,” reveals creator Shonda Rhimes.

I don’t know how many times [I] can say, ‘Derek and Meredith are together forever’ and have anybody hear it,” the  executive producer says. “I can only reassure so much.”

“In order to [produce] a drama you need to have some drama,” Rhimes adds.

“Whether or not two people are meant for one another and will remain together doesn’t mean that things aren’t going to happen to challenge their relationship.”

Let’s face it, if there weren’t some rough times, Derek and Meredith’s relationship WOULDN’T make it, that’s just the nature of the beast. But, we can wonder specifically what’s in store.

This week has brought a number of great spoilers from Q&A’s with the actors and actresses and other great sources in interviews with E! and TV Guide! Here’s what we can expect from tonight’s espisode of Grey’s Anatomy, and the weeks to come!

Q: Loved the Arizona-centric episode of Grey’s Anatomy. What’s next for her?

A: Show of hands: Who wants a musical episode of Grey’s Anatomy? Well, you are probably out of luck there, but we will see Arizona sing in the coming weeks!

Better still, it’s a duet, but don’t expect Tony winner Sara Ramirez to be Dr. Robbins’ partner in song. Instead, Arizona will trill with one of her male co-stars.

Q: Is Izzie really pregnant on Grey’s Anatomy?

A: I’ll say this: ABC’s promo gurus are very sneaky! While we’re on the subject of Katherine Heigl, sources confirm that she’s taking another leave of absence from Grey’s Anatomy this season – but this time her reasons are personal and not professional. Heigl will be going on a belated maternity leave to spend some QT with new adopted daughter Naleigh. As a result, Izzie will be MIA for another string of episodes (most likely in early 2010).

Q: Please tell me something will happen soon on Grey’s Anatomy that will make me stop hating the Chief! I used to love him but this season has been terrible!

A: Would the sight of him falling off the wagon do the trick? ‘Cause that’s what happens at the end of this week’s episode, “New History.”

Q: Tell us about Dr. Teddy Altman.

Kim Raver: She’s amazing at what she does. She’s coming from Iraq. Her and Owen were in Iraq together. I come to Seattle Grace and there’s something interesting that plays out with us.

Q: Is Teddy a mean doctor or a nice one?

Kim Raver: [Executive producer] Shonda Rhimes said she’s kind of a bad ass, but she’s different than the other cardio doctors that have been at Seattle Grace. She approaches things really, really differently. She’s also not warm and cuddly, either.

Q: What’s her relationship like with Owen?

Kim Raver: All I can tell you is that they were in Iraq together and it will unfold as you see what their relationship is. That’s the fun thing to tune in and check out. I can say there is some kind of triangle, but it’s very different than what people are expecting. I think Shonda and her team have done an amazing job in the way they introduce my character. I was surprised and wondering how they would, because I know people really care for Owen and Cristina.

Q: Should fans be worried that Teddy will come between Cristina and Owen?

Kim Raver: It’s complicated. I think fans will be interested in how that whole relationship is dealt with. That’s why I say Shonda is so clever in the way she’s bringing Teddy into both of their lives. It’s a fantastic triangle and it gets complicated and interesting.

Grey’s Anatomy is gearing up for another Private Practice cross-over this season and this time, it looks like Addison is about to make a return to Seattle Grace and she is definitely going to have an encounter with former flame Mark Sloan.

From the way it sounds in reports so far, Mark will have a patient, the surgery will go array, and Addison will fly in to consult and then take the patient and Mark back to LA for further treatment.

Last we saw these two characters together in a complete plotline, they weren’t naked and they definitely weren’t focused on medicine but other anatomical issues. It’ll be interesting to see how they interact this time, and what else occurs when Addison is back in Seattle!

The drunken kiss between Jackson and Cristina on last night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy is something that we saw coming; but despite that, we can’t help but wonder what’s to come. Jesse Williams who plays Dr. Jackson Avery dishes on what we can expect in the coming weeks with regards to this developing plotline.

VGuide.com: Jackson and Cristina kissed! What the … ?
Jesse Williams: From the beginning when Jackson joined, he’s immediately thrown into this direct competition with Cristina. We’re on the same cases, we’re battling for surgeries. We’ve had a couple of run-ins. In this episode, she really takes charge and goes with her gut and I’m in a position to really admire her. We have similar character traits and watching her take the reins gets Jackson fired up. He’s looking at her differently now. He’s seen a whole new side of her that’s so attractive. What also helped was that he had been boozing all night, but the attraction is real and it has been mounting. I think she kind of liked it.

TVGuide.com: Yeah, she doesn’t pull away right away. She kisses him back for a brief moment.
That would be Jackson’s argument. We don’t address it directly right away in the coming episodes. What we’re doing is letting it hang out there for a little bit and let the audience feel that tension and the moments between her and I going forward. Jackson doesn’t know anything about Cristina and Owen [Kevin McKidd], so it’s not an affront to Owen, it’s just a man attracted to a woman.

TVGuide.com: Are you worried that fans of Cristina and Owen are going to hate your character?
You’re not supposed to like [the Mercy Westers] off the jump. I view it as Jackson has to take his lumps. He’s stepped into the enemy’s territory and he welcomes that. It’s a pretty relatable crime of passion. We’ve all been attracted to somebody for all types of reasons. Sometimes you go for it and sometimes you get slapped on the nose for it. I think they’ll forgive me.

TVGuide.com: How does this kiss affect the relationship between Cristina and Owen?
Surprisingly enough, I think it doesn’t help or hurt. They’re both so strong-headed and so career-oriented that, good or bad, the work comes first. You don’t see the residual effects immediately, and then it wells up and it’ll explode at some point. We haven’t come to that point yet.

Read the complete interview here