Sensitivity training: And taking a note from the The Office, Seattle Grace is about to enroll in sensitivity training after making light of a 700-pound (really) patient they must work on. Thank goodness Michael Scott doesn’t work in the medical profession.

he downside of Chiefdom: Life’s going to get a little less peachy for Chief Derek Shepherd when he’s forced to respond to a wrongful death suit against him.

Who hooks up: As for the upcoming hookup, we already know McSteamy’s on the prowl, and let’s just say that Lexie is going to have some serious issues with this. The good thing is that it’s clear Lexie still has feelings for Sloan.

It’s far from certain, but them getting back together is something to bet on.

Who breaks up: It’s pretty clear from recent comments by Patrick Dempsey that it’s not Meredith and Derek breaking up. An interview with Kevin McKidd to be released next week should make it pretty obvious as to whether Cristina and Owen call it quits.

Recently in one of my spoilers I mentioned that it looks like there will be a shocking Grey’s Anatomy breakup to come before the season is over.  According to reports, it looks like it will be on of the long-term couples, and that it won’t be because of an external person or other influences. So, when you break it down, that leaves Meredith and Derek, Cristina and Owen and maybe Callie and Arizona. Browsing other sites, fans have been votign about who they think will split this season and it looks like Callie and Arizona are in the lead, which may not be too surprising considered they have entirely different viewpoints on lifestyle and having children. Cristina and Owen, however, seem to be followigng close behind and only a rare few think it will be the Grey’s power couple.


With Grey’s Anatomy the personal drama seems to take center stage despite the fact that the it’s a show that takes place in a hospital. According to a cast member, there is some huge medical drama still to come this season.

ere’s a new tidbit to get you thinking about the May 6 episode, during which a morbidly obese patient arrives at Seattle Grace/Mercy West Hospital. The gist?

More doctors than usual will be required to save this individual’s life. Drs. Bailey, Webber, Karev, Sloan, Hunt, Kepner, Adamson and Percy, as a matter of fact.

“We’re all working on one big medical case that turns out to be a (highly sensitive) group surgery,” Chandra Wilson (Bailey) tells TV Guide of this big episode.

The scenes, which involve classroom auditorium seminars, have provided a chance for some actors who have been separated for months to work together.

“We’ve all been working, but we often get broken up into our separate stories,” she said. “A lot of us were saying, ‘Ooo, I haven’t seen you in a long time.'”

“I think seeing us together will definitely help the audience remember the core Grey’s Anatomy cast who they’ve been coming back to see all these years.”

In a recent interview, Shonda Rhimes revealed that some big things are to come on our favourite show with what is left of the season, some is good, some is bad; but it is all sure to be dramatic in love!

Brace yourself, Grey’s Anatomy fans.

According to inside sources, there’s a major shakeup coming by the end of this season – one that will result in a Seattle Grace couple calling it quits. But this is heavier than usual.

Apparently, it’s “one of the longer-term, most-loved couples” that splits up, and it’s “going to leave both of them pretty devastated.” Doesn’t sound good, does it? There’s more still.

The backdrop of the breakup involves “a very serious issue “that it certainly seems like the two cannot get past – and does not arise because either of them have met someone new.

Meanwhile, there’s also going to be a new fling in the hospital we love, and it involves one of the newcomers this season, and someone who’s been around for a good long while.

One clue to the hookup: It stinks (and only die-hard fans of a certain other show will get that reference)! If you have any theories on this, we’d welcome them in the comments.

Finally, we hear that the Grey’s Anatomy sixth season finale will be “a serious game changer for every single character.” Okay, Shonda Rhimes said that, but it’s worth repeating.

Justin Chambers talked to E! Online this week about what`s to come later in the season for Grey`s Anatomy, and apparently things might not be as they seem when it comes to a certain MIA cast member…huh?

Taking a break from shooting a May episode with Demi Lovato, Seattle Grace’s resident bad boy spoke with E! Online about this evening’s episode and all things Grey’s Anatomy.

Despite Izzie serving Alex with divorce papers tonight, Justin says to “never underestimate Katherine Heigl,” and “she’ll probably [be back]. I miss her immensely.”

So does that mean Alex and Izzie may somehow live on? “I think he’ll always have a soft spot for Izzie and he’s going to miss her very much. Who knows, anything’s possible.”

In the more immediate future, Alex and Lexie Grey have been having fun. “It’s a little physical [with Lexie]. It’s kind of a rebound,” Chambers says. “I hope Alex finds love.”

It just seems like whenever he does, he doesn’t know how to deal with it,” Justin says. “Alex married Izzie and said all those wonderful things and I don’t think you can just fall out of a relationship that easy. It’s a bit of a rebound, but she’s a cute girl,” he says.

“She’s a sweet girl… and blond now. So maybe there’s something there.”

This week, we got a look into Alex’s past, and Chambers said we’ll see more of this, or at least the soft side of him.

“He’s a marshmallow underneath it,” Justin says, certainly making us wonder. “He’s got a lot of bravado behind his mouth, but we’re starting to see a more sensitive side to him.”

In an interview with EW this week, Shonda Rhimes dished on what’s to come for the rest of the season!

“What is coming up on Grey’s Anatomy is pretty intense.”

“It’s the kind of finale that changes everything. I know people like to say that, wave the phrase ‘game-changer’ around like a red flag in front of a bull. But dude, this year?”


“Of course, I’m not gonna tell you anything about it. Because I’m scared to. Instead, let me tell about a few things that are going to lead up to it … “

  • Teddy is going to find herself fighting for her job.
  • Sloan Sloan comes back to have Mark’s grandchild.
  • Derek and Meredith are going to have a very serious conversation that may or may not involve the word “baby.”
  • You’re going to see what happens when two Karevs get in the same room together.
  • Callie and Arizona and Mark are going to do something dirty with pound cake.
  • NOTE: They were going to do something dirty with mini-muffins, but Broadcast Standards and Practices said no.
  • A 700-pound man comes to Seattle Grace and our residents have a hard time remembering their sensitivity training.
  • Mer is gonna go a little badass and protective on Owen when it comes to Cristina.
  • Derek is going to get even dreamier (okay, I only said that so Patrick Dempsey will come to my office and say, “Please stop torturing me” And while he’s in my office, he’ll have to then say, “Please stop touching my hair or I am calling security.”)

Ok, so last week Entertainment Weekly revealed that one of the popular shows aired on CTV in Canada would have a key character reveal a shocking pregnancy during the season finale.

Well, it looks like Vampire Diaries and Grey’s Anatomy could be the two contenders. And, while I don’t know that I believe there will be an actual pregnancy but perhaps pregnancy talks, I think it could be Grey’s. The previews for this episode’s show has Meredith talking to Alex saying “he wants me to have a baby” and going on to explain that she had a bad mom so she’d be a bad mom.

Well, the timing would be a little suspect considering earlier this season they could have easily written Ellen Pompeo’s own pregnancy into the show. But at that stage the show’s creator claimed that it’s just not something Meredith would want. Maybe they were just trying to throw us off the scent and there will be a McDreamy baby?!

Viewers have been complaining that Teddy isn`t bringing enough to the table on Grey`s Anatomy. But, EW`s Michael Ausiello tells us not to give up on her yet, because she`s going to have a plotline that doesn`t involve Owen or Cristina. After last week, her plotline is fairly obvious, but here`s the scoop!

Question: I’m bored with Teddy on Grey’s Anatomy. Please tell me she’ll interact with someone other than Owen and Cristina soon? —Maya
I can confirm that in the March 25 episode Teddy will interact with someone other than Owen and Cristina. And there’s a good chance sex will be involved. In other (possibly related) Grey’s news, Leven Rambin is due back as Mark’s preggers daughter, Sloan, on April 29. (I can’t keep a secret — Teddy and Mark are hooking up!)

Ok, I’ll admit when I’m wrong, and it seems EW will have to as well since they were the ones who initially indicated that characters were leaving the show, but Izzie Stevens wouldn’t been one of them.

Well…now they say we should be ready to say bye to Katherine Heigl, or rather, we already have since the star won’t be filming anymore episodes and her last one already aired.

Here’s what EW has to say:

After six seasons on Grey’s Anatomy, Katherine Heigl is finally nearing a discharge.

EW says series creator Shonda Rhimes has agreed to release the fast-rising movie star from her contract and it’s up to ABC Studios and Heigl’s reps to hash out an exit agreement.

Why is all of this coming down right now? That’s where things get interesting.

After taking more than half of the current season off to make another movie and connect with her adopted daughter, Heigl was scheduled to return to the Grey’s Anatomy set on March 1 to begin work on the five remaining episodes of the season.

Just one problem: March 1 came and went and there was no Heigl.

nother insider, however, “insists that it’s much more complicated than that.”

So she just didn’t go in? This whole thing is bizarre.

The source adds that talks between Heigl and ABC have been going on for months and last week both sides mutually decided that the best solution would be to part ways now.

As a result, Heigl is not expected to return to the Grey’s Anatomy set this season after all, which means her final episode as original character Dr. Izzie Stevens already aired.


We met Derek’s older sister, Nancy, on Season 3 of Grey’s Anatomy. Now we’ll meet his little sister, Amelia. That’s right, we have Little Grey, now Little McDreamy is coming!

To Private Practice.

Seriously, it’s true, as odd as it might sound. Caterina Scorsone (Crash) is joining the Private Practice cast in the new, recurring role of Dr. Amelia Shepherd, EW reports.

Scorsone joins the Private Practice cast in Episode 19, which is slated to air in early April. She is not going to be heading to Seattle Grace, according to reports, at least not yet.

On Private Practice, her character gets a job at Oceanside Wellness.

According to Fancast, Amelia is “purposely flying under her venerable brother’s radar” when she brings to a somewhat volatile medical case to Oceanside Wellness Center.

So bold is Amelia’s endeavor that Addison is tempted to tell Derek, only to have her former sister-in-law insist she’s no longer a “wild teenager” but a peer deserving of respect.

There are no plans yet for her or her brother (Patrick Dempsey) to cross over … but come on. He has to right? They do these crossover things at least once per season anyway.

Besides, why cast her as the sister of McDreamy if there isn’t eventually plans for the Shepherds to interact in some way? What do you think of this surprise casting move?