It’s been a while since we’ve seen much of Thatcher Grey…if there hadn’t been so much drama surrounding the character of two of the finest doctors at Seattle Grace, we might have forgotten about him entirely. But, it would appear as though he’s coming back just before we  are able to leave him in the past. An All My Children star has been cast to become his new love interest, and interestingly enough, it looks as though the character he’s set to date is about the same age as his daughters.

It’s yet to be determined, so we don’t yet know just how many episodes Thatcher will appear in or how he will dive back into the lives of his daughters. If there is to be more tragedy, it’s always possible that it will push the family back together – after all, his girls have been through a lot!

It’s not really about the love interest, but are you happy to see Thatcher make a reappearance?

Remember the teaser at the end of the last new episode of Grey’s Anatomy? It implied that something pretty darn terrible was going to happen, and one cast member has decided to spill the beans at least a little bit on what’s to come. It would seem that the disaster involves a school, but specifically what happens we don’t yet know. But if their faces in the teaser have anything to say, it’s going to be a shocking episode for the characters.

The good news is the team is well-prepared to handle whatever will be coming their way due to the disaster training that Owen recently lead. The may never have to apply what they’ve learned to their own lives, but unfortunately, it will be coming in handy.

“There’s a massive situation at a school, so all the training that Owen put into place suddenly makes people much more ready to handle this sort of thing,” Kevin McKidd says.

This episode is set to air when the show returns this week.

Although it’s yet to be confirmed whether or not Arizona will be leaving the show entirely, this breakup has made many wonder whether or not she will be gone for good. At a time when the actress has finally been brought on board permanently, this would be an odd move. Fortunately, Shonda Rhimes claims that this is just a bump in the road.

“Callie and Arizona will be back together soon”, said Shonda. She also mentioned that the little situation between Mark and Callie truly doesn’t mean a thing. They’re best friends, they’ve slept together before, and they’re both lonely. It’s not complicated, they’re just being there for each other! 

Glee is one of the hottest shows on TV right now, and it looks like Grey’s Anatomy wants to capture some of that audience. Because, beleive it or not, they are going to do a musical episode this season. Odd, for a medical drama, no? But, the series creator does promise that it’s not going to be cheesy, at least not from what she said to TV guide.

Creator Shonda Rhimes says the Grey’s musical episode will differ from other shows that have attempted one. She cites Buffy the Vampire Slayer as an example.

“[Ours] is sort of the opposite of that in a weird way,” Rhimes says. “They did an all-out, show-stopping, Broadway kind of musical episode. This is very different.”

This episode is sure to be a laugh, but it’s yet to be determined if that is a good thing or not.

Well, we don’t really have the scoop just yet, but do know that the next episode of Grey’s Anatomy is sure to be an exciting one! It was alluded to in this week’s entry on the Grey’s writer blog.

Finally, what’d you all think about the Chief’s cryptic suggestion that things would be “different” around Seattle Grace in the coming weeks?  In the previous week’s episode Chief Webber was scrounging around for money, and suddenly in this one, he’s got a million dollar surplus?  I’m sworn to secrecy, but I can safely say that next week’s episode is a doozy, and completely unlike any other episode of Grey’s Anatomy you’ve seen before…

What could it be? Is the hospital about to get some huge benefactor? Is someone with a huge salary about to get fired? Is an entire department going to be cut from the hospital? Something is definitely up and it’s going to be big!!

On October 28,  a special episode will experiment with some different filmography. During that episode a camera crew visits Seattle Grace to film a documentary about the staff’s recovery in the wake of the shooting, and the episode will be shot from that crew’s point of view. It sounds like we might finally have the chance to learn a bit more about how all of the characters feel about the shooting. While there’s been some insight, we’re not seeing much from a number of the characters, there are still some that have remained a mystery as some of what happened during the shooting and since.

This will be different than anything that the show has tried before!

According to TV Guide, when the Chief offers that amount to the department of the hospital that best demonstrates need, Calzona’s personal feelings take a back seat.

“Callie turns into this very competitive person and actually starts running around trying to intimidate everyone,” says Sara Ramirez, who can certainly pull that off.

“[She] does this hilarious passive-aggressive thing that was very fun to play. She’s trying to psych everybody out,” adds Ramirez, having definitely piqued our curiosity.

Meanwhile, Fancast teases that in tomorrow night’s Private Practice crossover, Amelia Shepherd drops in to show us a different side of the McDreamy we know and love.

Following a welcome that “is not necessarily warm and fuzzy,” Caterina Scorsone (Amelia) says, “We really get to find out what Derek went through, what he witnessed.”

When their father was killed, it shook them forever, and this week “sheds light on how he relates to his family – how he views the relationship between himself and Amelia.”

This week’s episode will be a big one on Grey’s Anatomy, according to the show’s creator. It looks like the cat will be out of the bag in terms of some of the secrets being kept!

The creator talks about why Meredith chose not to tell Derek about the miscarriage for months following the shooting and says that this was a case of Meredith putting Derek first. Talk about character growth, eh?

“The man was shot and he’s already feeling [responsible] for getting a bunch of people killed,” series creator and executive producer Shonda Rhimes explains to EW regarding that.

“So for her to tell him that the shooting also caused her miscarriage seems a little bit cruel. He doesn’t need one more thing to worry about,” Rhimes says, somewhat reasonably.

In order to avoid really spoiling what’s to come on the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy, E! decided to just drop a few hints and allow readers to fill in the blanks. Well, here they are:

  • Someone is pr*g***t.
  • Someone will g** **o*.
  • Someone will d**.
  • Someone will b**a* u*.
  • You will **y. So will Bailey.

Fill in the blanks if you’d like to know what’s to come, and don’t forget at the same time to also put a name to each action that’s yet to occur on the dramatic last episode of the season!

According to new reports

  • One of the six lovely ladies below will hear a totally unexpected love profession that includes the suggestion of, yes, marriage. It’s stunning for fans and for her.
  • One of these ladies will be propositioned for a threesome.
  • Another duo will move apart when a secret is outed.
  • Another couple will break up.
  • And yet another pair will get thisclose to breaking up because of a misunderstanding, but come out the other side. What does all this add up to? You tell us.