Marty is abit crazy and is bugging Jeff who thinks he’s working too hard for nothing and thinks Marty is trying to prove he is film maker like a sixth grader would try and prove to an eighth grader that he is cool enough to hang out with him.

Adam Stein thinks that their script and story is pretty fun but Zach Lipovsky is the special effects guru so they’re hoping he knows what he’s doing. Sam Friedlander agrees.

Hannah’s turn to direct but Kenny is overstepping into her space with his ideas. Jessica Brillhart thinks Hannah is a really good film maker but just isn’t very confident. There is a lot of tension in this group. Kenny says their editing is terrible. Jessica says his photography was terrible and inconsistent.

There is still tension between Marty and Jeff too. It’s after 4:00am and less than two hours before the films are due.

Garry isn’t there today but Jon Avnet is there in his place.

Random Acts of Kindness: Hilary Graham, Carolina Zorrilla de San Martin and Brent McCorkle
The judges like their film and said that they worked well together.

Vinny’s Vault: Jessica Brillhart, Kenny Luby and Hannah Sink
The judges love Kenny’s cinematography. They didn’t really like Hannah’s scene though but she blames the director of photgraphy.

Out of Time: Marty Martin, Jeff Seibenick and Trever James
They loved Marty’s scene but thought Jeff’s scene wasn’t the strongest of the three.

Time Out: Adam Stein, Sam Friedlander and Zach Lipovsky
Brett thought it was amazing. The jaws were dropping around the room with the special effects.

12 more directors are about to be sent home by the judges. The directors worked in teams but will be judged individually.

Jessica, Hannah and Kenny are up first. Hannah is going home and she’s upset that it’s her going and not Kenny. Kenny, however, is happy.

Adam, Sam and Zach are ok. As are Hilary, Carolina and Brent. Marty and Trever are through but poor Jeff is outta here.

The next task is set straight away. They need to direct a one page script and will be provided with a full crew and cast and a top notch Hollywood set. Jarrett Conaway thinks it’s a crazy challenge.

Tomorrow they will screen the films where they will then judge the directors before deciding on who will be part of the final 18.


50 of the world’s most talented yet still undiscovered movie directors are taking the Universal backlot tour. These 50 aspiring movie makers beat out more than 12,000 hopefuls from 33 countries. Armed with little more than digital cameras and laptop computers and backyards for backdrops and family members for crews, they’ve shown what they can do with next to nothing but what can they do when they are given all the tools and resources that Hollywood has to offer? That’s what the next 13 weeks is going to prove. But only one of them will make it On The Lot.

Our host, Chelsea Handler, welcomes the directors to the backlot where all the magic happens. They will provide them with all the resources for them to become great so it will be up to them.

The next few days will put some challenges in front of them which will separate the good directors from the special ones. Each week they will produce movies and show them to the public. At the end, one will win a million dollar deal with Dreamworks.

The Biltmore Hotel is the location of their first stop. The Bilton was the birthplace of the Academy Awards. The all take a seat in the viewing room where Chelsea tells them that by the end of the summer, one of them will have keys to their own office at Dreamworks.

Carrie Fisher, Garry Marshall and Brett Radner arrive to offer some first tips and provide their first task which is to pitch a movie. There are five loglines which are:

#1 A slacker applies to the C.I.A as a joke and is accepted
#2 A man sees his face on the news described as missing or wanted
#3 A mouse is captured by a pharmaceutical company and must plan his escape
#4 A priest meets the woman of his dreams before he is to be ordained
#5 A crate bound for a secret military base is delivered to a suburban family

The directors are then asked to reach under their seats and pull out an envelope to tell them which story they got.

It’s going to be a long night. 14 will not go on to the next round. Some are struggling with their loglines and are trying to get inspiration from others with the same logline. However, some aren’t so willing to share in the case their idea gets stolen.

For Brett Radner, he’s interested in finding out which of them are story tellers.

Mark McLain is first up and has the mouse logline. Unfortunately he stumbles and can’t get his story out other than to tell us about his lead character who is a mobster who works for the FBI. One day he wakes up and is a mansized rat. It sounds rather lame and that he made it up as he went along.

Carrie says it’s going to be harder than picking lobsters at a restaurant for her.

The pitches go from bad to worse.

Garry is hoping someone can pitch lunch.

Andrew Hunt has the priest logline. Andrew’s pitch is brilliant. He is inspiring and confident.

Rahim Jamal had the military crate logline. He’s nervous and his pitch is kind of random. His first move is to make a disclaimer. Garry tells him that no one is going to take a risk on a nervous man when it’s going to cost $100,000 a day.

It’s been pretty hard and the directors are learning how hard it is to pitch a film.

Will Bigham is next with the mouse. He’s confident and well spoken and the judges are complimentary.

Jeremy Corray promises to give the most energetic presentation they’ve seen all day. He’s pretty over the top with his slacker and the C.I.A storyline. He was memorable but probably not in a good way.

Three from the first group go home of which Jeremy Corray is one of them.

Ramsey Mellette is the only person to be eliminatedp.

Mark McLain is going home but Will Bigham is through.

Rahim Jamal is going home from his group.

For the second task, they have to write, shoot and direct their own movies in 24 hours. The logline is “Out of time” and they’ll be working in groups of three.

Now, they have to write a two and a half minute short film and work with two others who you’ve never worked with before which is bound to cause some tension.

For the second day in a row, the directors are working on very little sleep. There are some difficulties between Marty Martin and Jeff Seibenick at the restaurant they’re filming at.

They’re all spread out across L.A.

Hillary Graham is directing in a street and is ordering Brent McCorkle to hold traffic.

Kenny Luby is directing at the Train Yard. He’s never been to film school and Hannah Sink is getting worried because the actors are getting frustrated with how Kenny is directing. To make matters worse, a second crew arrives. Gil Kruger, Mateen Kemet and Shira-Lee Shalit are at the same location at the same time.

In typical Mark Burnett fashion, the opening sequence of Pirate Master is mystical looking, full of fog blowing across the water under a moonlit night as the show contestants row towards their new home aboard the Picton Castle. The show’s host is Cameron Daddo who welcomes the crew onboard but warns them that this will be no pleasure cruise. The ship is a working vessel and while they’re on board they are expected to work. If they don’t there will be consequences.

The first task they have is to pull an old treasure chest out of the water. Cameron tells the new crew that the discovery of the chest, the Chest of Zanzibar, confirmed the legend of captain Henry Steel. In 1726 Captain Henry Steel looted over 100 ships. Everyone was after him. There was no way he was going to let anyone get him so he divided his treasure into 14. One for him, and one for each of his 13 pirate crewmen. They arrived at the island of Dominica where they all then went ashore and buried their treasure, coming back with two maps to their location. Those maps were then locked inside the chest. Now these contestants are on the hunt for this treasure which is now worth $1,000,000 (One Million Dollars) which, any of it they find, they can keep.

They have all been trained in sailing and will only be aboard the ship as long as their other shipmates deem them worthy.

Let’s meet the contestants:

Alexis Shubin is a 26 year old Fashion Publicist from Laguna Beach, CA

Azmyth Kaminski is a 26 year old Music Producer from Los Angeles, CA

Ben Fagen is a 23 year old Musician from Charleston, SC

Cheryl Kosewicz is a 35 year old District Attorney from Sparks, NV

Christa DeAngelo is a 29 year from Tamaqua, PA who is Ex-Military

Christian Okoye is a 45 year old from Rancho Cucamonga, CA who is a Former NFL Player

Jay Hatkow is a 37 year old Automotive Parts Salesman from Plymouth, MI

Joe Don “J.D.” Morton is a 36 Smoke-jumper (firefighter) from Fairbanks, AK

John Lakness is a 25 year old Junior Scientist and Chippendale Dancer from Carlisle, MA

Jocelyn “Joy” McElveen is a 21 yead old Receptionist from West Columbia, SC

Elicia “Jupiter” Mendoza is a 30 year old Bartender from Los Angeles, CA

Kendra Guffey is a 38 year old Dive Master from Los Angeles, CA

Laurel Schmidt is a 21 year old Glass Blower from Los Angeles, CA

Louie Frase is a 43 year old Marina Owner from Fishing Creek, MD

Nessa Nemir is a 29 year old Make-Up Artist from Berkeley, CA

Sean Twomey is a 27 year old Bartender from Venice, CA

Once they set sail, Joy gets seas sick and is obviously without seas legs.

Cameron calls everyone on deck and opens the first compartment of the chest where they find two maps and two compasses. Time to split them up into two teams.

Those picking the red ball are: Joy, Azmyth, Jay,

And those picking the black ball are: Joe Don, Jay, Christian, Ben, Louie, John, Cheryl

The crew that finds today’s treasure, keeps it. The other, comes away empty handed. The crews each head to their long boats to follow their maps. They must then travel up the indian river and turn at left at the fork to find a dead man’s tree. They must then travel on foot and find three buried keys which will help them unlock and lower a dead man from a cage and find their next map.

The red team paddle off course and lose time. Ben from the black team loses his shoe in the mud and the rest of them beg him to forget it and move on. He eventually pulls it out and they head off east again.

With the new map, the black crew head back up the river. The black crew are first to reach the sabotage point and chop through a rope that releases a giant net across the river. The black crew reach the Crocodile’s Lair first and search frantically for the treasure. The red team get through the net and the pressure is on to find the treasure. John pulls the treasure out of the water and hands the black team the victory.

Back on the ship they open the box and Cameron tells them that the large pieces are worth $500, the smaller pieces are worth $100 and the smallest ones are worth $20. They count it all up and there’s $40,000 worth of gold on the table.

Cameron asks the team to elect a captain. The majority votes Joe Don but John isn’t happy. As captain, Joe Don takes half the bounty. He can do whatever he wants with it. Cheryl and Ben are selected as officers. They both share in half of what is left, getting $5,000 each. Everyone else shares what is left and get $2,000 each. They are demoted and much obey the captains orders and they’re all sent downstairs with their gold.

John is upset that he did everything to get the treasure and got nothing in return. Cameron hands Joe Don the keys to the captain’s quarters. The captain’s quarters are pretty lavish and the other crew who aren’t living in luxury aren’t happy. A mutiny is afoot.

Cameron comes in and tells the captain that he must mark three pirates with a black spot. Tonight in Pirates Court those three will have a chance to defend themselves before their fellow pirates vote for them. One of them will be cut adrift. However, if the pirates mutiny, and the officers agree, then it will be the captain that is cut adrift.

Joe Don wants John off the ship as he’s been doing his own thing since the start of the voyage. They’re also worried about Laurie as he’s also been planning his own mutiny. The third person who gets a black mark is Joy. They hand out the letters and tell them that if there is a black spot on their letters then they will be up for being cut adrift but if they all choose to mutiny together then it will Joe Don is gone.

John attempts to get everyone to join him in a mutiny and uses his ownership of the compasses as leverage.

At the pirate court, Louie says he’ll miss everyone if he’s cut adrift and just wants to be paid. Joy says she has done everything she could and that she’s not ready to go and that she doesn’t think they want her to go. John admits that he hasn’t been supportive of the captain and says they should get rid of the captain rather than lose the compasses.

Joe Don says that he can tell the direction but because the moon is behind the cloud, he can’t tell which was is north. The pirates make their votes by taking one of the cards in their wallents on the dagger.

Cameron counts the ten ballots and announces a clear decision. He asks Joy to rejoin the crew as her journey will be continuing. He also tells Louie to rejoin the crew. The decision was unanimous. John is being cut adrift. John is lowered onto a raft with a solitary lantern and with one chop of his sword, the captain cuts him adrift.

So You Think You Can Dance is back for another exhilurating season. Nigel Lythgoe, one of the power names behind American Idol and Mary Murphy, ex Ballroom champion are on the hunt for America’s next favourite dancer. This year the audition trail takes us to Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta and New York.

The Big Apple is the dance capital of the world and has the most dancers, choreographers and dance schools in the world so what better place to start the search. It wasn’t surprizing that there were such big numbers of people who turned out to audition.

All everyone wants is a ticket to Las Vegas for the next round of the competition. Dan Caraty joins Mary and Nigel in New York. Dan is a choreography who has worked with icons like Britney Spears.

First up is Dancin’ Derrick Bradley, #1645, 22 from Holley, NY who dances to
Bang Gang - I Like to Move It - EP - I Like to Move It I Like to Move It
. After his energetic performance, Derrick is somewhat exhausted. Nigel jokes that on his application form he’d said how he can dance for long periods of time without feeling tired.

They think he’d be the life of the party but they think it was more jumping around than anything. Outside the doctors on site give him some oxgyen to help get his heart rate and breathing back to normal.

It always amazes me when overweight people try out for a competition which is obviously going to be physically challenging. That hasn’t seemed to bother #2042 Tiffany Green, 20 from Wolcott, NY who certainly fits the profile and rolls around the floor to
Evanescence - Fallen - Bring Me to Life Bring Me To Life
. The judges giggle to themselves but struggle to find anything good to say. Congratulations. You’ve just humiliated yourself.

#1488, Jessica Diaz, 30 from New York, NY is a tad bizarre with her strange portrayal of something to do with Jesus Christ.

The incredibly sexy #2003 Anya Garnis, 25 from New York, NY dances with #2004 Pasha Kovalev, 27 from Fort Lee, NJ and it’s wildly sensational. It was hot and fabulous to watch and they’re through after Mary tells them they’re the best ballroom dancers we’ve ever had on the show.

#1601, Heather Zampier, 25 from Windsor Mill, MA is having her first dance audition since having surgery. She’s a tattoo freak and has a dozen of ’em. She’s dancing to Robert Randolph’s
Robert Randolph & The Family Band - Colorblind - Ain't Nothing Wrong With That Ain’t Nothing Wrong With That
. The judges like her. She’s through along with 32 others from day one.

First up on day two was #1240, Jenna Dejosia, 21 from Blue Point, NY but she’s another one of those larger people who are just too heavy to throw themselves into the air. Mary says she doesn’t have the physical stamina. She’s a dance teacher and Nigel tells her she doesn’t have the technique to teach.

#1078, Chasmar Wells, 18 from Rochester, NY looks weird. He can kind of dance but something just isn’t right. Ahh, that’s it. He’s not dancing to the music.

#1744, Melissa Browne, 21 from Schenectady, NY is called the dancing version of Ugly Betty by Nigel.

#1339, Hanna-Lee Sakakibara, 22 from New York, NY was one of the lucky survivors of the fatal floor collapse during a Jewish wedding in 2001. Her routine is a little wooden and the judges want to see her in the choreography round before deciding if she will get a ticket to Vegas.

Earnest “E-Knock” Phillips, 20 from Dochester, MA has a fantastic routine and is dangerous in his approach.

Jamal Weaver, 19 from Brockton, MA also puts a lot of energy into his routine but Nigel wants to see him do some swing.

Carmen E. Lugo, 21 from Willingboro, NJ and Joel Bernable from Ney York, NY dance together but they’re certainly only amateurs.

18 year old Ashley Keegan, 18 from Gibsonia, NY is here with her dance teacher, Katie Watts, 25 from Mars, PA, who actually thinks Ashley is better than her. Ashley’s routine is nice but it’s not really anything I’d write home about. Nigel thinks she has all the right qualities to be a great dancer. She’s going to Vegas but will Katie be joining her. Yes she will be.

Faina Savich, 21 from Brooklyn, NY dances with her brother to
Antonela - Tango: a Night of Passion - Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps
. The judges love her so she’s getting a ticket to Vegas.

Jamal is back to do his swing. Nigel stops the music and says it wasn’t enough. Jamal tells him that he didn’t get to see anything cause the music hadn’t gotten to the good bit yet. Nigel lets him start again and boy are we thankful that he does. It’s superb. Nigel tells him that every now and then a star gets on that stage and he is one of them.

David Kenneth “Sex” Soller, 33 from Smithtown, NY is back again this year with more training and more enthusiasm. He’s also looking more like a high school nerd from the late 80’s who hasn’t moved on. Mary thinks he has improved. It’s not really saying much because he’s still awful. “Look mom! I can still humiliate myself on television.” Nigel asks Mary “if Sex has improved for her this year”. Nigel tells “Sex” to leave but not before getting into a shouting match with his mother.

A total of 59 made it through to Vegas from New York. Next stop, LA.

On February 12th’s episode entitled “Lacey Borrows”, Lacey and Karen test their friendship by instituting an open-borrowing policy, while Brent watches his very first horror movie.

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