First there was the TV show.
Then there were the rumours that a movie is lurking in the near future.
And now? Look out Hollywood – a new adventure fast-paced ride is planned for 2008 with the theme being, you guessed it, The Simpsons through and through.
Who wouldn’t want to see The Simpsons in this sort of light?

I will always love Canada’s political commentary comedy. Going back to the Frantics from the 70s and the Royal Canadian Air Farce parading its way across CBC radio and now television, Canadian hilarity has always aimed a pointed and bitter attack at the politicians and bigwigs who always seem to take their lives too seriously.

The other benefit is that often through humour regular joe canadians like myself can see a little bit more of how the “bigwigs” bumble their way through their jobs without really paying attention to the wishes of everyday canucks like myself.

This Hour Has 22 Minutes is probably my favourite. Where else can you get fake news, hilarious character sketches, and the overarching lampooning of everyone in Canada whose brain is too big for their britches?? I laugh out loud every week for the show. Shaun Majumder, Cathy Jones, Gavin Crawford and Mark Critch are Canada’s best political minds – why aren’t they running for parliament to finally get those know-it-all Conservatives out of power with some good old fashioned satire??

OK everybody, I know that now the movie has come out you don’t feel the need to watch us anymore, but just think about it for a second, and imagine what it is that makes you proud to be Canadian. Now, especially for us who have spent any time living in other countries, I think we forget that being Canadian is not just about watching the good ol’ hockey game or knowing the words to Stompin’ Tom songs, its actually about making fun of ourselves and making sure that everybody has a leg up – that the denizens of the trailer park can still have a place in our society, that our rum n’ cokes will never spill out, and that there will always be another economic opportunity waiting for us to make our humble lifestyle into something a bit more flashy.

Now, if I personally had nothing better to worry about than winterizing my car or finding a way to spend the colder months in jail, how much better off would I be?? Obviously, the Boys are not role models for the youth of canad, but they certainly represent the freedom and the glory and the strength that our great anthem sings about – The True North Strong and Free!! Maybe we should stop thinking about which suburb we want to buy our homes in and just tune out to that American dream of two cars, big screen tvs, and holidays in the Carribbean. Can’t we already afford our rum n’ coke and don’t we already know how to follow the puck around on a dim and fuzzy tv-set??

I wish I was a trailer park boy.

Here’s a cool site for Lost fans to check out – if you want to eat like the folk on the Island – print out some labels and have some fun!!

Dharma Initiative Ration Labels.

Woohoo! Who loves SpongeBob SquarePants?!! Soon it will be possible to join SpongeBob off the TV and in his own world! Nickelodeon has signed a deal to set up a massive adventure park in western Germany, dedicated only to Spongebob, his pet snail Gary, and their friends under the sea.

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It’s exciting news for anyone that enjoyed Wallace and Gromit: A Close Shave! Shaun the Sheep has his very own TV show, to be broadcasted in the UK on CBBC later this year. The series has been sold to 72 countries, so keep your fingers crossed that Canada is included and we can watch Shaun on his farm and the adventures that follow…

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