Meet the judges who will be picking through the best that Canada has to offer in this year’s season of So You Think You Can Dance Canada.

Jean Marc Genereux

Returning as a SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE CANADA judge for a third season, Quebec’s Jean Marc Genereux began dancing at age 10 with his partner, and now wife, France Mousseau, and within six years the pair had won every Regional and State Championship.

Tré Armstrong

Returning as a SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE CANADA judge for a third season, Tré Armstrong is looking forward to finding Canada’s next favourite dancer. Armstrong’s dance school technical training in ballet and jazz alongside her unique flare for urban street dance shaped her into the multi-talented dancer, actress and choreographer she is today.

Luther Brown

Luther Brown is returning for the third season as judge and choreographer. Brown made his mark during the first season with his hard-hitting hip-hop choreography and no holds barred comments from behind the judge’s desk, and continued to create memorable routines throughout Season 2.

Blake McGrath

Throughout two seasons on the show, McGrath has created some of the most moving contemporary routines and is never afraid to speak his mind. As the choreographer throughout the audition tour, McGrath has instilled fear in many dancers who end up working with him during Blake’s Boot Camp.

If you haven’t seen Global’s new show Rookie Blue, then you’re missing out.  Why?  Let me give you ten reasons why you should be watching it.

It has this chick in it.  Missy Peregrym.  You may remember her as Andi Prendergast in Reaper.  You won’t forget her as Andy McNally on Rookie Blue.

Missy Peregrym is a former model.

And had a role on Heroes.

This was Missy Peregrym showing off her abs in the movie Stick It, but I digress.

Missy Peregrym plays rookie cop Andy McNally.

She gorgeous.

But she’ll run your bad ass down.

And despite looking all soft and sweet

She can take control of the situation

Unless of course the guy you’ve just arrested is an undercover cop.

Just one of the many screw-ups these new rookies make on Global’s new Thrusday night drama Rookie Blue!

Yesterday, EW’s Michael Ausiello had a few major things to say about the Grey’s Anatomy 2 hour finale. Today, with that all behind, it’s clear he spoke the truth in saying:

“based on what I’ve seen (the first hour) and heard (much of the second), it’s no exaggeration that this is truly a momentous game-changer.”

“If you think the first seven minutes were disturbing or shocking, then I strongly suggest you skip the remaining 78-odd minutes, because some seriously dark and depressing $h!t goes down in that hospital tonight, and it’s not for the faint of heart.”

Grey’s really took things to a new level – letting go of some of the romantic drama and turning the doctors into the patients. This season of Grey’s Anatomy has not been the best so far, but with an ending like this, they’ve ensured that viewers will be tuning in when the next season begins!


Cadbury screened its brand new ad for the first time last night during the first ad break of Desperate Housewives on TV2 in New Zealand. The TV ad features cow tap dancing to Fred Astaire’s song Putting on the Ritz:

(More pictures and video after the jump)

Complete with weird close up shot of the cow’s udder:

The ad finishes with the cow pushing aside mirrors and pushing back a purple curtain to finish with an ensemble act:

Lyrics of Putting on the Ritz used in Cadbury’s TV ad:

Dressed up like a million dollar trouper
Trying hard to look like Gary Cooper

If you’re blue and you don’t where to go to
Why don’t you go where fashion sits?
Puttin’ on the ritz.

Watch the video below:

Missed last night’s episode of The Simpsons?  Check out the new opening sequence

Okay, so if you want to take my headline literally – it’s only partially accurate, since in reality, it was the last episode (pre-New Year) that ended with a bang. But if you’re more the figurative type as I was hoping, you’ll recognize that tonight’s episode was full of drama and excitement that we’ve yet to see all season. Yes, the New Year was started off with a bang, though perhaps not the most optimistic way to welcome a New Year. While everyone else is pledging to make 2010 a better year, the guys and gals of Desperate Housewives were struggling with some harsh realities.

It wasn’t all negative, however. With lives hanging in the balance, many of the show’s major characters reflected upon their lives, and the good fortunes that they’ve had even amongst all of the bad. It was an episode filled of “what could have beens” with Susan questioning what might have been had she stayed married to Carl. Or what the outcome may have been if Bree had married Susan’s deceptive ex husband. Or the future of Gabby’s daughter. The “what could have beens” shed positive light on everything that the characters have today, regardless of how their pasts, presents and futures could have changed if they had made different decisions.

Tonight’s episode was everything that Desperate Housewives should be. Especially after a hiatus, and when nothing else has returned to TV. So maybe that’s a bias talking, but I liked it!!

irresistible human stories and science fiction … a philosophic review of a compelling debut


Canada's Next Top Model Fashion Magazine Cover 2009How cool is this?  The week Canada’s Next Top Model premieres – Tuesday May 26, 8pm ET on CTV.  On the 28th, the cast, and Jay of course, hit newsstands on the cover of FASHION Magazine.

After years of disrespect, Canadians go on strike and raise their middle finger to the rest of the world in an all-new uncensored episode of South Park, premiering Friday, April 18 at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT, exclusively on The Comedy Network.

It’s the latest episode from the award-winning American series to direct its attention to the Great White North.

The head of the World Canadian Bureau leads the country into a long and painful strike and the responsibility of brokering a settlement rests with Cartman and the boys. Meanwhile, people from Denmark flock to the United States and cross the picket lines to take the place of the striking Canadians. In conflict over whether or not to stand with their countrymen, Terrance and Philip uncover the truth behind the outrageous cost of the strike.

“Canada On Strike” will be available on-demand at thecomedynetwork.ca, beginning Saturday, April 19.

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