Although Jon & Kate Gosselin don’t seem to be able to stand by their marriage vows, with rumors of infidelity, and now of course the legal proceedings for their divorce; there is one promise that they have kept, and that’s spending time under the same roof on holidays for the sake of the children.

Yesterday, Jon & Kate were spotted on their Pennsylvania property, picking blueberries for Kate’s annual 4th of July cake, and within surprising proximity to one another. Although the couple has been unable even to sit down together for the interview sessions on their show, they were only feet apart during their 4th of July celebrations, physically much closer together than they’ve been seen in a long time. While the kids picked blueberries and played,  Jon & Kate may have been physically present, but both seemed to be a bit detached , constantly talking on their cell phones, and avoiding too much interaction with anyone.

It’s still early days, but the fact that Jon & Kate managed to come together for their children, so soon after their divorce while wounds are still fresh certainly show that as selfishly as they have been portrayed in the media, the parents do have the best interests of their children in mind – at least, some of the time.

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If you watched the first week of I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here, you probably know that there was some theft, some crying, an impromptu baptism, a couple of fire dances; oh, and of course, Heidi and Spencer Pratt left and came back, wash, rinse, repeat.

After threatening to leave the show at least half a dozen times, Heidi and Spencer finally gave their I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here resignation on Wednesday night following the live episode. However, as of Thursday, after one night in the comfort of a hotel room and a full face of makeup for Heidi after 3 days with only dry shampoo for a cosmetic, the couple were begging to return. With the reality show villains capturing the show’s highest number of viewers, I was skeptical when they announced that the decision to allow Heidi and Spencer back would be left to the other celebrities participating in the show.

Of course producers and NBC want them back, whether or not their fellow contestants do. According to Angela V. Shelton who was the show’s first cast-off this week, I’m probably not too far off. During a press conference following being voted off I’m a Celebrity, she said,”I think we had a vote, we voted ‘No’ and they’re still getting the opportunity to come back so that shows you how good the voting is,”. That really seems to be the case, because the second contingency to allowing the couple back was that they’d have to rough it by spending the night in the hell hole where they competed in their last challenge. As of Thursday’s episode, they were showing the couple settling into the room even though the other contestants will only be making their official announcement as to whether or not they want Heidi and Spencer to return, so it looks like the villains of I’m a Celebrity are about to come back…again. How long will they make it this time?

While I had already guessed that Izzie and Alex would tie the knot on last night’s 100th episode Grey’s Anatomy, I was ready to sit down last night and see who was really going to walk down the aisle. However, due to an unfortunate preview aired by CTV advertising the upcoming episode, finding out the outcome of the wedding ceremony was no longer something to be left in suspense about.

Prior to airing last night’s 100th episode, CTV showed Grey’s Anatomy viewers a preview on what they could expect to see on both last night’s episode and the upcoming season finale. Unfortunately, their timing couldn’t have been worse, since they revealed the results of one of the biggest questions Grey’s Anatomy fans have been speculating about all season – who would get married on the 100th episode. In the preview clip, which ruined the outcome, CTV showed Alex demanding that Izzie get the surgery that could save her life by saying “As your husband, I’m telling you that you have to get the surgery.” Oops, right?

Surprisingly, neither fans of Grey’s Anatomy, the media, CTV, or the numerous blog articles I’ve read on last night’s 100th episode have mentioned this blunder, so obviously the drama and romance of the long-awaited episode overshadowed any plot ruining errors. While I must admit that last night’s episode certainly lived up to expectations, I can’t avoid saying, shame on you CTV for giving away the outcome!

Tonight’s was the first episode of America’s Next Top Model, and while I have been a big fan of the show hosted by Tyra Banks; I couldn’t help but see the irony in tonight’s episode with a photo shoot themed “girls grow up too fast”. The modeling industry, forces young girls to women overnight in order to face the competition; something even Tyra Banks has attested to when commenting on her early years in the modeling industry.

The first episode of America’s Next Top Model cycle 12, premiered at 9pm EST tonight on A-Channel in the Greater Toronto Area. Viewers were introduced to some interesting characters; including a scarred burn-survivor, and an epileptic model forced to walk strobe-lit runways; however, it wasn’t so much the season’s contestants that took centre stage on this first episode, it was the theme of the models’ very first photo shoot.

Tyra Banks herself has spoken out about how her experience in the international modeling industry as a young teenager forced her too grow up too fast. And yet, tonight’s episode featured the contestants of America’s Next Top Model portraying “girls we be girls” scenes. As cute as they were in the photo shoot, where the models dressed up as children while engaging in childhood games (jump rope, hopscotch, and hula hoping); the irony in the episode was underlying. Was Tyra Banks making a statement about the modeling contestants on America’s Next Top Model? Or was the irony of the show’s first episode overlooked by producers, even as its esteemed host commented about the young girls dreaming about becoming teen moms on her talk show?

Tune in next week, same time, same channel to see what other developments cycle 12 of America’s Next Top Model brings!

Brad Pattison’s approach on the Slice Network’s At the End of My Leash uses tough love to exercise control and train unruly dogs and their owners. After watching many seasons of the show, as a dog lover and owner, I’ve often stopped and asked myself “is this going too far?” However, after beginning to follow host and dog trainer, Brad Pattison’s blog on Slice’s website, I’m starting to believe the acclaimed dog expert has a softer exterior than it appears with the network’s creative editing.

I’ve always been bothered that the show focuses more upon Brad Pattison’s strong-armed approach to dog training, taking bits and pieces to implement with my dogs in my own home, and casting aside the methods that appear overly harsh. However, it’s very rare that the show offers a full explanation of why Pattison chooses breed and behavioral specific methods to correct the behavior of owners and their poorly trained pets. Brad Pattison’s blog, which is available on the Slice website, provides a synopsis of each episode of the show and also introduces the specific behaviors of the dog that lead to his choice of dog training methods, which are most often lacking on the TV show.

From reading renowned dog trainer, Brad Pattison’s blog from Slice’s At the End of My Leash, I’ve found that, not only am I able to fill in the blanks when it comes to dog training missing from the episodes, I’ve also learned the man has a heart. It’s clear to me now that Brad Pattison may believe in tough love for both the dog owners and their beloved pets, but he cares a lot more than the show’s editing wants you to believe.

Slice’s use of blogging as a social networking tool gives users more insight into the ins and outs of series At the End of My Leash.

Last week on American Idol, many viewers were stumped when it was announced that Michael Sarver was voted into the top 12. While there’s no doubt that the oilrig roughneck who has the 5th most dangerous job in the world, is a hardworking family man, it’s hard not to wonder if America voted the first three contestants of American Idol’s season 8 into the top 12 because of their tragic stories instead of their talent.

After the first three American Idol contestants were welcomed to the top 12 last week, viewers and critics did not seem surprised to see that Alexis Grace and Danny Gokey made the cut. Both contestants impressed the judges and the nation with their breathtaking renditions of Aretha Franklin’s “I Never Loved a Man” and Mariah Carrey’s “Hero”. Michael Sarver on the other hand, who sang Gavin DeGraw’s “I don’t wanna be…” delivered a mediocre performance that was anything but memorable.

In addition to their talent, all three Idol contestants welcomed to season 8’s top 12 share something else in common; their tragic pasts. Okay, so Danny Gokey may be the only one of the three who has experienced what can truly be described as a tragedy, having lost his young wife only weeks before his audition to a chronic illness; but Grace and Sarver also shared heartwarming stories of their own which may have swayed viewers of the show to vote for them.

The fact that the first three contestants voted through to the top 12 on American Idol all shared stories to tug at the heartstrings of viewers, make me wonder if last week’s voting results were based on tragedy over talent. Alexis Grace, a young single mother, who gave birth to a beautiful daughter at the age of nineteen, has aspirations to become the next American Idol not only to pursue her musical aspirations, but also to make a better life for her young child. Michael Sarver’s story is not so different; as a hardworking father trying to provide for his family, viewers of the show relate to him as the all-American family man. Like Grace, Sarver hopes that Idol will create opportunities for his family he’s only dreamed of and remove him from the dangers of his roughneck job.

So, the question is: were last week’s votes on American Idol a result of sheer singing talent, or did tragedy play a roll in winning the hearts of America?

Before each new season of Survivor begins, many diehard fans like myself rush to cbs.com to check out the new cast. And every season we see same thing: models, bartenders, actors, and the token “old people” and “crazy people”. And it always makes me wonder how many of these people legitimately apply to be on Survivor, and how many of them have agents working for them to secure their fifteen minutes of fame?

Previous castaways, such as Yul Kwon, the winner of Survivor: Cook Islands, have admitted publicly that they did not audition, that they were scouted to be on the show. Which begs the question…How much reality is actually involved in reality TV?

Over the past 18 seasons we’ve seen many models and, for some reason, an inordinate amount of bartenders who live in L.A. In other words, wannabe actors who think being on a hit TV show like Survivor will catapult them into fame and fortune. But really, when has that ever happened? Know any A-list famous ex-Survivors? As far as I know, most of them go back to their normal lives (or go to jail for not paying their taxes).

And models…what’s with the models? They’re used to starvation and back-stabbing, I suppose, but is there anything interesting about them beyond their pretty faces and watching them shrink to skin and bones before our eyes?

For whatever reason, the folks who cast Survivor think the general viewing audience wants to see a lot of cute girls bopping around in bikinis. And I’m sure some do, but how about balancing it out with real people that the audience can relate to? How about some regular old Average-Joes/Janes that want to be on the show because they think they can win, and not because they think they can get acting and/or modeling jobs from the exposure? Even Jeff probably gets tired of looking at fake boobs and fluorescently-white teeth.

And while we’re at it, how about throwing in some Canadian castaways? If anyone knows about surviving in harsh climates, it’s us, eh? If they ever do a Survivor in the snow, I hope the casting people look north. Hey, we have plenty of models and bartenders up here too.

Since Private Practice first aired its complete 1st season in 2007 on ABC in the US, its ratings greatly fluctuated and it dropped off the radar completely during the writer’s strike. This season, ABC moved Private Practice to the prime-time Thursday night spot following Grey’s Anatomy at 10pm, which has boosted its questionable ratings to the best the show has seen to date. At 13 million viewers, Private Practice’s last show, aired on ABC on February 5th, was only half a rating point less than its counterpart Grey’s Anatomy. Since ABC has seen great success by putting the Grey’s spin-off show back where it belongs, one can only help but wonder why CTV in Canada doesn’t feel that Private Practice is good enough to enter the ranks of its programming.

Grey’s Anatomy airs on CTV in Canada on Thursday at 9pm, following a similar programming schedule to ABC in the United States. However, fans of both Private Practice and Grey’s Anatomy don’t get the luxury of viewing the linked shows in one time slot after another, since the spin-off show, Private Practice only airs on A-Channel at 10pm. CTV picked up the 1st and 2nd seasons of Private Practice, and still hosts the show’s episodes on its website, so what happened? Is it just that ER that airs in the ten-spot on CTV primetime Thursday’s gets better ratings, or is there something else at play here?

The closest we Canadians get to Private Practice on CTV comes in the form of the cross-over episode of Grey’s Anatomy that just aired on the network; where Addison Montgomery returns, along with members of the Private Practice cast, to Seattle Grace to have Derek Sheppard operate on her brother Archer’s brain. But to see Private Practice’s version of the cast reunion between Grey’s Anatomy and the California clinic, A-Channel will have to fit the bill for now.

Why do you think Private Practice is no longer good enough for CTV’s primetime programming schedule in Canada?

When you read “As a result of the current economic climate, production of Canadian Idol will rest for the 2009 broadcast year,” you have to wonder what is really going on.

Yes folks, Canadian Idol, that vestibule of revenue gathering for CTV has been rested due to the *cough* current economic climate and that because ad revenues are taking a dive then the ends don’t justify their means.

One would have thought that having Canadian Idol back in 2009 would have been the smartest thing to do. If people aren’t going out spending money, are they not going to be sitting in front of their television sets being entertained at home?

And advertisers not wanting to front due to the constant call of recession are only adding to the problem. The only way out is for people to spend money again. Locking the vaults and not wanting to back one of the biggest ratings winners of 2008 is simply put, ludicrous.

So why is this really happening? The only thing I can think of is that there was no one smart enough at CTV who could find a solution that worked for everyone. Instead of choosing smaller profits, they’ve settled for significantly smaller profits.

It will be very interesting to see what replaces Canadian Idol once American Idol ends. Whatever it is, I doubt CTV will be gloating about their ratings come June.

Is anyone else sick to death of the subway ads featuring John Lovitz in masterpiece theatre?? I will admit, at the start of the hockey season i still enjoyed eating subway sandwiches and laughed out loud at this clown from hollywood selling sandwiches and making fun of the “amateur” theatre troupe they hired in. But after a gruelling season where my own team isn’t doing nearly as well as they should be (the maple leafs are a bunch of bums), I must admit that every face off that brings an ad break makes me wretch when i think of buying a sub from subway as a second intermission snack.

when will the NHL warrant its own ads much like the NFL does or the NBA?? Will the Stanley Cup Playoffs give me a respite?? If theres anyone from subway subs and the HNIC ad agency there, tell the powers that be that unless you start showing more varied commercials i will never eat another one of your sandwiches again!