Things look good for Meredith and Derek, at least according to actor Patrick Dempsey, but things aren’t looking so promising for some of the other Grey’s Anatomy couples.

So, which ones do you think might make it for the long haul? Last week, Cristina voiced her willingess to give up Owen to Teddy if it meant more offers for surgery and cardio training. I don’t think that’s something that will go over too well somehow. Also, according to previews, Izzie is going to resurface. Following Alex’s rendezvous with Lexi Grey; it looks like two relationships are about to go throw some seriously hard times.

I think it’s too soon to see Izzie and Alex reunite, but perhaps they will in the future. Things with Mark and Lexi could go either way at this stage. I’m still holding out how that perhaps they’ll find their way back to each other once the daughter situation is cleared up; but it might be too late after they’ve already discovered they’re in different places of life.

What do you think? Who’s goin gto make it?

Every week, the main Grey’s Anatomy writer responsible for penning the week’s episode is weighing in and providing their perspective on. This week’s episode heavily focused on Dr. Arizona Robbins, and finally gave viewers a good look at what makes this doctor tick. Stacy McKee was the head writer for this episode, and here’s what she wrote on the Grey’s Anatomy Writers blog this week.

We’ve been planning an all PEDS episode for some time. Arizona is a regular now and we have started seeing more and more of her – but for the most part, we always see her helping Callie through crisis after crisis. We haven’t yet really given Arizona a crisis of her own.

So what better chance than in an episode where every patient is – in essence – her patient. Every patient is from the PEDS floor. PEDS, where things work a little bit differently, where the patients believe in magic. Because they are kids. Sick, dying KIDS.

To balance out all the sadness in the episode, I knew I had to incorporate a story that would make me (and you) feel good, too. Enter Alex. Saving a teeny tiny baby. In the NICU. Shirtless.

See? A happy miracle baby story! And a half naked handsome man!

Mark Sloan is right when he says that surprise parties are hostile. Because they ARE! One of my favorite unscripted moments in the episode comes from Cristina when she’s eating breakfast and listening to Mark’s take on surprise parties. She TOTALLY sides with Mark.

And, if you were paying attention, you may have noticed that the surprise party moment is the ONLY moment in the entire episode where Arizona cries. Even though, as we’ve established, Arizona tends to cry in the face of authority figures.

Arizona is a people pleaser, which is why she winds up agreeing to a surgery she doesn’t believe in, she’s trying to please Richard. He’s the chief. She doesn’t want to let him down.

But even after standing up to him, after kicking him out of her OR, she still doesn’t break down and cry. After losing Wallace, Arizona still doesn’t cry. After having to face the Chief and face Jennings in the wake of losing Wallace, Arizona still doesn’t cry.

And finally – one of my favorite moments in the entire episode comes in the very last scene – from Callie. For those of you who have been watching Grey’s Anatomy for a while, you know that Callie tends to blurt things like “I love you” out – often prematurely.

If you recall, she did it with George, and he never could say it back. She’s a gal who jumps in head first, sometimes blindly, and we’ve seen it bite her in the ass.

So what I love love love is the moment when, after the horrible day that Arizona’s had, after the disastrous party, after losing one of her favorite patients – Arizona comes home, takes one look at Callie in her lingerie and that silly party hat – and Arizona says “I love you” first.

The look on Callie’s face when she hears that? Oh man, I’m starting to tear up again. It’s just so unbelievably vulnerable and sweet and lovely. Okay. Totally crying again.

Monday’s episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8 is a special episode produced by NBC, which is perhaps the show’s last ditch effort to boost ratings and convince Jon Gosselin that the show must go on; or maybe, with the end in sight, Kate Gosselin’s ready to air even more dirty laundry about her estranged husband.

Whichever way you swing it, Monday’s episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8 should offer something a little bit different, with the mother of 8 sitting down for an apparently “revealing” interview with NBC’s Natalie Morales. The episode follows last week’s “Ask Kate” which brought in more viewers than the show has seen in months, since the new season of the series premiered following rumors of Jon & Kate’s split.

Some feel it might be a last-ditch attempt to boost ratings while others are standing by the belief that this is TLC’s sneaky way of getting around the legal roadblock that Jon Gosselin has put in the way by demanding that they stop filming. Read: TLC might not be allowed to film, but there’s no rules against NBC doing so…that and the series has probably now run out of footage.

Despite this TLC/NBC partnership for Jon & Kate Plus 8, producers assure viewers that there has been no deal arranged between NBC and Kate Gosselin regarding future appearances.

I guess we’ll just have to tune in tomorrow to see if we actually learn anything new. We probably won’t, but that thought alone will help the networks reach their goal.

Jon has decided to put a hault on TLC’s production of “Kate Plus 8” once “Jon & Kate Plus 8” comes to the end, but realistically, will that be a decision that can sustain the family? Jon & Kate might have had ample opportunity by now to save for their children’s futures, at least to pay their way through college, but a life with 8 children just doesn’t come cheap. Today, the family lives in a home valued at over $1 million, and while that might seem like a bit of a luxury, with a family of that size, it doesn’t seem so extreme; particularly when the other option is to move back into a home like the one where the kids grew up, sharing bedrooms and one bathroom with 7 siblings, a lifestyle that few would envy.

There’s no denying that the family has been spending like money’s going out of style, but even realistically, a lifestyle with 8 children is probably not one that can be sustained on a nurse’s and IT analyst’s salary, the jobs that Jon & Kate Plus 8 held pre TLC show. So if Jon’s going to put a halt on the show, what’s the plan to make sure their children are financially cared for?

You might not agree with their parenting, you might not agree with their need for fame – but you’ve got to agree to the fact that those children deserve a comfortable life, and without TV, they just might not get it.

At the beginning of the drama, more viewers than ever tuned into Jon & Kate Plus 8…but as the drama continues on, are people tiring of it? According to statistics outlined by the Globe and Mail this week, it sure looks that way.

May 25: 9.8 million

The season premiere is preceded by months of rumours that the couple are on the rocks. Photos of Jon with a woman emerge.

June 22: 10.6 million

News that it’s Jon minus Kate leaks hours before the episode in which Jon and Kate announce their split – winning the show its largest audience to date.

Aug. 3: 4.2 million

The show returns from hiatus. Jon – with newly pierced ears and a 22-year-old girlfriend – finds himself a pad in Manhattan.

Aug. 17: three million

Police arrive at the family home when Kate pops by after she learns a babysitter she didn’t approve of is tending the kids.

Sept. 14: 1.789 million

Jon speaks out in a TV interview for the first time since they split. He says he’s done taking “a lot of abuse” from Kate and complains that her solo pursuits have turned her into an absentee parent.

Sept. 21: 1.714 million

Jon appears at a theme park in Amherst, N.Y., to sign autographs. Meanwhile, former nanny Stephanie Santoro joins a growing list of women who say they’ve had sex with Jon.

Defying Gravity had a fairly strong start when aired by CTV here in Canada, although now some viewers like myself are failing to tune in just because it’s gotten slightly too strange. I haven’t watched the show for a couple of weeks now, and because it seems many Americans have been having the same reservations about the show, ABC has pulled the show from airing. ABC began airing Defying Gravity later than it did in Canada, which meant there was no way they’d be able to show the complete 13 episode first season; however, now that their regular fall primetime programming has made a come back, episodes aren’t appearing at all. According to ABC, the show has not been cancelled, but as it has had the lowest ratings on all 4 networks that it aired, naturally, they’re not working too hard to make space in their programming to continue putting out the show.

Are you a Canadian who is continuing to watch Defying Gravity? If so what do you think? But if you’re an American viewer affected by ABC’s decision, tell us why you miss watching the shoW

Last night’s most talked about moment at MTV’s Video Music Awards 2009, was when Kanye West came on stage and took the microphone from Taylor Swift while she was making her speech to accept the first award of the night. Kanye West interrupted Swift’s moment of glory to voice his disagreement – essentially mentioning that the award should have gone to Beyonce, who made the best video of all time.Once putting the microphone back in her hands, Kanye west was apparently escorted out of the building, while Taylor was left standing in shock in the stage, unsure of what to do or say until the commercials started to roll.

It seems that every year during their award shows, MTV does something controversial, which has viewers and critics wondering if last night’s antics were just another publicity stunt. Especially, since at the end of the night, when going onstage to receive her own award, Beyonce rectified the situation by bringing Taylor Swift back onstage to have her “moment’. If any other artist had been involved last night, I would be more easily swayed that what took place was staged; but with Kanye West involved it’s not hard to think that perhaps the outspoken artist really has it in him to be so rude.

Do you think last night’s events at the MTV VMAs were staged?


Conviction Kitchen is a new series airing for the first time tonight. It’s reality TV at its finest, and if you’ve thought Hell’s Kitchen was scary (thanks to one Chef Ramsey), you’re probably in for a big shock. On Conviction Kitchen Chef Mark Thuet will take 24 ex-convicts, most released from prison for minor crimes, but there are a few bank robbers and thieves in the mix as well, and they’ll be given the chance to re-enter society as a functioning member. Unlike other cooking reality shows, there will be no winner. Each of the convicts will participate and work towards a common goal of bringing in a profit to the restaurant within a 3 month period, otherwise the project will be shut down.

You might not have seen the show yet, but from a concept perspective, does Conviction Kitchen do it for you? Will you be tuning into the show? Or do you think this is an example of reality TV gone too far?


This week on the Ellen Degeneres show, Grey’s Anatomy Star Katherine Heigl announced that she and her husband were going to be adopting a baby from Korea, and while she didn’t say when their new little bundle of joy would be here, she seemed to imply it would be soon. We already know that Heigl has been granted permission to miss some of the filming for Grey’s Anatomy this season, apparently to film a movie. Could it be that this leave will coincide with her baby’s arrival? Or can we expect the actress to be absent even more from season 6 if the movie filming is actually taking place along with an adjustment period that will indefinitely occur once her adopted daughter comes home.

With all this taking place, how will Grey’s Anatomy handle her absence? They’ve already claimed that Heigl’s character Izzie will be temporarily fired due to a merger between 2 Seattle hospitals, but will this cover her whole absense or can we expect that perhaps Izzie’s cancer will once again have her take a turn for the worse that might include special treatment elsewhere, or perhaps even a final end to Izzie Stevens? At this point, viewers have a lot of questions, but there’s little that we know at this point beyond speculation. Tune into season 6 of Grey’s Anatomy once it airs on CTV later this month, and in the meantime, we’ll keep you posted on anything we learn about how the show will handle the absence of two major stars while they adjust to their new lives as mommies.


Despite the fact that Lost ended up with quite a following during its run – I was one of those viewers that never really made it past the first season. Some of the mystery was great, but once it turned from being somewhat fathomable to being completely unrealistic, I lost interest because the element of intrigue was gone. I’ve been watching Defying Gravity since its premiere, and with the introduction last night of an element that’s surely going to be bridging on science fiction.

So far during the season, they’ve been alluding to something else going on that may or may not have a relation to what happened during a previous journey to Mars. There’s no doubting that some of the characters are aware of what’s at play while others are not. Since the start of the show, some of the characters have been experiencing hallucinations relating to their most emotional or terrifying memories, and although it was initially explained last night that a “halo” was causing the astronauts to have reactions like they were on acid, the end of the show finally indicated something else.

Once two of the characters realized that they’d both been experiencing the most bizarre and terrifying dream (Zoe and Donner), they caught on that something else in the universe was the cause of these strange hallucinations. Up until that point, I was an avid viewer, but now if they keep it up, they might just lose me..I know it’s a show based in the future, but there’s still got to be a limit.

How are you feeling about this show?