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OK everybody, I know that now the movie has come out you don’t feel the need to watch us anymore, but just think about it for a second, and imagine what it is that makes you proud to be Canadian. Now, especially for us who have spent any time living in other countries, I think we forget that being Canadian is not just about watching the good ol’ hockey game or knowing the words to Stompin’ Tom songs, its actually about making fun of ourselves and making sure that everybody has a leg up – that the denizens of the trailer park can still have a place in our society, that our rum n’ cokes will never spill out, and that there will always be another economic opportunity waiting for us to make our humble lifestyle into something a bit more flashy.

Now, if I personally had nothing better to worry about than winterizing my car or finding a way to spend the colder months in jail, how much better off would I be?? Obviously, the Boys are not role models for the youth of canad, but they certainly represent the freedom and the glory and the strength that our great anthem sings about – The True North Strong and Free!! Maybe we should stop thinking about which suburb we want to buy our homes in and just tune out to that American dream of two cars, big screen tvs, and holidays in the Carribbean. Can’t we already afford our rum n’ coke and don’t we already know how to follow the puck around on a dim and fuzzy tv-set??

I wish I was a trailer park boy.

Ok, So I know that Don Cherry has been a Canadian icon since the time of John A. MacDonald, but really, when is this over-the-hill coach going to retire from the Coaches Corner section of our beloved Hockey Night In Canada? The CBC is advertising a new, revamped Hockey Night in Canada crew, but is it not a little bit sad that the only super star the CBC can attract is a washed up and racist old coach from the 1970s??

I grew up with Grapes and his Rock Em Sock Em hockey just like most other hockey fans in the country, but I just can’t imagine that there aren’t any other edgy and interesting hockey commentators to make Ron MacLean’s job as straight guy interesting. Why not get Bubbles or Ricky or Julian from the Trailer Park Boys? At least then we would know that our hockey commentators are really just entertainers.

Saturday March 24
12:30 PM

Watch Canada’s finest freestyle skiiers in action at the World Championships this weekend. Jenn Heil leads Canada’s talented group of freestylers to the Italian ski resort at Madonna di Campiglio. Lets see how many golds we can get!

The auditions for the fifth season of Canadian Idol have begun, with more than 1200 people showing up in Metrotown for the event. Canadian Idol has said to have been voted the most popular television show across Canada.

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It caused big controversy in the US and the UK – and now it is looking very likely that this new TV Channel will be hitting Canadian screens. The channel – dedicated to the under three age bracket – has been approved by the CRTC (federal regulator for TV) and Rogers Cable is currently in discussions regarding taking it on.

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After a cross-country search for Canada’s next opera star, six finalists have been handpicked to take part in a rigorous opera boot camp in Toronto.

The six opera hopefuls, hailing from Quebec to Calgary, are Paul Abelha (construction worker, Hamilton), Elaine Jean Brown (part-time model, Calgary), Robyn Hefferton (activist / entrepreneur, Calgary), Phillip Holmes (student, Norway Bay, QC), Donna Jacobs (day care worker, South Shore, QC) and Laura Landauer (Celine Dion and Cher impersonator, Toronto). The candidates vary in background and experience, but they all share the same goal; to be the next “Bathroom Diva”!

In the series premiere that aired Saturday, February 10 on Bravo!, judges Mary Lou Fallis, Tom Diamond, Liz Upchurch and Daniel Lichti audition wannabe singers in Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Montreal and Halifax. The six finalists are then thrown into opera boot camp, an exhaustive three-week crash course where they receive intensive voice training, acting technique, stage fighting and more than 12-hours-a-week of one-on-one coaching with opera’s finest. Antics ensue, flirtations blossom, conflicts arise – and divas are born.

Can Laura shake her Celine Dion-isms and find her own voice? Mother Elaine vs. daughter Robyn – who will make it further? Does Phil need a “Henry Higgins” to polish his country-boy ways? Can Donna bolster her self-confidence and find her inner diva? Will Paul build his dream and leave the construction site behind?

At the end of each episode, the remaining competitors showcase their newly-polished operatic skills at various venues in Toronto, including the Bravo! Rehearsal Hall, the Robert Gill Theatre and the historic Elgin Theatre. The judge’s criteria for selecting a winner is not only based on the protégés’ operatic singing abilities, but on their facility to learn and understand a new language such as Italian; how well they perform theatricality; and, above all, their ability to apply the coaches’ advice and critique.

Bathroom Divas culminates in the final episode with one singer selected as the winner and awarded the ultimate prize – a debut performance at The Orpheum Theatre with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra in front of an audience of thousands.

Bathroom Divas airs Saturdays at 9pm ET / 6pm PT, with encore presentations Tuesdays at 8pm ET / 5pm PT.

Woohoo! Who loves SpongeBob SquarePants?!! Soon it will be possible to join SpongeBob off the TV and in his own world! Nickelodeon has signed a deal to set up a massive adventure park in western Germany, dedicated only to Spongebob, his pet snail Gary, and their friends under the sea.

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Monday 9:00 PM and Wednesday 8:00 PM, from January 15

LITTLE MOSQUE ON THE PRAIRIE is a new comedy from CBC Television about a small Muslim community in the prairie town of Mercy, many of whose residents are wary of their new, more “exotic” neighbours. The series takes an unabashedly funny look at the congregation of a rural mosque and their attempt to live in harmony with the often skeptical, even down right suspicious, residents of their little prairie town. The sitcom reveals that, although different, we are all surprisingly similar when it comes to family, love, the generation gap and our attempts to balance our secular and religious lives.

LITTLE MOSQUE ON THE PRAIRIE premieres on Tuesday, January 9 at 8:30 p.m. on CBC Television following The Rick Mercer Report. An encore presentation will air on Wednesday, January 10 at 8 p.m. Beginning Monday, January 15, the much anticipated series moves to its regular Monday night timeslot at 9 p.m. and Wednesdays at 8 p.m.