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David Hasslehoff has come public with his long standing battle with alcoholism. After a video was leaked to the press showing him falling-down-drunk, the celebrity of such famous tv series as Baywatch and Night Rider has finally admitted to the press that he “has a problem.”

The video shows the washed-up celebrity stumbling and then falling over and rolling around in a drunken stupour. It was apparantly filmed by Hasslehoff’s daughter, who released it because she was ashamed of how far her father has fallen in recent months. The video was played on Extra!, Entertainment Tonight, and the Insider.

The question is, if this Baywatch lifeguard is drowning, where are all of the big breasted celebrities to save him??

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck is going to be a mom for the second time around. The co-host of TV’s The View is due to have her second child, announcing recently that she is already three months pregnant.

The star is famous for being a contestant on Survivor: the Australian Outback and for being married to Tim Hasselbeck of NFL fame.

I will always love Canada’s political commentary comedy. Going back to the Frantics from the 70s and the Royal Canadian Air Farce parading its way across CBC radio and now television, Canadian hilarity has always aimed a pointed and bitter attack at the politicians and bigwigs who always seem to take their lives too seriously.

The other benefit is that often through humour regular joe canadians like myself can see a little bit more of how the “bigwigs” bumble their way through their jobs without really paying attention to the wishes of everyday canucks like myself.

This Hour Has 22 Minutes is probably my favourite. Where else can you get fake news, hilarious character sketches, and the overarching lampooning of everyone in Canada whose brain is too big for their britches?? I laugh out loud every week for the show. Shaun Majumder, Cathy Jones, Gavin Crawford and Mark Critch are Canada’s best political minds – why aren’t they running for parliament to finally get those know-it-all Conservatives out of power with some good old fashioned satire??

Alex Baldwin has apparently exploded on his 11 year old daughter, calling her a “rude, thoughtless little pig.” The dispute was recorded on a phone message that was made public by his ex-partner Kim Basinger, since the two have been feuding since their relationship broke up a number of years ago.

Baldwin reportedly goes on to say to his daughter “I don’t give a damn that you’re 12 years old, or 11 years old, or that you’re a child, or that your mother is a thoughtless pain in the ass who doesn’t care about what you do as far as I’m concerned. You have humiliated me for the last time with this phone.” This message was prompted by the young girl not answering a planned telephone conversation.

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Canadian actor Eric McCormack from Will and Grace reportedly put up a monstrous scene on an Alaska Airlines Flight from Los Angeles to Vancouver. When airlines staff told him that his son’s booster seat was too large to be placed in the cabin the actor apparently lost it for real – all in the presence of his children, his wife, and curious onlookers!

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Stefani Schaeffer is Donald Trump’s Apprentice on the first edition of The Apprentice: Los Angeles. Rival James Sun, 29, was told that he was fired by the American gazillionaire on the season finale.

Does anyone know why the California attorney Schaeffer was chosen instead of the Seattle software entrepeneur??

Is anyone else sick to death of the subway ads featuring John Lovitz in masterpiece theatre?? I will admit, at the start of the hockey season i still enjoyed eating subway sandwiches and laughed out loud at this clown from hollywood selling sandwiches and making fun of the “amateur” theatre troupe they hired in. But after a gruelling season where my own team isn’t doing nearly as well as they should be (the maple leafs are a bunch of bums), I must admit that every face off that brings an ad break makes me wretch when i think of buying a sub from subway as a second intermission snack.

when will the NHL warrant its own ads much like the NFL does or the NBA?? Will the Stanley Cup Playoffs give me a respite?? If theres anyone from subway subs and the HNIC ad agency there, tell the powers that be that unless you start showing more varied commercials i will never eat another one of your sandwiches again!

So i want everyone to know that my picks for the Junos this year are k-os and nelly furtado. K-OS should win because he is all about real hip-hop and that kind of musical genious of his should never be ignored. Nelly Furtado should win because she has still somehow retained a place in Canada even though she has absolutely blown away the American market. And why should she go big down south? That is the sign of a great artist – she can show her bod off on the music videos but still sing with the best of them at the awards shows.

I Hope you are all voting the same as me!!! or are you?

OK Really, who watches Coronation Street on CBC??

Are we as Canadians still so colonial minded that our idea of an ideal after-dinner soap opera is to watch some down and out neighbourhood in the slums of urban England go through their sopping pub-splattered woes on television?

Although I’m not a fan of American culture on our tv airwaves any more than I’m a fan of British culture on our tv airwaves, why can’t we as Canadians come up with our own gritty soap operas that revolve around life in Canada?? Perhaps the only reason that this soap still has a place on the CBC is because of those first- generation migrants who still dream of their time back in the urban morass of Manchester or Liverpool, or who just want to follow characters that have been on TV since the airwaves were invented.

Are our own Canadian stories and accents not enough to make a drama from? Until we have our own serious soap operas that are proudly broadcast to the nation, we will always be a little cultural also-ran in the big picture. Importing content to build up canadian advertising dollars will never be worth it, because our soap opera starlets will have to move to Hollywood to make their break! Lets open up suburban Mississauga or Kanata or Laval for the real soap operas that we can relate to.

Maggie Grace – who played Shannon Rutherford on Lost is to star in a new action movie Taken with Liam Neeson. French writer-director Luc Besson is writing and producing the film, and French cinematographer Pierre Morel is the director.

Other Lost actors have moved into the film industry with Matthew Fox starring in We Are Marshall and Smokin’ Aces, and Ian Somerhalder starring in Pulse.