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David Cherniack

UFOs: THE SECRET HISTORY, a remarkable new feature-length documentary by distinguished Toronto filmmaker David Cherniack.

This illuminating documentary, four years in the making, will have its World Broadcast Premiere on History Television in Canada on Tuesday, July 15 at 8 PM ET/PT as the highlight of that network’s “UFO
Week”. The documentary airs within days of the 61st anniversary of the legendary July 1947 incident at Roswell, New Mexico, that launched the public’s fascination with UFOs and our culture’s now extensive
mythology surrounding extraterrestrial visitors.

Unlike previous films dealing with the subject, UFOs: THE SECRET HISTORY is the first definitive history of Unidentified Flying Objects (“UFOs”) since the first ‘sighting’ at Washington State’s Mt. Ranier
in June 1947, and shows how that history shaped, and has in turn been shaped by, our own evolving culture.

That 1947 Mt. Ranier sighting (followed by the Roswell incident only two weeks later) was also important because the story of how the momentous question “Are we being visited?” arose, evolved, and was
eventually dismissed by much of mainstream culture tells us much about our civilization, its hopes, its fears, and its secret workings. UFOs: THE SECRET HISTORY tells that story, from 1947 to the present.

Toronto-based David Cherniack has been intrigued by UFOs since he was a ‘boy astronomer’ in Winnipeg, when he experienced what he whimsically refers to as ‘a near sighting’. Following a degree in Physics
at the University of Manitoba, he travelled the world, lived in a cave in Crete, and eventually decided to study film at the renowned Prague Film Academy, arriving in that city just prior to the 1968
events now known as Prague Spring. Four years later he returned to Canada and became one of the founders of the Winnipeg Film Group, later moving to Toronto. In a long and distinguished career he has made
over 60 documentaries. As a respected documentary filmmaker for such programs as The Nature of Things and Man Alive, he returned to the topic that had intrigued him since childhood, making two films about
UFOs and extra-terrestrials for CBC.

Now, with UFOs: THE SECRET HISTORY, produced for History Television, he tells the strange and absorbing history of what may be one of the great untold stories of our times in a remarkable film: ambitious
in its scope; unique in its humour, insight and perspective; and entertainingly fashioned with stunning CGI, exclusive interviews, extensive location shooting, and fascinating archival material.

In the film, Cherniack has not taken a firm position in the ongoing, standard debate about UFOs that pits Believer vs. Debunker but reflects instead that, regardless of whether extra-terrestrial
visitations are actually going on, the UFO phenomenon has become our technological culture’s mythic way of providing meaning within the mystery of who we are as a race – locating us in an increasingly
immense universe and providing a vision of our future as we take our first baby steps towards the climactic instant when our childhood will come to its end.

Making the film took Cherniack four years, partly because he does most of the filmmaking tasks himself – he is the film’s producer, director, researcher, writer, cinematographer, editor, and narrator
(among other things)! A highlight in the making of the film was Cherniack’s four month long journey in a rented 31-foot RV through 5 Canadian provinces and 38 U.S. states, interviewing subjects for the
film and visiting locations important to the history of UFOs.

The O.C. beauty Kelly Rowan, who plays the wealthy California matriarch Kirsten Cohen, is reportedly engaged to Canadian media mogul David Thomson. The Canadian-born actress is 41 years old and has had a long career as a model and as a Gemini award-winning actress.

This is one starlet that can afford to live the lifestyle now, after snagging the head of Thomson Corp., a large media empire fronted by her fiance.

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BURBANK, CA (June 11, 2007) – Look, up in the sky: it’s a bird, it’s a plane! It’s…Supergirl! This fall, Supergirl will be joining the lineup of burgeoning superheroes and villains in SMALLVILLE. Supergirl is the latest DC Comics character to join the series that has previously welcomed Martian Manhunter, The Green Arrow, The Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg and Brainiac. Casting for the Supergirl role is currently underway. SMALLVILLE airs on Thursdays at 8:00-9:00 p.m. ET on The CW.

On SMALLVILLE, the seventh season premiere kicks off with the arrival of Supergirl, whose name is Kara, as Clark’s (Tom Welling) 19-year-old cousin. She was born on Krypton and is the daughter of Zor-El, Jor-El’s brother. Kara possesses all of Clark’s powers and one he doesn’t yet have ?? she can fly! Kara also has a strong, rebellious streak that puts her at odds with Clark, and puts her onto Lex’s (Michael Rosenbaum) radar. In addition, she takes a romantic interest in Jimmy Olsen (Aaron Ashmore).

“One of the joys of creating SMALLVILLE has been our ability to reinvent and reinterpret classic DC Comics characters,” said SMALLVILLE executive producer Al Gough. “Miles and I believe that Supergirl will give our series the mythic jolt that it needs as we head into our seventh season.”

Reinterpreting the Superman mythology from its roots, SMALLVILLE was developed for television by Alfred Gough & Miles Millar (“Shanghai Noon,” “Spiderman 2”), based on the DC Comics characters. Gough and Millar serve as executive producers, along with Ken Horton, Kelly Souders & Brian Peterson, Todd Slavkin & Darren Swimmer, James Marshall, Mike Tollin, Brian Robbins and Joe Davola. The series is produced by Tollin/Robbins Productions, Millar/Gough Ink and Warner Bros. Television. SUPERMAN was created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster.

Aspiring novelists will now get their own chance to strut across the reality TV airwaves in a new reailty show hosted in the UK by Tony Cowell, the older brother of Big Brother’s Simon Cowell. The wannabe writers will pitch their manuscripts to a panel of authors including Jeffrey Archer and Jackie Collins and learn the tricks of the trade at getting their first book published. Contestants must have their manuscript already completed and it must be their first book to be published. Prizes include publishing deals on both sides of the Atlantic in the ever-important American and British markets.

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Fans of Scrubs who have been left in the dark about the status of J.D and Elliot after their season-ending break-up have to get ready for this… an unnamed source has confirmed that the seventh season will begin with a Wedding!

What does this mean for J.D. and Elliot? What about Kim’s place in the relationship? Or could it possibly be another character??

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CBC has kicked off its Fall season with a bang, showing off for the paparazzi a who’s who of Canadian television stardom. The Fall season will feature the return of “Little Mosque on the Prairie” as well as specially designed made for tv movie “Henry VIII.” The network also has some much-vaunted premieres that promise to steal even more ratings for the public broadcaster from the American-dominated Canadian television airwaves.

Will a glitzy start be enough for the CBC? Everyone in Canada gets to see it even if their rabbit-ears are out of date, so here’s looking to the future of Canadian television!

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Isaiah Washington has lost his job on Grey’s Anatomy. The African American actor was rumoured to have made an anti-gay comment backstage at the Golden Globe awards 5 months ago, while discussing whether or not he had used the same foul tongue towards his fellow Grey’s colleagues.

The comment so enraged his fellow cast members and members of the wider tv-viewing public that Washington was told by the show’s executive that he would not be hired back for the filming of next season’s episodes.

Now this leaves us to find out how his character will be written off the show!!

Washington himself intends to continue with African aid relief work in Sierra Leone over the summertime.

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Hollywood rumours are abounding that Alias actor David Anders, who plays Mr. Sark, has been casted to play a new character named Kane in the upcoming Season 2 of Heroes.

The scoop comes from Kristin Veitch’s blog on

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Thursday Night’s Grey’s Anatomy in the US is drawing some attention in the blogger world. Guest star Mitch Pileggi comes into the hospital complaining of swollen hardware and does a down-trou for the benefit of Grey’s doctors.

And what are the fuzzy, out of focus, round things that the odd between-the-legs camera angle highlights for tv audiences around the globe? The buzz on the internet is that its the first un-censored scrotum shot to make the airwaves in any television-broadcasting country in the world. The shows producers claim that its nothing more than the face of the guest star peering through his legs back at the sneaky camera angle. You’ll have to be the judge of this one, folks! This intrepid reporter from blogworld scoped the scene on my own recording, but it seems to me that the evidence is a little too hairy to be conclusive.

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Kristine Lefebrvre, who recently became Donald Trump’s newest Apprentice after the Los Angeles series of the famous reality TV series, has taken up a secondary apprenticeship – she’s taking all of her clothes off for Playboy magazine.

However, this leggy attorney from LA is not just a typical Playboy bunny, she’s actually got a story to tell – her Playboy poses came as a way of spreading the word about the dangers women face with cancer. Kristine was diagnosed with cervical cancer just a year and a half ago, and underwent a radical surgery to make sure that the cancer didn’t spread. At this stage, the new TV star is in the clear, but she feels the need to spread the word about the trials and tribulations that women with cancer are facing every day. Her spread in Playboy magazine is a way of bringing attention to the plight of women everywhere.

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