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Tuesday, October 30 at 9 p.m. on Star!

This week we see Russell Crowe get in touch with his feminine side, as he declares to his team that winning is more than just throwing money at players and facilities.

When it comes to running this newly-acquired rugby league team, the thing that will make the difference is simple…LOVE.

Will big, new signings and a new coach give South Sydney Rabbitohs fans hope?

To get the team to this stage, Crowe and Peter Holmes à Court have had to spend big.

Now the Pride of the League has to build from scratch – literally!

See how their new training/playing facilities measure up!

Monday, October 29 at 4 p.m. on Star!

Kailie is an energetic, wannabe actress, and after she spends the day with the Look-A-Like makeover team…Kailie turns into Kelly!

Watch as this ‘Miss Independent’ wins the part of pop/rock, singer/songwriter Kelly Clarkson that will have even Simon Cowell fooled.

Thursday, November 1 at 8 p.m. on Star!

Argiris can act and dance like his favourite celebrity Justin Timberlake, but can he pull off the same star-studded look?

Soaking up all the attention on-set, see how this one guy brought ‘Sexy Back’, with his Justin Timberlake makeover and a transformation that proves guys can also be ‘nsync’ with their image.

Star! Program Alert – Highlights for October 23 – 28, 2007

Programming highlights include:

South Sydney Story series premieres on Tuesday, October 23. The documentary-style reality program features Russell Crowe and Peter Holmes à Court in their attempt to transform a flagging rugby team (South Sydney Rabbitohs), into a superclub fit for the new millennium Get your makeover madness fix with all new episodes of Look-A-Like and Style Her Famous this week on Star! Don’t miss the season finale of Hey Paula on Sunday, October 28

Below is a chronological listing of programming highlights for the week of October 23 – 28.
All programming is subject to change (all times ET; go to to confirm local broadcast times):

Tuesday, October 23
9 p.m. – South Sydney Story – “The Pride of the League”

SERIES PREMIERE – An extraordinary general meeting of South Sydney’s Rugby League Club has been called to determine if Academy Award® winning actor Russell Crowe and businessman Peter Holmes à Court can gather 75% of member votes and take over the South Sydney Rabbitohs, one of Australia’s premiere rugby teams. The decades leading up to this moment have been long and hard for Rabbitoh fans. Though a champion club, they have fallen on hard times, as money is scarce and games are more frequently lost than won. Crowe and Holmes à Court promise much needed change – but at a cost of owning the club. South Sydney Rabbitoh fans are divided right to the end in a bitter debate where we see the famous old club sold.

Wednesday, October 24
8:30 p.m. – Making It – “Whistler Showcase Showdown Snowboard Competition”

Making It traces the transformation of Canadians as they struggle to achieve their dreams, while capturing the unexpected turning points, personal costs and candid behind-the-scenes moments of those so determined to achieve their often exasperating dreams. This week, Making It heads to B.C. to the Showcase Showdown, Whistler’s biggest local contest of the year, featuring Canada’s best and most daring snowboarders. The spotlight is on two competitors: one a seasoned Olympian, the other a hard-working hopeful – both vying for the top prize of $10,000. Who will come out on top?

Thursday, October 25
8 p.m. – Look-A-Like – “Val Kilmer”

NEW EPISODE – Grad student Greg never looked so hot! He is transformed from ‘ordinary’ student to ‘top gun’ actor Val Kilmer. Showing off his sleek, sexy tuxedo during the photo shoot and even scoring a few kisses on-set, see if Greg will have you doing a double take.

9 p.m. – Girls Next Door – “Hearts Afire”

NEW EPISODE – Welcome to paradise! Get to know Hugh Hefner’s most famous three girlfriends – Holly, Bridget and Kendra – and what life is like living in the world’s most famous mansion. This week, it’s Valentine’s Day at the Playboy Mansion and romance is flourishing, as birds are breeding, flowers are blooming and the girls frantically search for the perfect way to spend a romantic evening with Hef.

Saturday, October 27
8:30 p.m. – Style Her Famous – “Charlize Theron”

NEW EPISODE – Can a diehard dog lover land the Oscar®-winning look of actress Charlize Theron with effortless elegance? Find out as Jay

Manuel (Canada’s Next Top Model) and his top-notch team of makeover maestros, put the finishing touches to achieve one woman’s style wish.

Sunday, October 28
9 p.m. – Hey Paula

SEASON FINALE – Hey Paula provides an unfiltered, real-life look at America’s most talked about celebrity judge, entrepreneur, choreographer and multi-platinum artist, giving insight and context to Paula Abdul’s much-reported on professional and personal life. In the season finale, we see Paula auditioning dancers for a new project. Plus, viewers get an in-depth look at how the star deals with her chronic pain problems in her daily life. A woman misunderstood? You be the ‘judge’.

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Two men and one team with everything to lose.

Watch as a once triumphant rugby club struggles to rebuild itself with the help of none other than Academy Award winning actor Russell Crowe in South Sydney Story, premiering October 23, 2007 at 9:00pm ET on Star!

Hold on to your hats sports fans! This documentary-style reality program tells a sports story of epic proportions catapulting the viewer deep into the heart of the Australian Ruby League.

Once labeled “The Pride of the League,” the South Sydney Rabitohs have fallen on hard times. That is until they are thrown a three million dollar life line by die hard fans actor Russell Crowe and business man Peter Homes a Court.

In six thirty-minute episodes, South Sydney Story captures the controversy that overshadowed their purchase of the team and the culture shock surrounding their anticipated arrival to the working-class club.

There are new owners, new players, new facilities, a new coach and new drama, but in the end it’s all about footy as the cameras roll on what has become the most successful year for the Rabitohs in more than a decade.

From the bumps and bruises to the tears and cheers, watch as this infamous team battles its way into history both on and off the field. Tune in to South Sydney Story, premiering October 23, 2007 at 9:00pm ET on Star!.