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Tuesday, Jan. 8

· INNERSPACE sits down with director Pete Travis (Vantage Point) and stars Karl Urban (Priest) and Olivia Thirlby (Juno) to discuss the release of the stunning cinematic vision of Dredd 3D, available on DVD and Blu-Ray.
· Ajay Fry visits the set of BEING HUMAN to chat with Meaghan Rath (Cyberbully) and Sam Witwer (The Mist) about what viewers can expect from the new season.
· INNERSPACE highlights the video release of the new horror flick House at the End of the Street, starring Jennifer Lawrence (Hunger Games), Elisabeth Shue (Chasing Mavericks), and Gil Bellows (SANCTUARY). Continue reading »

10 p.m. – Tuesday, January 29 on Space

After a Terror Bird attacks a bystander, Dylan and Evan are called in by Dylan’s old colleague Detective Harlow (Adrian Holmes, Red Riding Hood). They’re left puzzled as to where the bird came from, when no Anomaly has been detected — until they recognize LEGGY, whose now grown and dangerous.

9:30 p.m. – Wednesday, January 30 on Space

A warehouse worker is implicated when radical eco-activists rig the building with explosives. A pair of animal control workers visit a farm to discover they’re being hunted by a savage wild-child seeking revenge on his family. A file clerk in a psychiatric hospital is mistaken for a prison inmate during a security break and a chemical warehouse worker pays the price for accidentally turning his colleague into a hideous toxic mutant.

9 p.m. – Monday, January 28 on Space

Nora and Josh meet a teenage runaway and debate how to handle the situation, Sally tries to make things right with Trent and makes a new mortician friend, Aidan and Henry (Kyle Schcmid, ARROW) search for clean blood in post-plague Boston.

10 p.m. – Monday, January 28 on Space

A party is in the works in the world of the Johnsons to celebrate Mike’s (Timothy Balme, The Tattoist) new bar.

9 p.m. – Sunday, January 27 on Space

When notorious serial killer Joe Carroll (James Purefoy, REVENGE) escapes from death row and embarks on a new killing spree, the FBI calls former agent Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon, X Men: First Class) to consult on the case. Hardy is a walking textbook of all-things Carroll and is perhaps Carroll’s only psychological and intellectual match. Wounded by his previous pursuit of this serial killer, this investigation is Hardy’s redemption and he becomes ever more determined to end Carroll’s game when he realizes that this psychopath intends to finish what he started.

8 p.m. – Saturday, January 26 on Space

Morgana (Katie McGrath,W.E) and King Odin (Fintan McKeown, Walking Ned) uses Princess Mithian (Janet Montgomery, Our Idiot Brother) as the perfect bait to lure Arthur to his death. She manages to come up with a deception so effective that everyone in Camelot, Merlin included, is taken in.

9 p.m. – Saturday, January 26 on Space

Ward Donovan (Aaron Douglas, FLASHPOINT) and his team of expert climbers are hired by a billionaire to rescue a research team lost on the world’s highest unclimbed mountain. But amidst deep crevasses and steep rock faces, Ward discovers an abandoned temple complex with deadly secrets.

9 p.m. – Thursday, January 24 on Space

What appear to be harmless little whirlwinds and dust devils turn out to be a precursor to something much deadlier which ends up threatening the very existence of New York City. Starring Nicole de Boer (PERCEPTION), and Sebastian Spence (EMILY OWENS M.D.).

9:30 – Wednesday, January 23 on Space

An accident at an old chemical plant causes a woman to give birth to a freaky mutant, while Bikini models testing a fitness system “feel the burn” way too much because of a grudge between former business partners. A private security firm worker tries to save Tracy Morgan’s life-and his own -when violent kidnappers show up at the office and estate agents discover a dead army Colonel’s extraterrestrial.