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Three consecutive nights of Gemini Industry Galas concluded this evening with the Drama, Variety and Comedy Gala. The Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television announced Gemini Awards in 33 categories tonight, bringing the number of awards given out this week to 86. Tonight’s celebrations featured winners of awards announced earlier in October. The Earle Grey Award was presented to actor David Gardner, for his significant contribution to the profile of Canadian television, and the late David Cole received the Margaret Collier Award for his contribution as a Canadian television writer. The 23rd Annual Gemini Awards will culminate with the Broadcast Gala November 28th at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, which will be simulcast on E! network and Showcase at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

The winners of the 2008 Gemini Drama, Variety and Comedy Awards are:

Best Achievement in Casting
Carmen Kotyk – The Englishman’s Boy

Best Achievement in Make-Up
Shauna Llewellyn, Ryan Reed – ‘da Kink In My Hair – Di Heart of Di Matter

Best Costume Design
Beverley Wowchuk – The Englishman’s Boy

Best Direction in a Comedy Program or Series
T W Peacocke – Rent-A-Goalie – Everybody’s A Fag

Best Direction in a Dramatic Program or Mini-Series
John N. Smith – The Englishman’s Boy

Best Direction in a Performing Arts Program or Series
Dennis Beauchamp – Blood on the Moon

Best Direction in a Variety Program or Series
John Keffer – MuchMusic Video Awards 2007

Best Individual Performance in a Comedy Program or Series
Jo Koy – Just For Laughs Gala Series – Show #4

Best Music, Variety Program or Series
The 2008 Juno Awards
(Insight Production Co. Ltd., CARAS)
John Brunton, Melanie Berry, Barbara Bowlby, Stephen Stohn, Louise Wood

Best Original Music Score for a Program or Series
Robert Carli – Murdoch Mysteries – Bad Medicine

Best Original Music Score for a Dramatic Program, Mini-Series or TV Movie
Robert Carli – Victor: The Victor Davis Story

Best Performance by an Actor in a Featured Supporting Role in a Dramatic Program or Mini-Series
Peter MacNeill – Victor: The Victor Davis Story

Best Performance by an Actor in a Featured Supporting Role in a Dramatic Series
Jonas Chernick – The Border – Civil Disobedience/Grave Concern

Best Performance by an Actor in a Guest Role, Dramatic Series
Gavin Crawford – Murdoch Mysteries – Belly Speaker

Best Performance by an Actress in a Featured Supporting Role in a Dramatic Program or Mini-Series
Katharine Isabelle – The Englishman’s Boy

Best Performance by an Actress in a Featured Supporting Role in a Dramatic Series
Maria Doyle Kennedy – The Tudors – Episode 105/Episode 108

Best Performance by an Actress in a Guest Role, Dramatic Series
Pascale Hutton – Intelligence – The Heat is On

Best Performance in a Performing Arts Program or Series
Margo Timmins, Ryan Adams, Alan Anton, Jeff Bird, Vic Chesnutt, Natalie Merchant, Peter Timmins, Michael Timmins – Cowboy Junkies: Trinity Revisited

Best Performance or Host in a Variety Program or Series
Russell Peters – The 2008 Juno Awards

Best Photography in a Comedy, Variety or Performing Arts Program or Series
Michael Tien – Blood on the Moon

Best Photography in a Dramatic Program or Series
Ousama Rawi – The Tudors – Episode 106

Best Picture Editing in a Comedy, Variety or Performing Arts Program or Series
Vanda Schmockel – Corner Gas – Contagious Fortune

Best Picture Editing in a Dramatic Program or Series
Christopher Donaldson – The Border – Grave Concern

Best Production Design or Art Direction in a Fiction Program or Series
Tom Conroy, Eliza Solesbury – The Tudors – Episode 106

Best Sound in a Comedy, Variety, or Performing Arts Program or Series
François Lamoureux, Brian Mercier, Denis Normandeau – Cowboy Junkies: Trinity Revisited

Best Sound in a Dramatic Program
Nelson Ferreira, Steve Baine, Stephen Barden, Alex Bullick, Eric Fitz, Andrew Tay – Across the River to Motor City

Best Sound in a Dramatic Series
Jill Purdy, Mario Auclair, Lee De Lang, Keith Elliott, Andrea Higgins, Brad Thornton – Durham County – What Lies Beneath

Best TV Movie
(Seven24 Films / Slanted Wheel Entertainment)
Jordy Randall, Tom Cox, Jon Slan

Best Visual Effects
Bob Munroe, Terry Bradley, Lisa Carr-Harris, Bret Culp, Bill Halliday, Warren Leathem, Bo Mosley – The Tudors – Episode 110

Best Writing in a Dramatic Program or Mini-Series
Andrew Wreggitt – Mayerthorpe

Best Writing in a Dramatic Series
Laurie Finstad Knizhnik – Durham County – What Lies Beneath

Earle Grey Award
David Gardner

Margaret Collier Award
David Cole

Jacque Berg - Survivor Gabon
Kelly is sad after losing her ally Paloma at Tribal Council. Ace is sure it was Kelly who voted for him which puts her in line for being the next lamb to the slaughter.

The rice is running out at Fang and Randy is really concerned about running out of food. There are some real divisions in the camp and Dan, Randy, Suzie and Matt form an alliance after the others seem to not care about.

At the reward challenge, the tribes have to rank themselves in order of importance. Marcus is voted #1 on Kota followed by Ace, Bob, Charlie, Jaquie, Corrine, Sugar and Kelly. On Fang, Matty, Dan, Randy, Crystal, Ken, GC and Susie are the order.

Jeff then drops a bombshell and tells them that they’re switching teams.

Marcus and Matty, as chosen leaders, get to select the new tribe mates.

Marcus picks Dan, Charlie, Randy, Corrine, Susie and Bob for Kota

Matty picks Ace, Crystal, Jacquie, Ken, Kelly and GC for Fang

Sugar is the single remaining player and is sent to exile island where she will stay until after the next tribal council where she will join the tribe who loses a member to even things out.

No surprise that Sugar picks comfort over clue as she already has the idol.

Kelly is feeling like an outcast and Crystal notices. A new alliance is brewing with a shift from Kota to Fang.

There is tree mail which has a lacrosse stick and a message that suggests a game that is similar to the lacrosse and water polo.

At the immunity challenge, every one will have a raft and oar and will need to try and score 3 points to win immunity.

Kota get on the board with an easy goal to Randy and then an easy second. Randy manages to sink Fang with a third winning goal in what was fairly a pathetic challenge.

Ace seems to be quite happy to have lost and the rest of the tribe has chosen to join with the original Kota members and vote Kelly off. There is a little conflict though as they know that what ever happens, they’ll be getting Sugar and they’re wondering if she has the immunity idol and if she does, that she’d be more likely to share it with Ace.

Matty tells Jacquie about the plan and she goes on the campaign trail to stay. GC has come to the conclusion that he has no more power in the game and that it has shifted to Crystal who he suggests Kelly go and talk to.

At Tribal Council, the blonde bombshells take the votes but it’s Jacquie who will be missed on the show next week.

Paloma Soto-Castillo - Survivor Gabon16 are left after Gillian was sent home from Fang and they’re desperate to have a win. Randy doesn’t hold out much hope as he thinks they’re all idiots.

Day 7 and they’ve got less than half of their rice left. Randy is not impressed that they’ve been eating 3 meals a day. He thinks GC needs to be removed from the tribe as he doesn’t want to listen to advice from anyone. Dan is concerned about the in fighting and thinks the tribe needs to do something about their unity.

At Kota, Charlie is scheming and is fairly confident they have the numbers to control camp. Ace and Sugar have a connection of sorts and aware of the conniving that is happening in camp.

There is tree mail to announce the next challenge which is for reward – bedding. Ace suggests that they don’t put their best people forward as he’d rather be strong in the immunity challenge and not have to go to tribal council.

The challenge is to drag members of the opposite tribe across a line after pulling them away from the pole they’ll be holding on to. Kota have to sit out 3 women while Fang has to sit out a guy to keep the numbers even.

Ace stays on his pole and Kota takes the lead. It’s the first to 2 points. The next point goes to Fang. The original match up between Ace and Dan takes place in the final match and it’s a tough match up. Amazingly, Fang drag Ace across the line and take their first win in this game. They send Sugar to exile island.

Fang starts to feel a bit like a team heading back to camp as they celebrate their victory. Kota are a little annoyed with Ace and his “my way or the high way” thing. Ace blames Paloma’s lack of motivation for the loss.

Sugar decides that she wants the clue over the comfort at Exile Island but she gets herself lost in the jungle and stung by the ants. She manages to find the first clue which has directions to a second. And then a third. And then she finds it. She laughs that she found the idol and the lawyer didn’t. She’s fairly impressed with herself.

Back at camp Ace and Bob talk about the bottom two. Ace wants Paloma gone but Bob is aware of his closeness with Sugar. Corinne talks to Bob and thinks she has him in their pocket for numbers despite knowing that they won’t need him later.

At the immunity challenge, the teams have swimsuits and have to slide down a slippery slide into the water where they will retrieve three puzzle pieces. The puzzle pieces are numbers which need to be organised to reveal a combination for a lock. Open the lock, cut the rope, raise the flag and you win immunity.

Fang take an early lead but Kota catch up and take a reasonable lead. At the puzzle stage, Ken beats Bob to solving the combination and gives Fang back to back wins and their first immunity challenge.

Sugar tells Ace that she has the immunity and they’re now confident that they can dominate the game. They’re sure that they can get rid of Paloma tonight but she has other ideas. She warns Corinne that he’s sneaky. Corinne talks to Charlie and wants to get rid of Ace now. Corinna is torn as she just doesn’t like a few members of Kota.

At Tribal Council, Paloma is sent home much to her disappointment.

Canadian Prime Time is heating up tonight as CTV and CBC go head to head with Canadian content.

While America’s Next Top Model, Bones and The Secret Life of an American Teenager compete for viewers the real race is between the new seasons of Little Mosque on the Prairie and Sophie which return to CBC tonight and the much anticipated Top 100 round of So You Think You Can Dance Canada on CTV.

Which will you be watching?

Warren Sapp and Kym Johnson - Dancing With the Stars 2008

Warren Sapp
Former Defensive Lineman

Recently retired defensive tackle and Superbowl Champion Warren Sapp played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Oakland Raiders during his 13 year career. His 96.5 career sacks are the second-highest career total sacks for a defensive tackle in the NFL. Warren was named the NFL Defensive Player of the Year in 1999, played in seven consecutive Pro Bowls and won Super Bowl XXXVII with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2003. This Fall, Warren will co-host Showtime’s Inside the NFL and will be a studio analyst and game commentator for the NFL Network.

Kym Johnson
Former Australian Amateur Ballroom and Latin champion
Finalist U.K. Ballroom Championships at Blackpool
Burn The Floor world tour
Dancing With The Stars Australia – Seasons 1, 2 and 3

Style: Latin and Ballroom
Nationality: Australian
Based in: Sydney
Status: Not currently competing, recently danced on the DWS National Tour

Kym reached the finals in Season 4 with partner Joey Fatone, where they finished second. She partnered talk show host Jerry Springer during Season 3, where they finished the competition in 5th place, and also partnered Mark Cuban (Season 5, 7th place) and Penn Jillette (Season 6, 12th place).

Kym began ballroom dancing at the relatively late age of 15 when she was dragged along to lessons by her brother who decided it would be a good way to meet girls. She soon got the bug and it wasn’t long before she was dancing competitively. In December 1998, she and then partner Tomas Atkocevicius came second at the Australian Dancesport Championships in the Open Amateur Modern ballroom.

Kym performed on the world tour of the modern ballroom stage show Burn the Floor. Kim further grabbed Australia’s attention when she appeared on Dancing with the Stars (Australia), and as a result she also appeared in TV ads and dipped into the world of modeling with a sexy shoot for FHM magazine.

Other highlights of her successful career include dancing at Elton John’s 50th birthday party and appearing in the hit movie Strictly Ballroom.

Misty May-Treanor and Maksim Chmerkovskiy - Dancing With the Stars 2008

Misty May-Treanor
Olympic gold medalist

Beach Volleyball champion Misty May-Treanor and partner Kerri Walsh captured their second Olympic gold medal at the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics and became the first team ever to repeat as back-to-back champs. The victory also marked their 108th straight match win. Misty and Kerri were distinguished as AVP Team of the Year for four consecutive years (2003 through 2006). Misty was also named Most Valuable Player in 2005 and 2006, Best Offensive Player in 2004, 2005 and 2006, and Best Defensive Player in 2006.

Maksim Chmerkovskiy
2005 Yankee Classic Professional Latin Champion
2004 Manhattan Dancesport Professional Latin Champion
2003 Ohio Star Ball Latin Champion
Ranked 2nd in the US

Style: Latin
Nationality: Russian
Based in: New Jersey
Status: Maks no longer competes with former partner, Elena Grinenko.

During Season 2, Maks and his partner actress Tia Carrere finished in 6th place. In Season 3, Maks partnered singer Willa Ford into 7th place. Maks made it to the finals in Season 4 with Boxing Champion Laila Ali, finishing in 3rd place, and made it to the finals again in Season 5 with Mel B., finishing in 2nd.

Maksim was introduced to the world of ballroom dancing at an early age when his parents brought him to a local ballroom dance school in Odessa, Ukraine. He quickly excelled in ballroom dance and the school became his home away from home.

As a teenager, Maks had a horrible skiing accident that nearly ripped his leg off and left him hospitalized for months. After many surgeries and the insertion of a 12-inch metal rod, doctors were skeptical that Maks would ever walk without a limp, let alone dance. After completing months of physical therapy, he was back on his own two feet walking, running, and dancing. Soon after, Maks established himself as the top dancer in Ukraine.

In 1994 the entire Chmerkovskiy family moved to Brooklyn, NY in order to start a new life and to give Maks and his brother a better atmosphere to grow and succeed in. The vision of the American Dream and his passion for ballroom dancing gave Maks the strength to fight through all of the obstacles that faced him and his family. He worked countless hours on his dancing and soon after emerged as one of the best dancers in the world.

Maks started the Rising Stars Dance Academy, which is the premier youth ballroom dance school in the United States. He is currently a board member for the non-profit organization DanceTeamUSA, which works hard to promote DanceSport amongst the youth of America. Maks also has a production company, “Maksim Chmerkovskiy Productions,” which organizes performances all over the world.

Susan Lucci and Tony Dovolani - Dancing With the Stars 2008

Susan Lucci
Actress and entrepreneur

As the most famous face in daytime television history, Lucci has held audiences spellbound for years as the sexy, sassy, beautiful “woman you love to hate,” Erica Kane on All My Children. In May 1999, all of America stood and cheered when Susan Lucci won the Emmy Award for “Best Actress”. While competing on the show, she will continue her work on All My Children, and celebrate her 10,000th episode this November. In addition to her performances on Broadway and in cabarets across the country, Susan is an entrepreneur, having launched successful cosmetic, fashion, and jewelry lines on HSN.

Tony Dovolani
2005 and 2006 World Rhythm Champion
2006 PBS American Ballroom Challenge Rhythm Champion
2006 Emerald Ball Open Professional American Rhythm Champion
2005 Ohio Star Ball American Rhythm Champion
Current world and undefeated United States Open champion

Style: Latin
Nationality: Albanian
Based in: New York
Status: Retired from Competition

Tony partnered the WWE wrestler Stacey Keibler in Season 2. The couple came in third place. In Season 3, Tony’s partner was country singer Sara Evans. The couple had to withdraw in the middle of the competition for personal reasons. In Season 4, Tony partnered Leeza Gibbons into 9th place. In Season 5, Tony led Jane Seymour to a 6th place finish, and reached the final four with Marissa Jaret Winokur in Season 6.

Born in Kosovo, Tony began folk dancing at age three. When he was 14, his entire family moved to the United States and Tony got the opportunity to attend a Fred Astaire Dance Academy. From that moment on, he knew he had found his passion.

Since that time, Tony has traveled the world and won many championships. Tony also had a featured role in the hit film Shall We Dance and spent time coaching Jennifer Lopez.

Cody Linley and Julianne Hough - Dancing With the Stars 2008

Cody Linley

Cody Linley will be the youngest contestant ever to compete on Dancing with the Stars. He is best known for his role as “Jake Ryan” on the wildly popular Disney Channel series Hannah Montana, a role in which he was nominated for a Young Artist Award. He also helped the show garner an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Children’s Programming. Cody’s film credits include My Dog Skip, HOOT, Miss Congeniality, and Cheaper By the Dozen.

Julianne Hough
International Latin Youth Champion
Junior Blackpool World Latin Champion
United States National Latin Youth Champion

Style: Latin
Nationality: American
Based in: Salt Lake City
Status: Not Currently Competing

Julianne’s first season on Dancing with the Stars was quite successful. She and partner Olympic Gold Medalist Apolo Anton Ohno were the Season 4 champions, and she followed it up with another win in Season 5 with Helio Castroneves, making her the only pro besides Cheryl Burke to win twice.

Julianne grew up with her ten siblings in Utah. A born entertainer, Julianne has always loved singing, dancing and acting and at the age of 10 she left her home and family to move to the other side of the world to live and train with her coaches in London. While living there, Julianne partnered with Mark Ballas (the son of her world renowned coaches Corky and Shirley Ballas). It was with Mark that Julianne won all of her titles. Julianne is the youngest (and only) American dancer to have become both International Latin Youth Champion and Junior Blackpool World Latin Champion.

After graduating high school Julianne moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams of acting, dancing and singing. She landed a role as a dancer on ABC’s game show Show Me The Money, and shortly after joined the Dancing with the Stars tour as a company dancer. When DWTS dancer Kym Johnson injured her arm, Julianne stepped in as her replacement and Cha Cha cha’ed across America with Season 1 DWTS competitor Joey MacIntyre. She was also Assistant Choreographer on Gwen Stefani’s Wind It Up video and has recorded her debut country album.

Cloris Leachman and Corky Ballas - Dancing With the Stars 2008

Cloris Leachman

Actress Cloris Leachman’s storied career has been recognized with nine Emmys , a Golden Globe, and an Academy Award . She has the distinction of being the only woman to win eight Primetime Emmy Awards and one Daytime Emmy . Leachman has starred in a wide range of theater, television and motion picture projects, creating such indelible characters as Phyllis in the TV series Phyllis and The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Frau Blucher in Young Frankenstein, Nurse Diesel in High Anxiety, and Ruth Popper in The Last Picture Show (for which she won an Oscar and a BAFTA). In 2008 she has already completed three new films; The Women, American Cowslip and New York I Love You. She is in the process of writing her memoir and is currently touring the U.S. with her one-woman show CLORIS!

Corky Ballas
7 time undefeated US International Latin Champion
1996 Open To The World International Latin Champion
2007 Pro Am Champion

Style: Latin
Nationality: American
Based in: UK/Texas. In LA for the show.
Status: Retired from Competition

Corky has been dancing since he was six years old. Growing up his father owned and operated one of the largest dance studios in the world. His mother was a famous Flamenco Dancer who appeared in films and studied alongside Carmen Amaya. His father owned the largest (64,000 sq ft) dance school in the world, with 125 teachers on the payroll. He later went on to invent The Weed Eater.

Corky only started training for International Latin Dancing when he was 22. Here he met his dance partner Shirley (Mark’s Mom) who also trained him and would eventually become his wife. Corky’s mentor didn’t believe it when he said he would become a World Champion. Later that year, he became the United States Pro/Am Champion and then went on to win the World Professional Championship from 1995 1997.

Together Corky and Shirley made up one of professional competitive Latin Dance’s most successful couples ever.

Corky has also produced over 60 videos on the subject of Latin Dancing, which has sold over 100,000 copies worldwide as well as produced the “Passion” DVDs.

Corky is known worldwide for his choreography, music editing, music creation, costume design and much more.

Maurice Greene and Cheryl Burke - Dancing With the Stars 2008

Maurice Greene
Olympic gold medalist

The winner of two gold medals, in the 100m sprint and the 4x100m relay at the 2000 Sydney Summer Olympics, track star Maurice Greene was dubbed the “World’s Fastest Man” during his career. In addition to being the former world record holder in the 100m sprint, and winning multiple world championships, he also won silver and bronze medals at the 2004 Athens Summer Olympics. He is the current Indoor World Record holder in the 60m at 6.39 seconds.

Cheryl Burke
2005 World Cup Professional Rising Star Latin Champion
U.K. Championships
4th in U.S. in the Under 21s

Style: Latin
Nationality: American
Based in: Los Angeles
Status: Not Currently Competing

Cheryl is the first two-time winner of Dancing with the Stars. Cheryl and her partner singer Drew Lachey stole the show on Season 2 and sensationally won the competition. Season 3, Cheryl was partnered with football legend Emmitt Smith, and together they won the competition. Season 4, Cheryl made it to the semi-finals with actor Ian Ziering, placing fourth. In Season 6, Cheryl and Cristian de la Fuente made it to third place, while in Season 5, Cheryl and Wayne Newton finished 10th.

Growing up in San Francisco, California, Cheryl came from a family who all loved to dance. At four years old, she began taking ballet lessons and performed throughout the Bay area until she was ten. It was at that time that she discovered that ballroom, “wasn’t just for old people” and decided to change her focus. She hung up her ballet shoes and began training in both standard and Latin. By the age of 13, Cheryl was traveling and competing throughout the world, later moving on to win several championships.

In the spring of 2008 Cheryl opened her first dance studio, the highly successful Cheryl Burke Dance, in San Francisco and has plans to open another studio this fall.