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Even after losing the first contestant, the girls are upset after apparently feeling so close to Tiffany.  Are they just being nice?  Talking about it until 3am isn’t smart though.  Especially when Nole is arriving at 6:10am, dressed up in a police uniform and blowing a whistle to get them out of bed.  This could be a fun day to watch.

The girls arrive at a court room where Jay is sitting in the judges chair in a robe.  Nole had told them they were guilty of fashion crimes.  Of course, they’re getting told how their make overs are going to look.  Of course, they’re all pretty ecstatic.

Holts Salon and Spa is the location for the the haircuts.  They’re not happy to have the mirrors covered.  Lots of hair ends up on the floor.  Linsay Willier was worried about losing all her hair but ends up loving the end result.  Maryam Massoumi loves her new look.  So do I!

Meaghan DeWarrenng-Waller had her longest ever hair cut.  She likes the finished product.  Nikita Kiceluk isn’t so sure though.  Her new fringe is bothering her and she retorts with a “what the hell is on my head”.  I tend to agree.  She thinks it’s very modelly but she doesn’t like her new look.

Ebonie Finley doesn’t really like her hair after they had to change the style due to her hair not being healthy enough.  Rebeccah Wyse has the biggest change.  She’s gone from brunette to short and blonde.  She looks too much like a male now though IMHO.

Having her eyebrows bleached off to match her new look is Heather Delaney.  Jill Pukesh is also pretty happy with her new look but it’s just a bit shorter.  Tara Gold Scott looks good as well but didn’t enjoy the fine hair removal process on her face.

Nikita hates her fringe.  Really.  Everyone agrees.  Nikita isn’t happy. At all.

Canada's Next Top Model Makeovers

Everyone talks to their families on the phone.  Ebonie takes a while longer and has the other girls complaining about having their turn.

The next day, Jay meets the girls with “architect of style” June Ambrose at H&M.  They each need to pick one item off the table and then take 15 minutes to build an outfit to work their new brand.  It’s fairly chaotic.  Jay and June aren’t impressed by what many of the girls are wearing.  Have these girls never shopped for themselves before or do they just have really bad taste in fashion?

Rebecca wins the task and gets a $2500 shopping card from H&M.

The girls are taken to the Art Gallery of Ontario where they meet 5 male models who are there with ladders.  Talk about a challenging shoot needing to balance.  Nole brings them gifts which has teeth whitener.  He encourages them them use it.

Rebeccah’s shoot goes poorly as her balance is fairly non-existent.  Nikita boldly climbs higher once she is assured by the male model that he’d catch her if she fell.

Maryam is very Cirque de Soliel.  Noel loves her gym poses.  Meaghan is sweet and Nole’s favourite.  Jill makes more faces than poses.  Tara can do beauty and elegance and is climbing to the top of more than just a ladder.  Tara is fantastic.  Heather looks like a drag queen with her eye makeup.  Ebonie impresses Nole which she’s pretty happy about.

After the shoot, there are more gifts back at the model mansion.  Tara doesn’t like Heather much and thinks she sounds like a 12 year old.  Heather doesn’t really care that Tara thinks she’s fake.  Another Jay mail arrives which reminds them that tomorrow, one of them is going home.

Getting ready to go, Nikita is complaining about how fat she is and that she can’t fit into some tights.  Mike Ruiz, Yasmin Warsame, Jeanne Beker and June Ambrose are on the panel this week.

I’m not really into this week’s photos.  They all look kinda awkward.  Nikita gets the photo of the day though with Jeanne saying she’d put the photo on a cover.

Eight girls will be here next week.  Jay calls out the girls names in the following order.  Nikita, Heather (who doesn’t fall), Ebonie, Tara, Linsay, Meaghan and Maryam.  Jill and Rebeccah are the bottom two.  Going home is, Jill.

It does seem like a while ago that Jay found a Top Model.  Thousands of young women turned out with the hopes to become Canada’s Next Top Model.  Twenty contestants are greeted by Jay who has arrived via helicopter on what looks to be a rather cool Toronto day.

Jay tells the twenty girls that half of them are going home right now.  They’re each standing on a number which as Jay reads out, he wants them to come over and stand next to him.  The girls who have been left behind are getting anxious.  9 girls are called over and Jay tells them they’re done.  But there’s a twist.  Those 9 girls are already models and the 11 girls remaining are excited once they realise that one of them will be Canada’s Next Top Model.

What a vicious start to this season on CTV! After thinking they were out, they’re in.

Nole Marin greets the girls who introduces them to their first task.  Modelling with some interesting animals.  A dog, a vulture, a bobcat, snakes and a hawk.  Charming.  It’s an eighties theme in a room that looks like the animals tore it apart.

The girls are incredibly excited to be working with Nigel Barker for their first photoshoot.

Jill is first up with a snake and she’s a little nervous.  Maryam takes the vulture but Nigel thought she took it too far.  Meaghan was adorable but let her braces prevent her from moving her mouth.

Nikita didn’t like the snake.  Neither did Tara.  Does anyone like snakes anyway?

Tiffany disappointed Nigel with little energy but impressed him with her ability to take direction.  Heather did an extraordinary job with the bobcat.  Alexandra is worried about being bitten by the dog.  I can understand why.

Rebecca needed to be a little more versatile with the vulture.  Lindsay though, stood composed while the hawk latched on with its talons.

Ebonie needed more expression with the bobcat who was the real star of her photoshoot.

After the photoshoot, Alexandra drops a bombshell.  After less than 15 minutes of the show going to air, she’s pulling out.  What?  The girlscan’t believe it as they only just got there.

Heather wins the first shoot and the chance to take two other models up to the snowy north for another shoot with Nigel.  Heather takes Jill and Nikita.  Gotta love jumping in a helicopter and being whisked away so quickly.

While Heather, Jill and Nikita fly north the other girls arrive at their new home.  The lavish Next Model mansion complete with their own runway.  It’s got a load of photos of Rebecca Hardy, season two winner, on the walls which should be plenty of inspiration for them.

The girls are a little perplexed to discover only 8 beds and wonder how that is going to work with 10 girls.  They wonder if there is a secret room which, according to the “sealed off” sign, would suggest there is.

112km off the coast of Prince Edward Island, Nigel introduces Heather, Jill and Nikita to the white coat seal pups.  They’re amazed at how cool the whole experience is.

Back in Toronto, the other girls get their first Jay mail which suggests they should be practicing as well while the others are getting additional experience.

After visiting the seal pups, Nigel takes them to have a fashion shoot out on the ice.  They send a video message back to the girls back at the mansion.  When they get it, they’re a little jealous.  There’s one more surprise.  Nigel has the keys to the sealed off room.

When they get back, they check out their sealed off room which has more gifts and their own bathroom. Talk about a way to generate jealousy.  Spectacular!

The first judging session introduces the prize for this year’s winner.  A modeling contract, an 8 page editorial spread in Fashion magazine, a $100,000 contract with the company that makes Olay and Covergirl.

Jay wants the girls to really value the opportunity they have and doesn’t want to see any more girls walk.  I mean, seriously.  If you auditioned for the show and was the twelvth girl, how mad would you be that you missed out uneccesarily.

The judging panel consists of photographer Mike Ruiz, International model Yasmine Warsame, fashion editor and journalist Jeanne Beker as well as guest judge, Nigel Barker.

At the verdict, the photo of the week goes to Maryam.  They love how dynamic the photo is.

Maryam Massoumi - Canada's Next Top Model

When Jay calls Heather, she trips.

Heather Delaney - Canada's Next Top Model

Tara is next to get her photo.

Tara Gold Scott - Canada's Next Top Model


Meaghan DeWarrenng - Canada's Next Top Model


Rebeccah Wyse - Canada's Next Top Model


Nikita Kiceluk - Canada's Next Top Model


Ebonie Finley - Canada's Next Top Model

and Lindsay

Linsay Willier - Canada's Next Top Model

Jill and Tiffany find themselves in the bottom two.

Jill Pukesh - Canada's Next Top Model

When it comes to the crunch, the last photo goes to Jill.

And with that, the first round of farewells begins.  Of course, Tiffany is upset to have been the first to be cut.

Tiffany MacDonald - Canada's Next Top Model

Canada's Next Top Model Fashion Magazine Cover 2009How cool is this?  The week Canada’s Next Top Model premieres – Tuesday May 26, 8pm ET on CTV.  On the 28th, the cast, and Jay of course, hit newsstands on the cover of FASHION Magazine.

On the 9th of March, Dancing With the Stars will hit the screens once again as 13 new celebrities take to the floor.

The 2009 lineup consists of seven men and six women who will be paired with champion dancers who will coach them in everything ballroom.

So who are they? Read More

The men
Country singer Chuck Wicks
Sex and the City’s Gilles Marini
Chocolate News host David Alan Grier
Jackass star Steve-O
Co-founder of Apple Steve Wozniak
Rodeo champ and Jewel’s husband Ty Murray
New York Giants great Lawrence Taylor

The women
Singer Belinda Carlisle
Actress Denise Richards
Singer Jewel
Rapper Lil’ Kim
Co-host of Access Hollywood Nancy O’Dell
Olympic Gold Medalist Shawn Johnson

What do you think of this line up?

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It’s a decision that many have been expecting since the second season after it seemed the show was being ludicrously bled for every ounce of ratings it could muster but it’s finally been announced. Prison Break will not get a fifth season.

Fox has four episodes left to air in the US but has hinted that several extra episodes may be shot to tie up any loose ends.

How do you feel about the series coming to an end?

Today, the 66th annual Golden Globe Award winners will be announced. We’ll be updating Throng with the latest winners as they are announced.

Nominees and winners after the jump.

Best Performance by an Actress In A Supporting Role in a Motion Picture
Amy Adams – Doubt
Penélope Cruz – Vicky Cristina Barcelona
Viola Davis – Doubt
Marisa Tomei – The Wrestler
Kate Winslet – The Reader WINNER

Best Original Song – Motion Picture
“Down To Earth” – Wall-E
Music By: Peter Gabriel and Thomas Newman
Lyrics By: Peter Gabriel
“Gran Torino” – Gran Torino
Music By: Clint Eastwood, Jamie Cullum, Kyle Eastwood and Michael Stevens
Lyrics By: Jamie Cullum
“I Thought I Lost You” – Bolt
Music & Lyrics By: Miley Cyrus and Jeffrey Steele
“Once In A Lifetime” – Cadillac Records
Music & Lyrics By: Beyoncé Knowles, Amanda Ghost, Scott McFarmon, Ian Dench, James Dring and Jody Street
“The Wrestler” – The Wrestler
Music & Lyrics By: Bruce Springsteen WINNER

Best Performance by an Actor in a Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television
Ralph Fiennes – Bernard And Doris (HBO)
Paul Giamatti – John Adams (HBO)
Kevin Spacey – Recount (HBO)
Kiefer Sutherland – 24 (FOX)
Tom Wilkinson – Recount (HBO) WINNER

Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television
Eileen Atkins – Cranford (PBS)
Laura Dern – Recount (HBO) WINNER
Melissa George – In Treatment (HBO)
Rachel Griffiths – Brothers & Sisters (ABC)
Dianne Wiest – In Treatment (HBO)

Best Performance by an Actor In A Television Series – Drama
Gabriel Byrne – In Treatment (HBO) WINNER
Michael C. Hall – Dexter (SHOWTIME)
Jon Hamm – Mad Men (AMC)
Hugh Laurie – House (FOX)
Jonathan Rhys Meyers – The Tudors (SHOWTIME)

Best Performance by an Actress In A Television Series – Drama
Sally Field – Brothers & Sisters (ABC)
Mariska Hargitay – Law & Order
January Jones – Mad Men (AMC)
Anna Paquin – True Blood (HBO) WINNER
Kyra Sedgwick – The Closer (TNT)

Best Animated Feature Film
Walt Disney Pictures; Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
Kung Fu Panda
DreamWorks Animation SKG; Paramount Pictures
Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios; Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy
Rebecca Hall – Vicky Cristina Barcelona
Sally Hawkins – Happy-Go-Lucky WINNER
Frances McDormand – Burn After Reading
Meryl Streep – Mamma Mia!
Emma Thompson – Last Chance Harvey

Best Mini-Series Or Motion Picture Made for Television
A Raisin In The Sun (ABC)
Sony Pictures Television, Storyline Entertainment, and Bad Boy Worldwide Entertainment
Bernard And Doris (HBO)
Trigger Street Independent Productions in association with Little Bird and Chicago Films and HBO Films
Cranford (PBS)
A Co-Production of BBC and WGBH Boston.
John Adams (HBO) WINNER
Playtone in association with HBO Films
Recount (HBO)
Spring Creek/Mirage Productions in association with Trigger Street Productions, Everyman Pictures and HBO Films

Best Performance by an Actor In A Supporting Role in a Motion Picture
Tom Cruise – Tropic Thunder
Robert Downey Jr. – Tropic Thunder
Ralph Fiennes – The Duchess
Philip Seymour Hoffman – Doubt
Heath Ledger – The Dark Knight WINNER

Best Foreign Language Film
The Baader Meinhof Complex (Germany)
The Country of Germany
(DER BAADER MEINHOF KOMPLEX) Constantin Film Produktion GmbH; Summit Entertainment, LLC
Everlasting Moments (Sweden, Denmark)
The Country of Sweden and The Country of Denmark
Gomorrah (Italy)
The Country of Italy
(GOMORRA) Fandango; IFC Films
I’ve Loved You So Long (France)
The Country of France
(IL Y A LONGTEMPS QUE JE T’AIME) UGC YM/UGC Images/France 3 Cinema/Integral Film; Sony Pictures Classics
Waltz With Bashir (Israel) WINNER
The Country of Israel
Bridgit Folman Film Gang/Les Films D’Ici/Razor Films/Arte France/ITVS International; Sony Pictures Classics

Best Performance by an Actress In A Mini-series or Motion Picture Made for Television
Judi Dench – Cranford (PBS)
Catherine Keener – An American Crime
Laura Linney – John Adams (HBO) WINNER
Shirley MacLaine – Coco Chanel
Susan Sarandon – Bernard And Doris (HBO)

Best Screenplay – Motion Picture
The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button
Written by Eric Roth
Written by John Patrick Shanley
Written by Peter Morgan
The Reader
Written by David Hare
Slumdog Millionaire WINNER
Written by Simon Beaufoy

Best Performance by an Actor In A Television Series – Musical Or Comedy
Alec Baldwin – 30 Rock (NBC) WINNER
Steve Carell – The Office (NBC)
Kevin Connolly – Entourage (HBO)
David Duchovny – Californication (SHOWTIME)
Tony Shalhoub – Monk (USA)

Best Television Series – Musical Or Comedy
30 Rock (NBC) WINNER
Universal Media Studios in association with Broadway Video and Little Stranger Inc.
Californication (SHOWTIME)
Showtime Presents in association with Aggressive Mediocrity, and Then…, Twilight Time Films
Entourage (HBO)
Leverage and Closest to the Hole Productions in association with HBO Entertainment
The Office (NBC)
Deedle Dee Productions/Reveille/NBC Universal Television Studio; NBC
Showtime/Lionsgate Television/Tilted Productions, Inc.; SHOWTIME

Best Original Score – Motion Picture
The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button
Composed by Alexandre Desplat
Composed by Clint Eastwood
Composed by James Newton Howard
Slumdog Millionaire WINNER
Composed by A. R. Rahman
Composed by Hans Zimmer

Best Performance by an Actress In A Television Series – Musical Or Comedy
Christina Applegate – Samantha Who? (ABC)
America Ferrera – Ugly Betty (ABC)
Tina Fey – 30 Rock (NBC) WINNER
Debra Messing – The Starter Wife (USA)
Mary-Louise Parker – Weeds (SHOWTIME)

Best Director – Motion Picture
Danny Boyle – Slumdog Millionaire WINNER
Stephen Daldry – The Reader
David Fincher – The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button
Ron Howard – Frost/Nixon
Sam Mendes – Revolutionary Road

Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture – Musical Or Comedy
Javier Bardem – Vicky Cristina Barcelona
Colin Farrell – In Bruges WINNER
James Franco – Pineapple Express
Brendan Gleeson – In Bruges
Dustin Hoffman – Last Chance Harvey

Best Motion Picture – Musical Or Comedy
Burn After Reading
Working Title/Releasing Company; Focus Features in association with Studio Canal
Summit Entertainment, Film4, Ingenious Film Partners, Miramax Films; Miramax Films
In Bruges
Blueprint Pictures; Focus Features
Mamma Mia!
Relativity Media, Playtone, Littlestar; Universal Pictures
Vicky Cristina Barcelona WINNER
Mediapro; The Weinstein Company

Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture – Drama
Anne Hathaway – Rachel Getting Married
Angelina Jolie – Changeling
Meryl Streep – Doubt
Kristin Scott Thomas – I’ve Loved You So Long
Kate Winslet – Revolutionary Road WINNER

Best Television Series – Drama

House (FOX)
Heel and Toe Films, Shore Z Productions and Bad Hat Harry Productions in association with Universal Media Studios
In Treatment (HBO)
Sheleg, Closest To The Hole Productions and Leverage in association with HBO Entertainment
True Blood (HBO)
Your Face Goes Here Productions in association with HBO Entertainment

Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture – Drama
Leonardo DiCaprio – Revolutionary Road
Frank Langella – Frost/Nixon
Sean Penn – Milk
Brad Pitt – The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button
Mickey Rourke – The Wrestler WINNER

Best Motion Picture – Drama
The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button
Warner Bros. Pictures and Paramount Pictures; Warner Bros. Pictures and Paramount Pictures
Imagine Entertainment, Working Title, Studio Canal; Universal Pictures
The Reader
Mirage Enterprises; The Weinstein Company
Revolutionary Road
An Evamere Entertainment BBC Films Neal Street Production; DreamWorks Pictures in Association with BBC Films and Paramount Vantage
Slumdog Millionaire WINNER
Fox Searchlight Pictures and Warner Bros.; Fox Searchlight Pictures and Warner Bros.

When you read “As a result of the current economic climate, production of Canadian Idol will rest for the 2009 broadcast year,” you have to wonder what is really going on.

Yes folks, Canadian Idol, that vestibule of revenue gathering for CTV has been rested due to the *cough* current economic climate and that because ad revenues are taking a dive then the ends don’t justify their means.

One would have thought that having Canadian Idol back in 2009 would have been the smartest thing to do. If people aren’t going out spending money, are they not going to be sitting in front of their television sets being entertained at home?

And advertisers not wanting to front due to the constant call of recession are only adding to the problem. The only way out is for people to spend money again. Locking the vaults and not wanting to back one of the biggest ratings winners of 2008 is simply put, ludicrous.

So why is this really happening? The only thing I can think of is that there was no one smart enough at CTV who could find a solution that worked for everyone. Instead of choosing smaller profits, they’ve settled for significantly smaller profits.

It will be very interesting to see what replaces Canadian Idol once American Idol ends. Whatever it is, I doubt CTV will be gloating about their ratings come June.

After Tribal Council, Matty is pissed with Kenny for voting for him. Everyone still wants Matty gone next though as he’s such a physical threat. Crystal is really regretting not writing down Matty’s name on the parchment and is desperately hoping that he doesn’t win at the next immunity challenge.

Bob and Kenny talk and Kenny isn’t happy. Bob promises to give him the immunity idol if he wins it after putting him in a difficult position.

At the reward challenge, the survivors will have to be the first to throw three balls into a net after retrieving them from the other end of a swamp. Matty is easily in the lead but Bob catches him on the second throw. The girls are struggling. The final shot is a close race and Bob sneaks home. He gets to go on an adventure to a Gorilla park as well as having a meal and night in a bed. Suzie is off to Exile Island. Bob takes Kenny and Crystal with him to enjoy the reward.

They strategise over food and refreshments before showering and getting ready to go to the Gorilla Project. Bob enjoys the experience while on Exile Island, Suzie is enjoying the comforts of the Sugar Shack while Sugar and Matty are back at camp gunning for Kenny and Crystal.

Matty isn’t happy with Sugar over her decision to exclude him from the alliance for the final three. Matty knows that his neck is on the line and that unless he wins the immunity challenge then he will be packing his bags.

Crystal confronts Matty about his place in the game but Matty is confused. Sugar makes the observation that Kenny is a liar and Crystal is just a big bully. She talks to Matty and decides that it’s time to mix things up again and wants it to be Bob and Suzie with them for the final four and that Crystal will be the first to go.

The immunity challenge is is to use your hands to study a Gabon mask while being blind folded and then collect three bags of puzzle pieces and then recreate the mask. Crystal is all over the place and is in and out of her lane. Suzie ends up out of the back of the course. But for four straight challenges, Bob wins the immunity again. Now he has the predicament of honoring his word to Kenny about giving him the imumnity.

Kenny tells Crystal that if Bob gives him the necklace then they will vote him out tonight. Kenny tells Bob that he feels really nervous. Crystal tells Sugar and Matty that they’ve come up with a plan to get rid of Bob.

Sugar talks to Bob and they hatch their own plan to get rid of Crystal.

At Tribal Council, Bob doesn’t think Kenny is going home so he keeps the immunity. He’s right. Sugar gives Matty her individual immunity. Sugar looks smug as Crystal’s name comes up and she’s sent home.

Everyone is sure that the last Tribal Council was the best ever. Bob is a little angry about Sugar rubbing salt in the wounds of Randy when he was eliminated. Sugar and Corinne finally face off over Corinne’s backstabbing. With only a few days remaining, things are certainly starting to heat up.

Ken and Bob haul in the net are stoked at the size of the catfish they’ve caught. Ken doesn’t think Bob is very smart in the way he’s playing the game, despite how much he’s taught him while they’ve been in Gabon.

The reward challenge is another puzzle that involves eventually raising a flag. The reward is some love in the form of video messages from home as well as pizza, beer and brownie.

Crystal and Suzie are the team captains. Suzie, Matty and Ken will take on Crystal, Sugar and Bob. Corinne doesn’t get picked and is out of the challenge. Sugar, Crystal and Bob raise their flag and make it through to the next round. Bob easily solves the next puzzle and wins the reward. He doesn’t get to take anyone with him though.

As he watches the video, his wife tells him that she has something to show him. She walks off camera and he gets frustrated waiting for her to return. To his surprise, Peggy steps out from behind a tree and shares the meal with him. They head back to camp and when they get their everyone is excited to see a new face. That’s not all however as Bob whistles and all the relatives of the others come over the rise of the hill to say hello.

Everyone spends some time together with their loved ones. Sugar’s sister bought some of her dad’s ashes which they release in Gabon.

Matty proposes to Jamie and she accepts in a Survivor first.

The families leave and the strategy begins. Bob talks to Corinne about the idol that was supposedly thrown into the ocean. He’s planning on making a second fake idol and spinning his web of lies again in the hopes of staying in the game.

At the immunity challenge, it’s a Gabon questionnaire. Each correct answer earns you a shot at a target. The closest to the center will win immunity. Bob, the physics teacher, takes the lead early and then retains it for the win.

Bob and Corinne are hoping to swing Ken and Crystal with their fake idol story in the hopes that they can blindside Matty. Corinne talks to Ken about the hidden idol and he seems convinced that it might be time to switch alliances.

Bob talks to Crystal and she’s convinced. The idol looks pretty realistic.

Ken decides that the plan would be to have the four vote for Corinne anyway to flush out the idol and then have Matty going home anyway.

At Tribal Council, they don’t play the idol to Ken’s surprise. The tie breaking vote falls to Corinne and she is gone. Bob still has his fake idol though.