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Here are the finalists for The X Factor as they’re announced.

Simone Battle
Drew Ryniewicz
Tiah Tolliver 
Rachel Crow
Melanie Amaro 

Over 30’s
Josh Krajcik
Dexter Haygood
Leroy Bell 
Stacy Francis 

The Brewer Boys
Lakoda Rayne
The Stereo Hogzz 

Brian Bradley
Phillip Lomax
Chris Rene
Marcus Canty 

Tora Woloshin, Krista Collins, James Kenny, 2Squared, Illusion Confusion, 4Shore, Nick Voss, Skyelor Anderson, Brennin Hunt, Jazzlyn Little, Tiger Budbill, Caitlin Koch, Tim Cifers, The Anser, Elaine Gibbs, Melanie Amaro

Dancing With the Stars celebrity and Soccer star Hope Solo has bared all for ESPN Magazine recently.  I’m not entirely sure this will keep her in the competition to the end, but it may help.

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It starts tomorrow.  Possibly one of the biggest, most anticipated shows of the last decade.  Simon Cowell returns to US television with not only the biggest prize a reality TV show has ever offered, but the hopes that he can dwarf the mamoth ratings machine that was his former employer – American Idol.

It’s a different show, and yet somewhat the same.  Tens of thousands of wannabe pop stars vying for the chance to make it big and walk away with a recording contract and a large wad of cash.  In this instance, however, the four judges play a much bigger part in the game as once the auditions are over, they compete head to head against each other to try and get one of their finalists to the end.

I’m pretty sure Mr Cowell would have been a little upset at The Voice for pinching that aspect of uniqueness and getting to air first but I doubt the ratings will be remotely close.  Cowell has the uncanny ability to draw in an audience who seem to live to watch his brutal honesty and impeccable talent compass uncover the next big music sensation.

How it must be for the other judges sitting next to him knowing his successes, despite their own, are just so much bigger.  Add to that his net worth and it must quickly become a game of ego.  Beat one of the most successful businessmen in music at his own game on the first series of The X Factor in the USA and it would be epic.  

But picking which acts to put through is where it really counts.  You obviously want the best people but as a judge, you want your acts to be better than the rest.  When you take 6 away to spend some time with them and prepare to cut them down to 3, it becomes a bit of a game of poker.  What acts are the other judges going to choose?  How strong will they be? Can my acts out perform them? Or do they just pick the best from the group they have and close their eyes and hope and pray for the best from the hand they’ve been dealt.

Time will certainly tell which show can deliver the biggest audience.  Either way, both FOX and CTV will be happy.

Shameless star Emmy Rossum is starring in a new movie scheduled for launch on the 25th of July.

Inside is a new movie from the director of Disturbia that blends film and social media together.

Check out the behind the scenes clip

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Routines.  They’re something of a way of life for most of us.  Whether it’s how we get ready for work in the morning or making sure we’re sitting in front of the TV for the latest episode of Degrassi.  Usually, when these routines are interrupted, it throws us off balance resulting in either frustration or delight at experiencing something new.

That’s what Tetley’s tried to do recently as a bit of a promo for their Infusion as a refreshing way to break your beverage routine:

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Prairie Dog Film + Television is pleased to announce that the second season of Blackstone will begin production in Edmonton and rural Alberta on July 18.


Following the first season’s cliffhanger finale, Season 2 picks up after the strip club shooting, and continues to delve into the tumultuous lives of the residents on the fictional Blackstone First Nation Reserve. Returning to the screen are cast members Carmen Moore, Eric Schweig, Michelle Thrush, Nathaniel Arcand, Roseanne Supernault, Steven Cree Molison and Andrea Menard. Season 2 will see the addition of the acclaimed Gary Farmer and Tantoo Cardinal to the cast.


“We have tremendous talent in Blackstone who bring to life the universal themes and conflicts that so many can relate to,” says Ron E. Scott, who is executive producer, writer and director of Blackstone. “The first season earned a very loyal audience and garnered significant media acclaim, and we expect the second season to be even more riveting and uncompromising.”


Intense, compelling and confrontational, Blackstone is an unmuted exploration of power, politics and relationships on a First Nation reserve. The one-hour television drama, which has already won five awards, is unlike any other show in Canadian television.


Occasionally, TV shows come along that make us ponder philosophies of entertainment and the new Canadian series Blackstone falls into that category.”  –Toronto Sun


“Riveting in-your-face and as smart as Canadian dramatic TV gets.” –Playback

Canada’s very own Academy Award-nominated documentary filmmaker Hubert Davis has directed a cool new online and TV advertising campaign for Volkswagen using a newly developed filming technique that uses two different cameras – one video and one still camera.

Light painting with a car, with a 200 horsepower engine. Check out the video and some stills as well as some behind the scenes footage.

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If you’re getting up early to watch the Royal Wedding in London, here’s something to help you get ready

Ever since we saw the master play by Ralph in sending Russell to Redemption Island, it’s all gone pear shaped for his alliance at Zapatera. While his girls Stephanie and Krista tried to reinforce the need for strength in the game up until the merge, Ralph has been adamant that those against him had to go.

However, at Tribal Council after 3 losses, Jeff asked David to complete the phrase “Excuses are for…” to which he replied “Losers”. Ralph then responded with a pathetic “I’m a loser then”.  

When the tribe got into it and started talking about how Omatepe seem to be quite unified, Jeff wanted to know if it was important to Ralph for the group to be cohesive.  As clueless as it’s becoming more and more obvious that he is, Ralph said he didn’t know what cohesive meant.

Jeff then explained it in a way he might understand. He asked if he had a group of guys working for him, would he prefer they got a long or were strong.  Ralph said he’d prefer strength because if they got along then they’d be yaking the whole time, something that would affect his payroll.

Steve added some valuable insight, saying that he thought football coaches would disagree.  Getting along is hugely important in team competitions.  Unfortunately for Ralph, he’s completely ignored the upcoming merge and when it happens, it will most likely come as a huge surprise to him that he’s going to get his ass handed to him.

Showcase launched the latest Canadian drama last night in the form of Endgame, a new crime fighting show where the star doesn’t leave his home.  

Ok, so I should clarify that the star, Arkady Balagan (Shawn Doyle – Big Love), isn’t actually at home, per se, but is rather holed up in a ritzy hotel – the Huxley.  Why? Well the brilliant chess master has been somewhat traumatised by his fiance’s murder and now he seems afraid to go outside.

Now, he’s running out of money and facing eviction from the hotel staff.  Thankfully for him, someone believes his mastery of chess would be of enormous use in helping find a kidnapped child.  Using his fierce analytical skills along with a band of friends and hotel employees who can do his bidding beyond the hotel lobby, the wonderfully charismatic Russian pieces together the mystery to solve the crime.

There are a few faces you’ll recall.  Patrick Gallagher plays Hugo Lum, one of the hotel staff.  You’ll remember him as the original coach from Glee. Torrance Coombs will also be familiar to viewers of The Tudors.

There are plenty of detective shows around but this one has a new twist with the case solver never actually setting foot in a crime scene. Here’s to it doing well!

If you missed the show, you can catch repeats on Showcase on Thursdays at 11am and 7pm and then Sundays at 5pm and 11pm ET/PT.

Endgame: Mondays at 10pm ET/PT