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This is just a test – please ignore.

This is just a test – please ignore.

This is just a test – please ignore.

This is just a test – please ignore.

Matthew Grant - The Bachelor - London CallingThe Bachelor (Season 12!) returns to CityTV on March 17th 2008 and this time the bachelor is Matthew Grant.

Here’s some information on him:

Matt Grant is a British global financier from Bishops Stortford. He studied at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge and graduated with a BA (Politics, Modern History).

He’s 27 years old, 6 foot 5 inches tall and has blue eyes.

He has five older married brothers. He’s close to his dad, Tony who is 71.

He loves to work out and loves to play rugby, cricket, tennis, rowing and skiing.

Matt Grant is the perfect picture of success … he’s a 27-year old millionaire with charm, whit and an English accent few women can resist! A native of Bishop’s Stortford, a short distance from London, this Renaissance man received his B.A. in modern history and politics from Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge. He was captain of the university’s rowing team and plays rugby, cricket, tennis and skis. A workout buff, his other passion is current events. Having conquered the world of finance, Matt has set his sights on a different kind of business deal and has embarked on a search for true love. The youngest of five brothers, (he’s the last one still single!), Matt is very close to his siblings and his parents who still have a sexy relationship even after 30+ years together.

Matt is looking for a woman who is adventurous, playful and fun, who loves to travel and enjoys the outdoors. He’s definitely attracted to American women — whom he finds extroverted and gregarious — and he adores their accents. Matt has had an American girlfriend in the past and can’t wait to fall in love again, despite having been bitten twice before. He’s anxious to share stories and a laugh at the end of the day with someone special, and believes the woman he has been looking for will be among the 25 lucky Bachelorettes waiting to meet him in America.

Hit programming from CTV and its specialty channels The Comedy Network and MTV are now available from the iTunes Store in Canada.

CTV programs for purchase include Canada’s most-watched comedy series, Corner Gas, international hit Degrassi: The Next Generation, critically-acclaimed series Robson Arms and Gemini Award winner Instant Star. The Comedy Network’s hit series South Park, The Sarah Silverman Program and Drawn Together are also now available along with MTV in Canada’s The Hills.

“More platforms ultimately means more viewers,” said Susanne Boyce, President, Creative, Content and Channels, CTV Inc. “Following our initiatives in Broadband and VOD, this content on iTunes raises awareness of these great Canadian series and specialty properties to different audiences. Additionally, it allows CTV viewers to play catch up as well, delivering CTV content on their own terms.”

“I’m very excited about Corner Gas being on iTunes,” said Brent Butt, star of Corner Gas. “Initially I was excited because I thought it meant Corner Gas was going to be turned into a musical. But it turns out I was confused. The show will be available on iTunes just the way we made it, which is also awesome.”

iTunes’ CTV content will allow viewers to catch up to previously-aired episodes and purchase just-broadcast episodes the day after their television premieres.

Award winning indie production teams Cynically Tested and I am..films are set to launch “Twixters” a satirical indie comedy series about twenty-something’s, caught between adolescence and adulthood.

“The series was created by twenty-somethings from all walks of life who came together because we felt our generation was constantly being misrepresented on television” say the show’s creators Dan Speerin and Wes McClintock.

The series makes its Canadian debut on Emmy Award winning Bite TV on November 27th at 9 pm. The series will also air on the U.K’s Propeller TV and reach 58 countries by early next year.

“Propeller TV supports international content and are glad to support ‘twixters’, a highly original and entertaining series” said John Offord, Programme Acquisition Manager, Propeller TV.

The twixters online community can be found on the internet at www.twixterstv.com.

Overwhelmed by the disorganization in your home but don’t want to pay a cleaner to straighten it up? Not sure how to tackle it yourself or how to get the family to help? Don’t despair!

Kim Woodburn, host of the hit UK series, “How Clean is Your House?” is looking for families like yours to participate in her new W Network TV series. If you and your family have strong, outgoing personalities and you’ve got issues around things like time management and lack of organization, contact us today and get your house – and your life – in order!

Contact Sheila: 416 531 2500 ext 715 or email: srisk@nextfilm.ca to find out more!

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She’s Crafty is a dynamic 23 episode x half hour lifestyle series that will air on Monday’s in prime time at 8 p.m. EST (9 p.m. PST) beginning October 1st on HGTV.

She’s Crafty features hip and budget conscious designs that are easy to do and can spruce up a home in a flash.

This is definitely not your mother’s macramé!

This fun and lively series, hosted by television pro and crafting designer Wendy Russell, entertains and inspires by showing viewers how they can getin on the crafting craze – creating the latest styles in home décor and trend-setting gifts.

Check out this brand new music video promoting Season 2 of Ugly Betty which has just been uploaded to YouTube. Features Mika singing “Big Girl”!

RIP Don Herbert aged 89, host and creator of Mr. Wizard. The award-winning science show initially screened from 1951 – 1964 but ran as Mr. Wizard’s World in the 80’s. Don encouraged children to conduct experiments at home and taught them how to be a budding scientist and was a groundbreaking show.

This upcoming Canadian reality TV show to screen on HGTV takes first home buyers in Ontario and gives them top real estate agents to work with. Learn tips to take the frustration and stress out of the process. Understand the legal aspects of buying a first house and learn what is a realistic price range for your financial situation.